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  1. You've probably already noticed this, but BRB are performing a triple bill at Sadler's Wells on the same day as that triple bill matinee at the ROH. It doesn't help with seeing both RB casts but does make the trip more worthwhile. The RB matinee is an early one so I have bought a cheap ticket for BRB matinee and aim to catch the last ballet on that bill, Theme and Variations, at the matinee (after watching matinee at ROH) and then watch the whole BRB bill that evening.
  2. Friday night was very geared up to the press. I could only find a cast sheet from the press table, and the chap manning it wasnt keen to relinquish it to a mere paying customer!
  3. When I went, I booked in person at the theatre on the day at the Alicia Alsonso theatre (this was for contemporary dance company rather than ballet). My Spanish is very poor, GCSE-nearly-20-years-ago standard (and be aware that in Cuba people will often speak as much English as you speak Spanish, it isn't like being in Amsterdam!) but I managed to successfully buy a ticket for that night's performance as well as for an English tour. The ticket was around £30 and was near the front of the stalls- a very good seat.
  4. Hi, I have two upper slips tickets to give away for this - cc 23 and 24.
  5. Hello! I already have a pair of upper slips seats for this one but am looking to upgrade one or both seats (don't need to be together). Do please bear me in mind if you have anything you can't use.
  6. Johnny, I've just returned one to the box office for 16 Jan but it's a little over your price point at £30.
  7. Just bumping this up! I'll return to ROH this week if there are no takers here.
  8. It's a paper ticket but I will be there in the night to hand over. Cost £30.
  9. A year or so ago I stopped wearing Freeds as I was getting through them far too quickly and they were costing me a fortune; they were only lasting me a few hours but the fitter in the Freed shop was adamant that my particular maker in a Classic Pro (xxx width) was the right shoe for me despite the fact that the maker was known to make a light shoe. In a few months I tried several new brands, including the Merlet Diva which I rather liked. I have a strong, square foot but can struggle to get my right (weaker) foot over the box. Didn't have that problem with the Merlets, found them easy to dance in and very comfortable, especially compared to some Russian Pointes I tried in the same period which really didn't agree with me and flayed the skin off my feet very high up (where you would get a bunion but on the outside of the foot if you see what I mean - above the little toe). The Merlets lasted well and in fact there was still wear left in them before I moved on into Bloch European Balance Strong, which I stayed in as I love them and they're perfect for me.
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