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  1. Hi all, If anyone has a spare amphi seat to sell for Sunday I'd be interested in purchasing. Many thanks, Rebecca
  2. Looks like Moulin Rouge: the Ballet is on on 14 July... no further information was available in my listings when I put it on record yesterday.
  3. The moment(s) that balance occured, I happened to be fixated for some reason on another dancer's shoes and missed the whole thing. I heard the applause but that was it. To my shame!
  4. These stories of lost opera glasses are making me sad! This morning, on a flight between London and Toulouse following yesterday's performance at the ROH, I suddenly became convinced I'd lost mine in transit (thankfully I hadn't). They were given to me in my early teens by my mum and late father, a gift from Prague, bright scarlet, from the days Prague was not a tourist destination and things like opera glasses were still cheap for western tourists to buy. Twenty years later, they've been with me at so many performances and have great sentimental value. I was very upset when I thought I'd lost them.
  5. Sorry not trying to quote MJW but can't get rid of the box above on my phone! Who is the dancer who stepped forward from the corps in Firebird curtain call to accept flowers - encouraged by Claire Calvert? Edited to add: Helen Crawford. I haven't seen her for so long since her maternity leave I couldn't place her!
  6. That's interesting. Last night was the first time I really 'got' Matthew Ball. I'd seen his Albrecht, his Siegfried, and his Solor, and always come away not quite sure what the fuss was about - but I saw him dance those three roles from the amphi and I saw his Romeo last night in the cinema.
  7. I thought the extract from Apparitions a moving if low-key ending... the Fonteyn figure departed and Ball left alone on the stage...
  8. I went this morning. There is a full room of Ballets Russes things - a few costumes from Coq d'Or, sketches for Les Noces... They were playing a clip from Coq d'Or (1930s) and one from Les Noces from 70s (Dowell and Beriosova??? It didn't say). The exhibition overall I found very interesting but I wouldn't say the Ballets Russes room was stuffed full of either exhibits or information.
  9. He was meant to retire in it wasn't he? I remember he didn't dance in his planned final performance at the ROH, although came on stage at the end to take applause. Ballet Imperial was also on the bill but can't remember what else! Did he then dance it on tour? And in Month as well but was that a subsequent year?
  10. MRR, I've heard that shorthand too and if I'd been more awake last night I would have clocked what was meant! I've just consulted Gretchen Ward Warren's Classical Ballet Technique...she has a page on assemble en tournant; she describes three (all illlustrated photographically): 'assemble en tournant en dedans (with single tour en l'air)' 'assemble en tournant en dehors (with single tour en l'air' and 'assemble en tournant en dedans (with double tour en l'air' which is the step under discussion! Other books, dictionaries and teachers might well label it slightly differently though.
  11. Sorry to take this thread off topic (like I said, I haven't seen the ballet this run, and it's only now I've realised what step is under discussion) but to my mind those are assembles en tournant. Different syllabi call steps by different names but I know a double assemble as this: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=double+assemble+ballet&view=detail&mid=6B523316A60457AC91926B523316A60457AC9192&FORM=VIRE (sorry, don't know how to embed video). Very much a classroom step as I stated above. Let's all demonstrate at the next Balletcoforum get together!
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