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  1. Advance priority booking? Does that mean tickets will be limited?
  2. Not just players, but all staff who come into contact with them, including PR staff etc.
  3. Does anyone know if there's going to be another Everybody Ballet Instagram live stream, and if so, when it is? My internet detective work has been fruitless so far!
  4. Hi, how did you book Everybody Ballet? I can't see anything on their Facebook or website re online classes.
  5. It's handy to have on your phone for when something is niggling you and you want to check an arm or the timing of something.
  6. Hi Linn, the space was already booked for the session so no changes there - exams running to timetable in that space. I've been told the camera will be set up where the examiner's table would have been and it absolutely must be continuously filmed. Teacher will direct the exam in place of examiner but not allowed of course to make any comment, and I believe she needs to remain in view of the camera too. I'm told that as soon as the session is finished, the film will be sent digitally to RAD and think there is time sensitivity there.
  7. I am doing mine tomorrow and being filmed! I'm not sure the camera will be kind to me, nor how it will feel to be in an exam without the adrenalin of an examiner - but I'm so very relieved that it's happening! Ps been trying to like posts on this thread but my likes always disappear once I leave the page.
  8. I did Grade 8 and pre ele as a teenager and did the vocational work up to adv 1 but didn't do any vocational exams after pre ele. I did non syllabus classes while at university and after that moved to a new city and did Cecchetti inter. Then moved back to hometown and started doing RAD again with old teacher. Built my classes up until I was taking all the same classes as the teenagers were: two syllabus classes, 1 pointe and 1 body conditioning each week. At some point in this process the RAD changed the syllabus! Did Adv 1 on and off as there wasn't always provision for it in the timetable so sometimes did foundation instead. It was suggested to me several times that I entered for the exam but with one thing and another I didn't enter til this term. I'm not sure I really agreed to it even then, just found my name on the list! And now, best laid plans and all that as I've just had confirmation of postponement.
  9. Thank you. I'm 33 and, without going into detail on a public forum, life is complicated and I'm not sure I'll be able to postpone rather than cancel, so I've got everything crossed although not holding out much hope.
  10. When was your session? I'm due to do Advanced 1 tomorrow and waiting with bated breath....
  11. They have opened some classes for free to non-members this week, see their Facebook page for more info. Highly recommended!
  12. Hi, I got a new phone and re-downloaded the app and all my purchases were still accessible on the new phone. I've never had any problems with the app, you can slow down the exercises by pressing the tortoise symbol which is really useful.
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