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  1. I tried to get a ticket tonight but was told there was an issue with distribution. Might just be at my local Vue but they did say it wasn't their issue.
  2. Thanks Dave but I've tried all that. I don't drive so pretty adept at train travel. That really is what it costs - particularly, as Jan says, when the matinees are early starts. For the triple bill matinee on Friday 7 June it is actually cheaper for me to travel mid afternoon the day before and pay for an extra night in a hotel at £70 than to travel down to London on the Friday in time for the 12 noon start.
  3. As has been mentioned above - it's much dearer to travel on a week day. For me (booking the minute the rail tickets go onsale) a weekday could be £80-£100 each way as opposed to £25 each way on a weekend. Huge difference.
  4. It's a lovely venue, bright and modern with great sightlines. Small, though, at 600 and something seats.
  5. Is Doncaster a tour or just a one-off gala? Sorry, I didn't trawl through the press release but read some articles which suggested a gala. I hope to be corrected! The gala in Hull a couple of years ago was impossible for the general public to get tickets for.
  6. In which a very young Marianela Nunez is one of Swanhilda's friends and Edward Watson is in the corps!
  7. Gosh Z was my maker when I wore Freeds! I've never been able to compare myself with Fonteyn before.
  8. Public booking a nightmare! I had to try each page several times before the 'book now' button would load. For the mixed bill it never did until I went in date by date by the cast info links down the right hand side. Needless to say I couldn't get a ticket for the gala although it kept telling me there were still 2 available in the amphi.
  9. I think when I queried it they said it was something to do with how long it takes to clear up after the Pina Bausch. They could, of course, have had a matinee and not an evening show...
  10. I actually found the set a bit of an issue. It takes up a lot of the rear of the stage, particularly stage right, which means a lot of the dancing happens downstage. From where I was sitting (and I was in the dress circle) I found that I was craning my neck a lot to see the front of the stage, while there was nothing happening further upstage (unless they were on the structure - which I imagine cannot be seen from areas of the upper circle and balcony). Those of you who know me will know I'm not tall so perhaps I just had bad luck with who I was sitting behind.
  11. That was one of the reasons I chose to go to university there many moons ago!
  12. Dance for All in Edinburgh has a good timetable of adult classes. Sheena Gough who teaches on a Tuesday night is legendary. I occasionally travel to Edinburgh specially to take her class. Plus, she doesn't tend to stop for school holidays - her classes run through summer, half term etc.
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