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  1. Yes it costs a fortune to get to London early on a weekday! I remember I actually travelled down on the Thursday and stayed overnight as, even including the hotel, it was cheaper than travelling on the Friday morning.
  2. Bracewell did Romeo with BRB. I have a treasured memory of taking a half day off work for a Friday matinee and seeing him dance it with Delia Matthews.
  3. Sounds like Tier 4 is like lockdown 2 - during which there were live streams.
  4. We had the same pallaver when the rule of 6 was brought in didn't we? But, reading the RAD guidance, they seem to have interpreted it that adult classes can only take place in tier 2 with your own household (!).
  5. I'm afraid I've heard not...what @DeveloppeDsays sounds like what I heard. My question was wishful thinking...
  6. Hi all, I know over 18s aren't allowed in dance classes in Tier 3, but does anyone know if private lessons are allowed for adults? I'm doing Advanced 2 with a cohort of under 18s and don't want to fall behind; it could be months before I'm allowed back in the studio...
  7. Advance priority booking? Does that mean tickets will be limited?
  8. Not just players, but all staff who come into contact with them, including PR staff etc.
  9. Does anyone know if there's going to be another Everybody Ballet Instagram live stream, and if so, when it is? My internet detective work has been fruitless so far!
  10. Hi, how did you book Everybody Ballet? I can't see anything on their Facebook or website re online classes.
  11. It's handy to have on your phone for when something is niggling you and you want to check an arm or the timing of something.
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