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  1. Where did you find the casting please for Best of Balanchine 3?
  2. I adored Sandra. There was a recording of her in Coppelia with Sergei Pobereznic which I used to watch constantly as a child. After Sandra retired from dancing, my mum found out she was known personally to a friend of a friend. I drew a picture of Sandra and sent it to Sandra for her to keep but she signed it and sent it back to me! I still have it somewhere.
  3. ... And, in my case, the fraud team of your bank rings you almost immediately because of unusual activity on your account, as happened to me yesterday! The fund, of course, was totally legitimate so all was fine.
  4. Summed up so much better than I did at my desk at work, surreptitiously tapping into my phone!
  5. I was surprised I managed to get stalls circle standing for both Sleeping Beauties I wanted. I normally don't even bother looking for them when public booking opens as I'd got used to not being able to find any.
  6. Just had an email to say they've added extra dates for Edinburgh in October. Sure it will go to Sadler's Wells.
  7. Sorry, I mean the photo I saw was taken at the Festival Theatre. No idea if it's the same one (although I should do as I spent enough time staring at it when I was an usherette there!).
  8. I did! I was there on opening night. I didn't know what to expect as I'd never seen anything by the choreographer before. It was stunning. A memorable choreographic voice and the storytelling was almost always clear without need for a synopsis. I think it was the most genuinely frightening ballet I've ever seen onstage - chilling and shocking in parts. It only had three performances in Edinburgh but I hope to see it again soon.
  9. I am sure I have seen a photo in the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh of Oakes and Edur with The Princess of Wales, the dancers in Swan Lake costumes. I imagine it was taken at the Festival Theatre at a Gala there.
  10. Hi all, If anyone has a spare amphi seat to sell for Sunday I'd be interested in purchasing. Many thanks, Rebecca
  11. Looks like Moulin Rouge: the Ballet is on on 14 July... no further information was available in my listings when I put it on record yesterday.
  12. The moment(s) that balance occured, I happened to be fixated for some reason on another dancer's shoes and missed the whole thing. I heard the applause but that was it. To my shame!
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