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  1. Well, I've booked, and after tying myself in knots trying to find reasonably priced tickets for RB Swan Lakes and Sleeping Beauties recently, it made a change to book row D of the dress circle for £30!
  2. I'll buy it please if still available! Edited to add: so sorry but I have now purchased two tickets for this (must have been returns) from ROH site. They were the last two!
  3. I find myself unexpectedly in London that evening. I know it's a long shot this far from the date in question. Looking for stalls circle standing, balcony standing or cheap amphi seats, x 2 if possible. There are plenty of amphi seats available at the moment but they're out of my price range and I can't stomach paying £45 for a seat I've paid under £20 for in the very recent past.
  4. Yes, silly me, I didn't realise that when you put the stream on, it wouldn't default to live - it starts from the beginning (recorded) and you have to fast forward to get to the live bit.
  5. I've now managed to view the Bolshoi class which seems more likely to be live than the Australian Ballet class I started with!
  6. So it looks as if it's not actually available live on you tube... There's something going on on Facebook but not on You Tube. Not a great start to my day off work as now I need to work out how to get Facebook on my TV! Edited to add that it's now playing a trailer... Looks like You Tube is around ten minutes behind Facebook
  7. I've just been trying to find something elsewhere on the forum (and on ROH site which is no help!) - can I just check, are these the only three ballet programmes in the next booking period which opens for General Booking on 24 Oct?
  8. I think the UK companies' sections will run concurrently with the 'main' WBD feed. I expect that (unfortunately) only RB will be in the main stream. So RAD and RB will overlap and viewers will need to choose.
  9. Dawnstar, Sadler's Wells allows you to exchange to another performance (including, I think, of another production altogether).
  10. Hi all, where can I find the casting for this bill? I am going tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon.
  11. Where did you find the casting please for Best of Balanchine 3?
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