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Help! Classical Solo music ideas/where to find music?


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Looking for a piece of classical music for a 10 year old- approx 2mins-2.30.. She is a flexible dancer that needs something a bit steady to give her time to think about correct placement. At the same time though looking for something that has a bit of contrast/able to show dynamic?


Any genius ideas out there? I've been looking for hours and nothing seems quite right 🤔 


Very grateful for any suggestions!

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1 hour ago, SissonneDoublee said:

You are unlikely to find a piece that is the right length. DD’s ballet teacher always edits music to the required length, a this gives a lot more choice. DD’s last ballet solo (age 10) was to a beautiful piece by Einaudi. He might be a good starting point? Good luck!

Thank you! True I was being hopefully but that does create a lot more choice

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