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  1. Hi have no experience of vocational school degrees but I’m speaking as a parent of a child who was living away from home at University. Student Finance England, or whichever country in Great Britain you are from, will give you all the information you need. There are maintenance loans available for living costs as well as a loan to cover course fees. The assessment for this takes into account the parents’ household income and benefits in kind, and the student is awarded a maintenance loan based on these figures. Even with two reasonably good salaries coming into our home, our child qualified for the minimum maintenance loan which was about £4000. It all helps! One thing to consider is that some of the degree courses’ fees are higher than the maximum course fees for student loans, so there may be a top-up of fees required too. Good luck with it all; it’s a financial nightmare!
  2. If there is a Timpson’s shoe repairer nearby they should be able to fix them. I had to have a similar elastic/buckle repair done on a pair of sandals and they did a great job of fixing it.
  3. A night time open top bus tour will give you great views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. Also try Telecharge.com for show tickets - we managed to get some reasonably priced show tickets in advance of our travel. Enjoy!!
  4. 2018 Genée International Ballet Competition Finalists Lily Carbone aged 15, Australian, trained by Juanita Moore at Classical Coaching Australia Breana Drummond, aged 17, New Zealander, trained by Marie Walton Mahon at Tanya Pearson Academy Caitlin Garlick, aged 15, Australian, trained by Karen Ireland at Karen Ireland Dance Centre Monet Hewitt, aged 16, New Zealander, trained by Joye Lowe at Philippa Campbell School of Ballet Sophie Higgins, aged 16, Canadian, trained by Tania Brossoit at Pro Arte Centre Chloe Jackson, aged 18, British, trained by Heidi Landford at Atelier Australia Michaela Louw, aged 16, South African, trained by Natasha Ireland at Carstens Ireland Ballet School Lucy Malin, aged 18, British, trained by Jonathan Barton at Ballet West Soraya Nathasya Dwinandry, aged 17, Indonesian, trained by Maya Tamara at Namarina Dance Academy Enoka Sato, aged 16, Japanese, trained by Annette Roselli at Annette Roselli Dance Academy Lucinda Worthing-Shore, aged 15, Australian, trained by Marie Walton Mahon at Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Jordan Yeuk Hay Chan, aged 16, British (Hong Kong), trained by Yui Man Cheung at Jean M Wong School of Ballet Joshua Green, aged 17, Australian, trained by Karen Ireland at Karen Ireland Dance Centre Basil James, aged 16, British, trained by Faculty of Tring Park School The Choreographic Award was also won by finalist, Joshua Green. The judges felt that his solo A Man's Sentiment (choreographed by Richard Causer) demonstrated the highest standard of choreography within the Dancer’s Own category. After two days of semi-finals, judged by Janek Schergen, Artistic Director at Singapore Dance Theatre, Joanne Michel, Ballet Mistress for The Australian Ballet School and Chi Cao, former Principal with Birmingham Royal Ballet, the finalists now compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition to the three medals, the Margot Fonteyn Audience Choice Award will also be given. Highlights from the Genée Final on Sunday 12 August will be broadcast live from the Genée International Ballet Competition Facebook page from 7.25pm Hong Kong time.
  5. R Class RC 32 pointe shoes. Worn only to try on. Size 240 w 2 medium shank. Darned with ribbons and elastics attached. Cost £50 will accept £20 plus postage
  6. We bought a Capezio size large for my dd whose waist measures 26 inches so possibly small would fit you.https://www.firstposition.com/practice-tutu.html?189=524&191=97&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrLXXBRCXARIsAIttmRMWJEdUZzBpBJJ5aq1pt_y-fjvRY97HylixKYiiVTzoq4p8b73_TNsaArWKEALw_wcB
  7. Rosina Andrews does a pirouette surgery and I think has published a book. I can’t quite work out how to add her website link but may be worth having a look at.
  8. Thank you. I will wait and see how he words the letter and take it from there. Might be worth phoning them to explain.
  9. I think he has already decided how he is going to word it CeliB but thank you for the offer. 😢
  10. No she isn’t at Vocational school angel. The GP says he doesn’t know what exactly she will be doing so can’t say whether she is fit for it or not!!! As it is in the USA he is scared of saying she is fit and then something happening 😢
  11. Hi my dd is due to attend a Summer Intensive in the USA this summer. We need a Dr’s letter to say she is healthy to participate. Our GP is a bit reluctant to do this for fear of litigation but said that he would provide a letter with medical history attached to put the onus back on the school for them to decide if she was fit. I’m worried that this will not be acceptable as we have spent a lot of money already on travel, accommodation etc., not to mention the intensive itself. Just wondered if anyone else has encountered this problem and if there is any way around this.
  12. Hi I’m looking for a Capezio black practice tutu. Would need to fit size 8/10 adult. Many thanks.
  13. Thank you so much for the sound advice Pups_mum, and indeed everyone who has given me advice. I will look into the DVD options...hadn’t really anticipated just how much of a rollercoaster ride this is!
  14. Thank you stessedbeyondbelief I will look at all of those.
  15. Just one BlueLou, but she has only applied for one school. We don’t live in GB so any audition involves flights, hotels as well as the normal fees for auditions. The cost of these is dictating what she has applied for. Also getting time off work for mid week auditions is virtually impossible. It seems the odds are stacked against her 😢
  16. Fair point meadowblythe I do know that the dance world is a very tough one and to be honest so does dd. I think as a parent you want to protect them from the disappointments of life, never mind the added stress/expense/juggling etc just to get to the audition!
  17. I haven’t Stressedbeyondbelief. I will suggest that to dd. Worried that to try again and get another ‘no’ would knock her confidence completely, but yet how will she know if she doesn’t try...
  18. Hi Meadowblythe - she will be 16 in June but hasn’t done very much contemporary. I think would prefer ballet. I haven’t heard of Chantry. Will look into that thank you.
  19. I think they were in height order Vonrothbart, with number 1 being the smallest. My dd would have been one of the youngest there, having a summer birthday.
  20. My daughter was number 20. Don’t think that’s the reason you haven’t heard.
  21. My dd’s email came through before midday. Maybe check your spam folder BlueLou...
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