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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience with Berlin State Ballet school especially with the older levels? Thanks!
  2. I’m a new member here so also pretty difficult to make that connection! Once again many thanks for your help x
  3. Thank you so much for all your replies! @CeliB My DD actually met your lovely son a couple of years ago when she visited Vaganova.... Definitely a dream school of hers but most likely not a realistic option as the level is so high! She has sent a DVD so will have to wait and see. Definitely an amazing training program for those lucky enough to have the opportunity:) Your son was very kind to her during her short time there and we are following his journey with interest! She had her first audition for a junior company yesterday and made it through to the final cut out of 100 dancers so feeling a bit more positive. Also has been offered a trainee position with Ballet de Catalunya.. It appears more of a bridge between school and company as they offered a scholarship for the school and then she gets paid per performance with the company. So if anyone knows anything about this we would love to hear! Still have a few more auditions next week and will get her to look into those junior companies thanks @2dancersmum and @Kat09 ! Thanks for the support its a challenging time for her but hopefully something will work out!
  4. Hi, thanks for your response @DD Driver My daughter is 19 so more of a tricky age as not many places seem to take this age group. She does have a couple of auditions lined up for junior companies- Dortmund Ballet and Dutch national as well as doing Grand Audition but would feel better after a rough year to have a solid plan B incase nothing comes of these auditions. Definitely highly competitive to get a place or a contract as there are so many beautifully trained dancers here! Her full time training was in Australia before coming to Europe which is why she wants to stay here ideally but open to all options! Also have been looking at trainee/junior companies in US but obviously highly competitive and she has a European passport but unsure about the likelihood of visas etc for the US. Will have a look for the course in Belgium thanks @Anna C ! Thanks for the help much appreciated:)
  5. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of one year training programmes in Europe? My daughter is looking for one to bridge the gap between school and company. I've heard of Northen Ballet's professional graduate programme and Ballet Cymru's pre professional programme but are there others out there that focus on performance/ preparation for company auditions? Many thanks!
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