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  1. Thank you Esmerelda. This is all really helpful and reassuring. And I hadn't realised there were different language requirements for the BA. The more people I speak to the more people I hear of who have done it before! It feels very scary as a parent even contemplating schools overseas and I really appreciate everyone's comments
  2. That's fantastic to hear DD Driver 😀 out of interest, how old were these kids?
  3. That's really helpful about the aptitude tests and school reports - thanks Sophoife 😊👍 I tried emailing the school last week, but have heard nothing back. I expect they are inundated with this kind of thing!
  4. Hi there, my daughter (12yrs) is currently trained in Russian Ballet method and has recently decided that she would like to go overseas to full time vocational school at 14yrs (gulp!). After the initial shock, we are trying to look into some realistic options as most schools are complicated by the language barrier and secondary school certificates. My daughter studies German, and is quite game to study a lot harder and improve her German language. Fortunately she is quite good at languages and her German teacher thinks this is possible. So my big question
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