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  1. I think they like them to be a bit taller, in excess of 1.65m. But then, there is considerable variation in the dancers- as long as she’s not absolutely diminutive... My son was also rejected for height by one ( also from a family of “late growers”- my brother didn’t start growth spurt until he was 16), but given a place by 2 others. Good luck!
  2. My son is currently studying ballet in Germany, and they certainly like their tall dancers! They also teach Vaganova. May be worth considering.
  3. My DS (12) swears by So Danca BAE13. They are canvas with an elasticated insert in the middle, so hug the arch nicely
  4. My DS was In Munich for a year, now in Hamburg. Would NOT recommend Munich for under 16’s! They’re not really set up for international students at that age. Most ballet students in Germany attended a local school- only Berlin has school included. The state pays for German classes, no test unless you enter into “Oberstufe”(yr 11/ sixth form) and/ or for Bachelor , then a proficiency test is required after a year. Remember they loose a year - German kids start school at 6, so are a year behind. Worked out ok for us, as it gave him a year to learn German properly without falling behind in school. Might be a problem going back though, if it doesn’t work out. DS is very happy in Hamburg, the school staff is efficient and concerned, the boarding staff seems very nice ( not a boarder, though). Applications- you can attend auditions, or as overseas student, send a video first, to see if they will consider her at all ( we applied there last year, he was rejected, as they thought he’d stay too short). All german schools have far fewer boarding spaces than they have students, so she might well be offered a place, but no bed. However, the whole experience is a lot cheaper then in the U.K.- schooling is free, the ballet education is heavily subsidised, so the main expense would be boarding. Unless you’re on a very low income and in receipt of an MDS, that works out way less than U.K. boarding schools. HTH , all the best
  5. Germany, certainly. My DS was rejected by Berlin- reason: he has small feet, so was unlikely to grow tall enough 🙄 Never mind his father is 6’2” and shoe size 10.
  6. That raises several questions: 1)how old is the child? Surely age 8-10 should do less than , say, age 14? 2) how many hours a week do they actually have dance at vocational school in year 7 (comparable age to the original post)? And how many hours academic work/ homework ( which also needs to be taken into account)? 3) does training in excessively really improve performance? Surely if the child is exhausted, physically and mentally, no further gain can be achieved. I see it more as a marathon than a sprint- if you don’t pace yourself and optimise training vs r&r, then the child burns out early, and will never get to the finishing line.
  7. It is certainly possible, I sometimes get the feeling they don’t want to leave themselves open to criticism. DS auditioned in Berlin last year, and was given feedback straight away, with a recommendation to work on upper body flexibility, and try again next year, and they had 4 dates of I don’t know how many children from all over the world. They don’t do prelims, either. He was this year accepted by Hamburg, and they also gave feedback and accept/decline straight away. It’s a British thing, I fear. We did feel it was worth attending the audition just to get some decent feedback! (Edit to say, we chose German schools due to the expense of British schools- would have loved British school, but earn too much for decent amount of MDS, and various other kids)
  8. Hi- my son has not auditioned in the U.K., but for John Neumeier in Hamburg and he has been accepted!! Still completely flattened! 😱😃🎉
  9. My son has been at the Ballettakademie der Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich since September, age 11, though. Very good and dedicated training, good dance facilities, less good fitness facilities. Part of the University. And it is WAY cheaper than anything you could imagine in the U.K.- currently £1200 a year (!), less for older “University “ students , i. e. over 16. They have independent accommodation for over 16s , no boarding. Ballettzentrum John Neumeier is in Hamburg! They board up to 34 students, and very well regarded, almost all their graduates find employment. Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin is the equivalent of the Royal Ballet School, they board up to 74 students, the only ballet school in Germany that has integrated schooling. All German schools teach Vaganova, which was quite a difference, and difficult for my son in the beginning, but he has adapted well now. All schools assess out twice a year, though, but generally it’s a lot lower key and less stress put on the youngsters. I hope that helps in a way
  10. I'm German, and we have been thinking to move back for a while.Munich was one of the towns we'd considered, so we just went for it. They were great, actually, much less secretive than in the U.K., and really informal and low key. As a consequence none of the children appeared to be very nervous or tense. The director came and spoke to the parents and explained what they were looking for while the kids were warming up. He also auditioned in Berlin, and did not get in, but they told us what to work on, and to reapply next year. So much more helpful then just being told yes or no, worth the audition expense just for that info.
  11. Thanks for the replies it's reassuring they take them back to basics, as DSs German is somewhat ropey. I'm sure he will learn fast enough, but not being able to understand the instructions properly, back to basics will be good. Thankfully, the German children enter year 5 when UK goes into year 6, so he'd repeat a year, which will give him time to develop the language.
  12. Hi- DS (10) has been offered a place at Munich Ballet Academy. Does anyone know anything?? They are one of Germany's big five, so very chuffed, but one hell of a change at ten. They teach Vaganova,so that's a change, too- how does it differ? Thanks for any advice/ info :))
  13. We've already had a taster/ assessment session on 18.9. I've tried to contact David Rhys, but he is not answering at all. Which I also find strange. It said on the website that they would release the rest of the sessions once they were happy that the commitment/ concentration etc was good, but as I've said- no yes, no no, no response to emails-just another trial session released on the website for 6.11. , without contact saying look on website. Why???
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