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  1. There is also Kings International based in Hinckly, Leicestershire. It is a small school and very new but I understand the students are doing very well and are exciting prospects. There is no funding available but I understand would be worth exploring if a nurturing faculty with high expectations is wanted. I have no direct knowledge but a friends dd is in the second year and blossoming under their care and tuition and is being challenged and not allowed to take the easy option! She will be dancing with Ballet Cymre in November / December and also going to an international ballet competition in Italy soon as well. Heather aka Taximom
  2. Sorry to hear this, the after effects of an ankle brake can be quite long lasting and it would be worth asking if your GP can refer you to one of the NIDMs dance injury clinics at Bath, Birmingham or London, if you can get there. The physio is for dancers and they know what they are doing - https://www.nidms.co.uk/. Best wishes Heather aka Taximom
  3. Have you considered NDIMs? - https://www.nidms.co.uk/nhs-dance-injury-clinics you need a referral from your GP and the clinics are in London, Bath and Birmingham. This would then provide physio and rehab by dance focused professionals? Certainly worth looking into I would think? Heather aka TaxiMom
  4. slightly off the topic, I have varifocal lenses but when I play violin I have single vision lenses set at the mid point of my vision. BUT when I play percussion I need my usual varifocal glasses! This might be that I sit still when playing violin and do exactly the opposite as a percussionist as I run between timps, tuned percussion, untuned percussion and kit!! Heather aka Taximom
  5. Only one of the London clinics is closing both the Birmingham and Bath ones and a further London option are available. NIDMS itself is not closing. Heather aka Taximom
  6. Have you considered using the dance injury service through nidms https://www.nidms.co.uk/ You can get your GP to refer you to a free specialist dance practitioner who may be a better option for you. All the information you will need is on their site - their are clinics in London, Bath and Birmingham. Heather aka Taxi Mom
  7. Thank you Heather aka Taximom
  8. I am so sorry to have possibly made matters worse by my post. My sincere apologies! Heather aka taximom
  9. Scottish Ballet also have an associate programme but I know nothing about it regarding ages or auditions etc. Heather aka Taximom
  10. Having had a quick look at the website they also offer a BA degree course which is part funded by student loans for students aged 16+. The dance entry requirements are for a level 3 dance qualification so is for the more advanced dance student. I have heard it is a good course for those looking for teaching qualifications (additional charge). Certainly worth looking at. Heather aka Taximom
  11. ETB around GCSE time is a brilliant idea! It reduces stress and gives a student an opportunity to do something they love and not be stressed out. It benefited my DD when she did Lady Bluebird with scholarship in Yeovil during the May Half Term over that time - we travelled from Worcester. It took her away from the pressure people were trying to put on her at school, attending the 'compulsory'' revision classes during the half term would have tipped her stress over the edge and, despite us not conforming to the school expectations, she had a great set of exam results. It was her final opportunity, at 16, to perform with EYB which was the best dancing experience ever. She is now 28 and went on to study at London Contemporary Dance School and was the top ballet student throughout her time at the school. Can't recommend, or praise the EYB experience enough! Heather aka Taximom
  12. Don't know if this might help at all, https://www.onedanceuk.org/programme/healthier-dancer-programme/performance-optimisation-package-pop/ Heather aka Taximom
  13. Perhaps consider a hire tutu from Just Ballet?? Heather aka Taximom
  14. taximom

    Tap boards

    My dd had a tap board about 15 years ago or so which we seem to remember being possibly a piece of melamine. At a local dance festival we just put pieces of hardboard down for tappers! Heather (aka Taximom)
  15. Seles, have a look at The Place where Lndon Contemporaey Dance School are based, in Euston. There may b opportunities for one off and holiday courses. They also run a CAT scheme you could ask about - the cut off is 16 so have a look ASAP. Good luck Taximom
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