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Central School of Ballet - new home


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Does anyone know how many students Central take each year & breakdown between number of boys & girls, are many 16yr olds offered places ??

Sounds like the new facilities will be fantastic for the school.

I don’t know how many places they offer (guessing 25 ish??), but I got the impression from a recent Q&A session at the end of an open day that if anything they preferred 16 year olds. They seemed to be suggesting that there was more they could do with them at that age, as opposed to older applicants who were ‘already set’ (my words, not theirs!). They did, however, stress that applications were very welcome from ‘older' dancers too!


Edited to add ………… The answer given at the Q&A may have been influenced by the fact that the questioner was female. Quite possibly the age thing is less of an issue for boys. Just noticed your ‘name’ Ballet4Boyz!

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It is absolutely wonderful news for the serious students and a great new location( ballet seems to be gravitating towards the Thames at the moment) but I too have concerns for the Adult Ballet classes currently held in the evenings and weekends

There are some good teachers there and they are all drop in classes ...great for people like me who don't live in London


I do wonder whether these will continue.....they may have to do more local community based projects....a bit like the Rambert ....where there are courses run but not so easy to drop in on any more.


I do hope they keep the adult courses going.....and I must say at a bargain rate they are at the moment....cheaper than drop in classes in Brighton!! I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for them if they were to keep going.

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