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  1. I know that last year LSC has told me they would consider younger students under exceptional circumstances. I don’t know whether they followed through with this but sounded as though they were open.
  2. I have 3 wear moi leotards age 10 - 12 (worn as a tall 12-13 year old) all worn but still in very good condition. A lilac Calista leotard A lilac Galate leotard and a white Melville leotard selling for £20 for all 3 or £7.50 each + postage.
  3. Oh okay thanks sorry don’t have any that small
  4. Hi sorry I have some wear moi leotards but I’m not familiar with what size 1 corresponds with in age?
  5. Went from year 7-10 and absolutely loved it. Always found the classes challenging and enjoyable had lots of different teachers as one of the years we didn’t have a specific allocated teacher. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking at pursuing ballet.
  6. All dans ez leotards and purple Mirella leotard have been sold
  7. Also now have a black Gaynor Minden lace cap sleeve leotard in size junior but is the fit of an Xs and a Purple twin layer Mirella leotard in petite
  8. There are CAT schemes that focus on contemporary but no jazz and I think there is one at DanceXchange. London Studio Centre also do associates based in the West Midlands where you do ballet contemporary jazz and singing.
  9. Dans-Ez Central Leotards in lilac and blue now sold
  10. Selection of old leotards and warm ups all are worn but in good condition other than faults mentioned. Wear Moi Galate Leotard – Lilac Age 10-12 £10 Wear Moi Calista Leotard – Lilac Age 10-12 £10 Wear Moi Isaline Leotard – Pacific Age 10–12 £10 Wear Moi Merville Leotard – White Age 10-12 (mesh colour has faded slightly greyish) £10 All are on the larger side would say more age 12 than 10 Wear Moi Flora Leotard – Pacific Adult Petite (stitching on back has gone slightly) £5 Tring Park CBA group 4-6 Leotard Adult Medium (colour has faded) £10 Dans-Ez Central Style Leotard Lilac (old prep 1) Adult Petite (colour has faded and lining has turned slightly pink) £10 Dans-Ez Central Style Leotard Pale Blue Adult Petite (material is naturally rather see through especially if stretched) £5 Capezio Double Strap Camisole Leotard CC123 (very high cut leg) Navy Adult Small (comes up quite small and colour has faded) £5 Dans-Ez Thick Strap Leotard Purple (DanceEast CAT Ballet Leotard) Adult Medium (Stitching under arm has gone slightly) £5 Wear Moi Elmhurst Style Skirted Leotard Turquoise Children 3 £10 Sansha Gaby Fleece Unitard Grey/Pink Adult Medium (comes up smaller than other colours and inside material has bobbled slightly) £10 Bloch Croise Warm Up Suit Black Age 12-14 £10 +postage and can try to send photos
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