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My first post. Hello from Sarah


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Hello! I am new to BalletcoForum I am a former dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet and teacher for many years! (PDTC Royal Ballet School). I also have a daughter who is in vocational training and so I guess that makes me a ballet mum too!  

I may know some of you as I coach many young dancers who are at (or aiming to be at!) vocational schools and several have been to my holiday vocational and performance courses... hello to all if you see this!

I am not so good at getting on line frequently (too much teaching is my excuse!) but I thought it would be nice to make contact as a mum and also as a teacher. Happy dancing (and supporting dancing!) everyone  :)



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Thank you so much for your lovely welcome messages!

See how slow I am!!

This term is a busy one, lots of audition coaching and all going well so far but I feel for these young dancers (and their parents!) it is a stressful time.


I could post some information for my Easter and Summer courses but not sure where to put this, can someone let me know?

Just FYI my courses are usually performance related. There are so many intensive vocational courses throughout the year by the major schools


1) it is hard for a small school (i.e. me!) to compete with these. 

2) Our children are training to be performers! Performance opportunities are wonderful for building real confidence and character! They are just as valuable as any time spent in a studio honing your technique!!


Any way I could go on but I am off to teach!


Happy dancing days one and all.

:)  :)  :)

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Hello Sarah, the Acceptable Use Policy explains the Forum policy on commerce and tells you how to set up a signature on your profile.  http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/417-the-balletcoforum-acceptable-use-policy/


I agree with SarahW that it would probably be easier to set up a new thread with the details.  


Judging by the number of queries we get about holiday courses, I am sure our members will be thrilled to get information on yours.

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Back home after much teaching and felling very satisfied! what a priveledge it is to teach (even on a challenging day!!)

Thank you everyone for all your help!!

So I will start a new thread with my course details Sarah, after I have read the policy Janet! 

And thank you Sheila, I will email you :)


Good night dancers, teachers and ballet lovers one and all!


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