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  1. When I joined this forum I was committed to keeping post regular and interesting! Fail!! Life, motherhood and extra teaching has put a stop to that! However I have just finished a wonderful 6 months at Rambert School and now finally have a minute to think and communicate! If your dancers aged 8+ and up to 16 years of age are looking for some summer performance fun! And you can commute to Highbury, North London, then do consider my 'Summer Sensations' workshop weeks in August. There are plenty of big name summer schools that will aim to boost your technique; and so my weeks are performance weeks... a little treat which will boost your STAGE PRESENCE and your CONFIDENCE and remind you, if you need, that ballet is GREAT FUN!! (well yes ok I will boost your technique too, I can't help it!) We have so much fun and you will be entertained and amazed at how much we can create in 5 days when you watch the performance/s at the end of the week/s. These workshops are suitable for vocational and non-vocational dancers; I do have children from vocational schools joining me (White Lodge, YDA, Italia Conti, Tring, Royal Ballet MAs etc) but I also am pleased to meet non-vocational children who are dancing purely for fun... a wonderful time is had by all. I am pretty sure there are some parents and dancers on this forum who can validate this for me Please do email for further information and/or to book. There is a £50 discount for anyone booking before May 1st 2018 BACK TO TRAINING IN AUGUST I also have a back to training week in August. This runs for 5 half days and consists of YOGA for dancers, a Ballet class (with me!) plus a gentle stretch. Venue to be confirmed. Happy Dancing one and all and do get in touch Sarah
  2. Summer School. Highbury. Hello dancers and parents of dancers. When it comes to holiday courses I am of course small fry compared to the 'BIG' schools!! But I am a former BRB dancer, teacher trained by RBS (PDTC) and have over 30 years of teaching and performing experience. I love love love my performance workshop weeks and any chance to perform is invaluable for young dancers! And so if you didn't get offered your dream summer school and are in need of inspiration for this summer then I am here and (I hope!) anyone who has experienced my workshops will tell you you won't regret it We work hard and have fun and parents get to see a wonderful performance at the end of each week. If you would like information about my course do get in touch. All best wishes Sarah x
  3. Hello dancers, parents, dance lovers and all! The end of term is in sight (or already with some) and this has been a busy and lovely one for a me with just a few days to go! I finally have 5 mins to visit ballet co forum again and I hope I am writing this in the correct place and correct format, please let me know if I have done this wrong....? Here is a little information for my summer programs. Summer 2017 I have 2 weeks of summer dance courses. 17th - 21st July and 24th - 28th July. Dancers can take one or both weeks. Minimum age 8 maximum age 18 I can promise you a professional and fun week with a wonderful performance at the end of the week. I love to see these hard working students perform which is after all what they are training for!! The courses are appropriate for vocational students and dedicated dancers in part time training. End of Summer 2017 I have back to ballet week 28th August - 1st September This is a half day course so that the students still have tine to enjoy the end of their summer holidays! Tis course is appropriate only for vocational dance students and the minimum age is 14. Easter! I have an Easter dance week next week 3rd - 7th April and there are a few places left for anyone in need of some last minute inspiration!! This course is in Highbury, London. Please feel free to contact me with questions! I will get back but please be patient; and my apologies in advance if I keep you waiting. Enjoy the sunshine!! Very best wishes, Sarah
  4. Back home after much teaching and felling very satisfied! what a priveledge it is to teach (even on a challenging day!!) Thank you everyone for all your help!! So I will start a new thread with my course details Sarah, after I have read the policy Janet! And thank you Sheila, I will email you Good night dancers, teachers and ballet lovers one and all! xxx
  5. Thank you so much for your lovely welcome messages! See how slow I am!! This term is a busy one, lots of audition coaching and all going well so far but I feel for these young dancers (and their parents!) it is a stressful time. I could post some information for my Easter and Summer courses but not sure where to put this, can someone let me know? Just FYI my courses are usually performance related. There are so many intensive vocational courses throughout the year by the major schools and... 1) it is hard for a small school (i.e. me!) to compete with these. 2) Our children are training to be performers! Performance opportunities are wonderful for building real confidence and character! They are just as valuable as any time spent in a studio honing your technique!! Any way I could go on but I am off to teach! Happy dancing days one and all.
  6. Hello! I am new to BalletcoForum I am a former dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet and teacher for many years! (PDTC Royal Ballet School). I also have a daughter who is in vocational training and so I guess that makes me a ballet mum too! I may know some of you as I coach many young dancers who are at (or aiming to be at!) vocational schools and several have been to my holiday vocational and performance courses... hello to all if you see this! I am not so good at getting on line frequently (too much teaching is my excuse!) but I thought it would be nice to make contact as a mum and also as a teacher. Happy dancing (and supporting dancing!) everyone
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