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Audition Preparation Workshops

Emma northmore

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Presented by Emma Northmore (Ballet Boost) at Pineapple studios for £65.

I am pleased to be offering one day workshops on audition techniques with individual feedback forms for all dancers.


Monday 24th Oct - those interested in Vocational Upper school auditions

Wednesday 26th Oct - those planning to audition for Vocational Lower Schools

Friday 28th Oct - Those approaching the minefield of Company auditions open to aged 16 and over.


These days will be starting at 11am with a ballet class full of advice (body language, etiquette, presence, application of technique in a foreign environment etc)and many many more tips for the auditionee including as much knowledge as I can give of the work to be expected within each schools audition. They will need to bring at least two other leotard options as I may suggest a different style or colour will help etc! This will all be pointed out during the morning class.

After a short lunch there will be a Mock Audition with a relevant guest teacher and we will be replicating the whole audition environment so they feel nervous and learn to manage this important and difficult aspect.


These skills are lifelong for the potential ballet dancer so the day is open to all students wishing to refine their work and open up their chances of success in any stressful situation such as assessments, exams and performances.


For booking or queries please email me emmanorthmore@yahoo.com. As i will personally be writing each form numbers are most definitely capped!!!


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Hi pictureinthefirelight, I have a few yr 10 coming as it takes more than one practise to understand and hone these techniques so if you are interested please do email me. The auditions in Yr 11 start early so preparation is key! Plus these are skills for all auditions, be it casting within the school and assessment work.

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I can now announce that Dima Gruzdev, principal of English National Ballet Company and guest teacher at ENB school will be giving the Mock Audtion on the Company day and Mary Goodhew (ex Artistic Director Elmhurst, Principal at White lodge, Teacher at the RBS upper school and current advisor at the Royal Ballet School) will be giving advice and the mock for both the lower and upper school days. 


Upper school day is nearly full so please email asap if interested. emmanorthmore@yahoo.com


It doesn't necessarily need to be their year for auditions as the lessons learnt on these days are invaluable skills for the success of dancers today

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Sounds wonderful,


Considering the amount of potential students in the Channel Islands that enter MT colleges mainly but also Ballet schools each year it would wonderful to have these audition days a bit closer to home. 


Funding for auditions can be challenging at the best of times, incl ex time required, means many of these fab classes are just out of our reach. 


Emma Northmore do you fancy hopping on a flight I'm sure you would be made very welcome?

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Hi Ballet world,  Dima Grudev will be giving the company audition class (ENB Co Principal) with myself and others on the panel including Elizabeth Rae - a Master Repetiteur and teacher across the globe with current and vast knowledge of who gets the job and why!!! Also the "types " that many companies go for.  I will be contacting Christopher Hampson for his ideal dancer check list and others! This is open to 1st, 2nd and 3rd years, graduates and those seeking work.



Lower school - Myself and Mary Goodhew will not only be informing you/students of the types of work included at White lodge, Elmhurst and Tring auditions but each child will also have a written report with technical, artistic and crucial audition aspects that we noted included. Its really important they get some practise before that all important day as nerves can undermine the very best training and its such a shame if they don't get that second chance. I have some great tips to share.


Upper school will address the usual suspects - RBS, ENB, Elmhurst, Central, Rambert, Tring plus some overseas options. The students need experience away form their familiar studio, teachers and friends to understand how even the most confident student can "Lose their legs"!! We will recreate the atmosphere for the mock audition so they must self correct and interpret both the exercises and the expectations of the panel correctly. etc!!!!


I hope this info helps as I am aware some schools also offer their own - but the set up of these workshops is feedback orientated and covers all schools.

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Due to the demand on the upper school day in Oct. I am allowing ages 14 plus to attend the Company audition day on the Friday 28th Oct. The feedback  and advice will still be given in relevance to what they need its just that the work within the classes will be harder.


If your DD enjoys a challenge and an added insight into whats required at Company level then please email me asap. I will ensure differentiation when necessary so its perfectly safe for them. The graduates will be asked to be on pointe for the class as is expected for companies where as the younger ones will remain on flat etc etc


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