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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I’m please looking for recommendations for a good ballet school with a great standard of teaching to further my teenage daughter’s training. I’m aware of Tring Park but looking for a good local after school/weekend dance school. We are based in Hemel Hempstead so ideally not too far from us in the Herts area would be ideal. Many thanks for any pointers.
  2. Are there ballet boarding schools that focus solely on Neoclassical ballet in Canada? If not, are there at least some with some focus on it? I must admit that I don't know much about ballet but I'm writing a book where a character is passionate about it, thus I'd like to know some basic things so that should it be published, the information will be realistic and accurate.
  3. Hi guys, After having a talk with my Dad today about money and how much the next three years of my degree are going to cost I am left with the worry of where I'm going to find the money to pay for it all. I will have the fees and maintenance loan but that doesn't cover all the costs that I will face and my parents aren't going to be able to pay for it all as money is very tight at the moment, this means that I need to find the money myself. I currently don't have a job due to having dance so many days a week including A Level all day on a Saturday and allowing myself time to work on my A Levels. I would like to find a way of earning money to pay for the costs related to my course but I don't know what to do. I won't be able to have a job when I'm at school as I'm going to Ballet West so there isn't anything around their to get a job with. Basically, I need advice on how to earn the money and if there is any way that you think I can be earning whilst studying. It's getting to the point now when I'm really panicking about what I'm going to do. Thanks and I hope that the responses will also be useful to others on here starting or at Upper School.
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with some research (about a ballet school, but its history and architecture, so not really appropriate for 'Doing Dance'). I've been trying to find images of the Bolshoi ballet school in Moscow but can only find photos of a Soviet-era building in the Frunzenskaya district. I can't find any information about when that building was erected, or where the school was and what it looked like in pre-revolutionary times. I'd also be interested to know whether, in the past, the Bolshoi company rehearsed in the old school building (as the imperial ballet rehearsed on Theatre Street in Petersburg). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hiya, Just wondered if any of your DC are auditioning for panto season?? I wasn't that keen, it taking up the whole of Christmas but DS is fancying a go. Any experience greatly appreciated. Rate he's going, he'll be a professional auditioner!! 😂😂😂 😂😂😂 xx
  6. Hiya, Curious question for you. How did you choose your dance school?? I just kind of e mailed some local ones and went with the first to reply! ? At the point now where DS needs more classes than current one provides. Current ones focus seems to be shifting to under 5's and he's 10. They've cancelled two of his classes this year due to low numbers and there seems to be less and less tweens. So, what's the etiquette? Can you join 2 schools or is that not cricket? At the minute he's dead set on a career in dance somewhere...xxx
  7. HOW DO YOU CONVINCE PARENTS?! I come from a very non-dancing family... They believe that I should only have one ballet lesson a week, and I can go to RBS when I'm 16 in 2 years and become a Darcey Bussell? ???? anyway, stresses are high at the moment because we are waiting on RBS results and hopefully auditioning for a couple of Associate programmes. Mother put her foot down on applying for any other full time ballet schools as she has a bit of a worryingly passionate relationship towards my academic school (she emails my head of year once a week to tell her how wonderful the school is ????). I suppose that's alright, as there aren't many spaces available anyway. Anyway, to the pointe. I am trying to construct a good and convincing argument for my parents to let me attend another recreational dance school for extra ballet classes, as present one only has 2 (one at my level, and one 2 levels below me...) a week. I will work hard to try to pay for these classes, but at the moment parents say no, I can either choose one school or the other (although it would be more expensive that way....). Any suggestions for persuading them? I'm trying not to pester them too much, I just crave more ballet than 1h 30 a week and the schools have links anyway. Sorry for the length of this, I'm just worried that I won't have enough ballet technique, as I onl,y started ballet 2 years ago. I just love it so much!
  8. Presented by Emma Northmore (Ballet Boost) at Pineapple studios for £65. I am pleased to be offering one day workshops on audition techniques with individual feedback forms for all dancers. Monday 24th Oct - those interested in Vocational Upper school auditions Wednesday 26th Oct - those planning to audition for Vocational Lower Schools Friday 28th Oct - Those approaching the minefield of Company auditions open to aged 16 and over. These days will be starting at 11am with a ballet class full of advice (body language, etiquette, presence, application of technique in a foreign environment etc)and many many more tips for the auditionee including as much knowledge as I can give of the work to be expected within each schools audition. They will need to bring at least two other leotard options as I may suggest a different style or colour will help etc! This will all be pointed out during the morning class. After a short lunch there will be a Mock Audition with a relevant guest teacher and we will be replicating the whole audition environment so they feel nervous and learn to manage this important and difficult aspect. These skills are lifelong for the potential ballet dancer so the day is open to all students wishing to refine their work and open up their chances of success in any stressful situation such as assessments, exams and performances. For booking or queries please email me emmanorthmore@yahoo.com. As i will personally be writing each form numbers are most definitely capped!!!
  9. Hi there I'm 18 yrs old and currently training to become a dance teacher with the IDTA. I'm currently learning IDTA intermediate ballet and once I've done my exam will be doing the pre-associate and associate for it. I've heard you can become an RAD teacher once I'm IDTA qualified, I don't know if this is true? I hope so! Anyway I just have a few questions to see what people think - I've done RAD ballet my whole life ever since I was 5, but I've never done tap and modern exams I've done performances in tap, modern, street etc but not exams. I know its a silly question but one day I'm going to have to make the decision, what sounds better: An RAD dance school with just ballet exams and tap and modern non-syllabus OR shall I do all the IDTA theatre associates so theres exams in IDTA ballet, tap and modern? I don't feel very confident teaching tap and modern syllabus work because I've obviously never done the exams. Which one would you rather take your child to or sounds better? Thank you
  10. Looking for something different this summer? Ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be part of a professional modern ballet company? The Chantry Dance Company Summer School Intensive offers you the chance to find out. Join us for a challenging and exciting 2 intensive days this summer! What Can You Expect? Each day is timetabled in the same way as it would be for the dancers at Chantry Dance Company. This gives you the opportunity to discover what it is like to be performer in a professional dance company.....you will experience class, creation, rehearsals and performance. Your teachers are all from Chantry Dance Company and have performed/choreographed at Sadler’s Wells, London’s West End, The Royal Opera House, English National Opera, as well as for acclaimed UK ballet and contemporary companies. Each day there will be a mixture of classes selected from Contemporary ballet, Contemporary, Improvisation, Creative Movement, and Repertoire. You will also learn how to dance the company's unique choreographic style of contemporary ballet. The 2 days will be very challenging and intensive. You will encounter many new techniques and be encouraged to take on a professional dance artist's mindset when approaching the work. This is a Summer course which aims to take your dancing to the next level and give you a taste of the professional dancer's world. If you are looking for this sort of challenge, then contact us to find out more or to book a place! Details Dates and times: August 7th-8th (Friday and Saturday), 10am-5pm Venue: Dance Pointe, Grantham Age range: 11-25 Ability level: Improver-Professional - a good understanding of ballet is required Fee: £50 (Scholarships/bursaries are available) BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL DUE TO LIMITED PLACES To book your place, or for any queries, please contact us on email or telephone: Email: education@chantrydancecompany.org Tel: 07989 588038 What our 2014 Summer School students said.... "LOVED every second...next year make it 2 weeks!" (Mel, 2014 student) "I love you Paul and Rae. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You inspire me." (Alfie, 2014 student) "A week full of creativity, positivity, hard work, new experiences and energy." (2014 student) "This week I have enjoyed the different types of dancing and the insight into a company." (Emily, 2014 student) "I have enjoyed the experience the same, if not more than last time!" (2014 student) The students at Chantry Dance Company Summer School are a mix from ages from 11-adult, and experience levels from improver to professional. These wonderful groups of people come together during the Summer to experience a taste of what it is like to work in a professional contemporary ballet company. We ask them to take on huge challenges and every student tackles each one with determination and tenacity. By the end of the course, they are no longer a group defined by their age, ability, gender or anything else - they are simply and wonderfully a group of dance artists helping and encouraging each other on their dance journey. We will be forever proud and inspired by you all. Paul and Rae - co-Artistic Directors, Chantry Dance Company To learn more about Chantry Dance Company, please visit www.chantrydancecompany.org
  11. Hi there! I'm new here and joined with the purpose of asking this question I'm a male dancer, just turned 18 and am on a dance course with my local college where I study contemporary and ballet with a mixture of Jazz and more commercial dance styles, and the odd urban/street things (an all rounded course really). I was late getting into dance, at about 15 I joined my first Ballet class and that's where my passion lies...I can get into urban and street style dance if needed for college but I much rather doing contemporary or ballet specifically. I wanted to dance all my life, but financial issues and the fact that whilst growing up the closest dance school was a 45 minute drive away held me back (that plus my father being dead set against me being 'girly' and doing *shock!* ballet!) I kept my passion by watching dance movies, and dance tutorials on Youtube and such and joining in with performing arts workshops in school. Now my lack of training having only been dancing for about 3 years or so now leads to the fact that I'm not exactly a perfect dancer and I have a lot of flaws in my technique that I try hard to batter out of me everyday. I do work hard in comparison to my the other students in college, as I put in extra time in the studio during lunch and break hours, as well as staying behind after hours. I've been auditioning for contemporary courses, and have successfully been accepted into a few now...however I wanted to keep my Ballet passion alive, and so took a chance and applied to Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance. I never thought I'd even get an audition...but I did and it's on January 27th which isn't too far off now... It would be my absolute dream to get in, it's the type of school I've wished to be a part of since being a young kid and since finally taking control of my own life and joining dance classes, it's all I've hoped for. But I'm starting to have doubts...for a number of reasons. I'm not a Ballet body type, far from it. I'm short, I'm fat. Luckily I have long-ish legs which are strong, but the rest of my body is just...urgh. I just feel like it might be a waste of the school's time, my time, my money and my self confidence, to audition for somewhere that I may not even stand a chance in. I feel like I have nothing going for me, I don't have the 'look' of a dancer and my technique is in serious need of hard training to get to the level of some of these individuals that have danced all their life. At the same time though, would I regret not going? And dwell on it all my life? So I come here with these questions off the top of my head: - Do Rambert expect a certain higher level of ballet training in their boys and if so, how much? - Do they look at body types and judge who they want according to that? I just feel like there's no use in me auditioning somewhere where I may be laughed out the room...but perhaps it's just me overthinking and letting nerves get to me. Thanks for reading!
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