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  1. Pointetoes

    MDS funding

    Moorland do offer bursaries to other year groups/ entry but it is very dependent on circumstances.
  2. I really don’t want to offend but personally I wouldn’t put a picture up of one of my children on a public forum.
  3. and to your DD. Mine is the only one taking hers. I am sure you know but the closing date for Session 1 ( early summer at HQ) was May 3rd, so hopefully your DDs teacher will be able to tell where she has been entered.
  4. DD is taking her Adv 1 in the next exam session at RAD HQ. We will be paying £142 plus travel expenses ( train fare) She has done all her vocational exams at HQ, that’s the way her school work. One of her teachers always meets the students at HQ. We are lucky that London is only an hour away by train. All her other exams have been other exams ( no matter what genre) have been at her dance school studios and we have only ever paid the exam fee, there may have been a few extra lessons and a mock exam ( which we did pay £7 for) but that’s it.
  5. You get student funding with a degree course. DD is just coming to the end of a Level 3 Extended Diploma. She has had offers for Diploma ( full scholarship) and degrees in a mixture of MT and Actor Musician. All at big named colleges. Personally I don’t think it is worth going anywhere just for the sake of it. You need to love the course and college, 3 years is a long time. We definitely haven’t seen the level 3 as a waste of two years in fact quite the opposite. If she had gone at 16 she would definitely be doing the wrong course. The last 2 years have opened her eyes to different courses other than classical ballet/ contemporary or MT which is the way she thought she would end up going. To answer your question : Bird, Urdang, GSA, Arts Ed, Performers, Italia Conti, London Studio Center to name just all offer degree courses.
  6. Funding for a degree is much easier, student loan. Funding for a diploma is dada, scholarship or private funding /loan. And because of that we told DD to only apply mainly for degree course. She was lucky and one of the Diploma course she applied for offered her a full scholarship. Our reasoning for this were we are in the unfortunate situation where are household income is too high for a dada but not high enough to be able to afford diploma fees. We also felt that a degree would open more doors to her if she changed direction. Her GCSE dance teacher advised her to do a degree. She had found that her friends who didn’t have a degree struggled to find employment once their careers had ended. Obviously things change over time. DD looked very closely at all the courses and has chosen to go down the degree route at a very well known college, so for her the best of both worlds a degree with a top name. At the end of the day you need to go where you will be happy regardless of anything else. Good luck
  7. All that jazz I have PMed you.
  8. DD is just about to head into her final term of a Btec Level 3 Extended Diploma in MT. She had to have tap shoes had to be fully laced, Oxfords. She also had to have tan not black New Yorkers with a 3” heel. I fully understand your excitement but before you buy anything I would contact the college. DD is at a small college and they don’t put the uniform list on the website but we were emailed it towards the end of May early June.
  9. I have heard of a yes for one yr 9 place.
  10. I hope all goes really well. We did a similar thing years ago and it was the best thing ever,difficult but worth it.
  11. I have to confess I am thrilled that this was our last Move It. As much as I love watching DD perfom at Move it I am very relieved her next college/ university don’t go to Move it. She finds the whole thing exhausting. Her current college have a stand there and the students take turns in being on the stand over the three days. Personally I didn’t think it was as good this year there were some big names missing, it that’s just my thoughts I know it’s a very popular event.
  12. Just confirming I am not reporting hearsay as l know families involved. They are all moving forwards.
  13. There are 4 from year 8 and 5 from year 9 assessed out this year. They have not necessarily been assessed out because of their talent some of them it is for other reasons. Some of the yr 8s have been offered MA places and as far as I know they all have auditions arranged for other vocational schools. It has been a tough time for both year groups.
  14. DD was one of Cinderella’s Friends 😀 She had the black polka dot dress. There were a lot of tears on the Saturday night but the Friends plus the Wardrobe Master are in constant touch with each other, which is lovely. Good luck with casting.
  15. Good luck. DD did a total of 6 productions ( all senior) and loved them all, especially her last one. Sadly she is now 18 and all though Miss Lewis said she could still audition with auditions for September going on we decided that Cinderella in Hollywood last November would be her last one. We will miss it, we have both made some wonderful friends.
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