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Found 4 results

  1. I’m looking for some advice on my daughters ballet. She’s been at the same school since she was 2 and has danced there for 5 years now, she’s almost 8 and still hasn’t sat her primary ballet exam. The principal teacher told me in January this year that she’d be sitting in November 19 and now I’ve been told, without any explanation that she won’t be sitting it until March 20, by which point she’ll be at the age when most of the girls in the dance school sit Grade 1. I know it’s not always important to do exams but I’m worried about this affecting my daughters confidence. When is it normal to sit a RAD primary ballet exam? Thanks xx
  2. Presented by Emma Northmore (Ballet Boost) at Pineapple studios for £65. I am pleased to be offering one day workshops on audition techniques with individual feedback forms for all dancers. Monday 24th Oct - those interested in Vocational Upper school auditions Wednesday 26th Oct - those planning to audition for Vocational Lower Schools Friday 28th Oct - Those approaching the minefield of Company auditions open to aged 16 and over. These days will be starting at 11am with a ballet class full of advice (body language, etiquette, presence, application of technique in a foreign environment etc)and many many more tips for the auditionee including as much knowledge as I can give of the work to be expected within each schools audition. They will need to bring at least two other leotard options as I may suggest a different style or colour will help etc! This will all be pointed out during the morning class. After a short lunch there will be a Mock Audition with a relevant guest teacher and we will be replicating the whole audition environment so they feel nervous and learn to manage this important and difficult aspect. These skills are lifelong for the potential ballet dancer so the day is open to all students wishing to refine their work and open up their chances of success in any stressful situation such as assessments, exams and performances. For booking or queries please email me emmanorthmore@yahoo.com. As i will personally be writing each form numbers are most definitely capped!!!
  3. My daughter took her ISTD Intermediate modern in the summer and got a merit having only started modern last year. We are in Portugal and the teacher hasn't be able to get to the courses for the new advanced modern 1.She has suggested instead of teaching the old Advanced 1 while waiting for the new Advanced 1 DVD etc to come out to teach the Grade 6.My daughter is also doing Advanced 1 Ballet and I need some advice. I think it is going backwards as she for fun already goes to the Grade 5 modern class and I don't think this will be challenging for her.
  4. My dogs have chewed my new bloch split soles, albeit they were a little pinchy across the top of my foot they were simply fab. I have a really high arch that makes it really hard to get decent shoes. Full sole is a no go. I don't have much money and I literally need them in three weeks, maybe even sooner as I may have a few private lessons coming up to prepare me for September when I join APPA. I don't know if anyone can recommend me a pair. I was going to buy the pro arch bloch ones but I've been told they're quite neat width wise. Honestly I don't care if they're leather, canvas or satin as long as they're a split sole that will be fab. Many thanks in advance.
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