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  1. DD achieved A* for her A level dance, having not had the chance to take GCSE so definitely possible to start at that level.
  2. My DD has taken part in the London programme for the last two years. It was especially valuable age 16 plus when there are not many associates programmes available. Her local school is quite small and opportunities are limited, do it was very reassuring to have lessons from high calibrate teachers every week. The diversity of styles covered really suited DD, she particularly came to enjoy jazz and at the same time it kept her options open in covering styles such as musical theatre which she wouldn't naturally enrol for. DD has loved her 2 years, and may even do a 3rd if she takes a gap year. I have found thipeir admin some of the best I have encountered in a Dance context. It was the 2nd or 3rd year of the London scheme when DD joined, she did get the impression that standards were improving over time, so you may find the same. Talking to older students she had the impression that to begin with more or less anyone who auditioned was accepted, whereas now they audition over 2 days. They are very focused at trying to get all the students into vocational school and expect a very committed attendance level.
  3. Trying to take final decision where DD goes in September! A few questions re LSC would be helpful to have answered! Do,parents think it's worth the significantly extra money? What happens about accommodation and docyou think we could still find DD someat this stage? Anyone know about the employability prospects afterwards and where we can find out more? Have to decide this week in order to cancel accommodation we've booked elsewhere! Thanks
  4. For pointe shoes we used Jude at the Dancia store in Caversham.
  5. Finding it hard as would so love her to go there. Already have an affectation for them as she has been doing associates there. She has done several Associate schemes at national dance schools, but this one has been easily the best for her in terms of bringing her on in dance and confidence. I love that they can keep more genres going in terms of future employment prospects. It's just the funding, especially as we have an older daughter we still need to fund for two more years at uni.
  6. Do parents of past/previous students or others think LSC is worth the extra money. DD has an offer there for both Jazz and Contemporary, would love to accept with how they keep options for longer. Just not sure how we would find the extra. Does anyone know about how people do this, job prospects etc. Thanks
  7. London Studio Centre associates are geared to get students into vocational school at 18. Teach mix of ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre. They must be auditioning some time in memory from memory so you would need to contact quickly, think minimum age is 14 but worth checking. DD has loved, almost all the students do get offers as taught by their regular staff.
  8. If you are within travelling distance of London, it could be worth looking into auditioning for the London Studio Centre associates. These cover ballet, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre with top level teaching and advice available from their vocational school teachers and some west end staff. These start age 14, auditions I think are in May and this newish scheme is becoming increasingly popular so it would be worth applying sooner than later. This would be a way of keeping all these genres going.
  9. O dear, realise have repeated myself ! At present DD has offers from Laban and London Studio Centre, and then 2 waiting list places and one on hold, so after all auditions finish there could be another offer. Current dilemma is whether it's worth trying the extra money for LSC or whether to go with Laban. Am thinking that LSC students specialise but keep other genres going are they more versatile in terms of employment prospects? DD felt she enjoyed London contemporary most, is waiting list there. Has a strange result from Northern Contemporary where they have said they can't give her a result until all auditions have finished, this week, so no idea what to expect there! Difficult making these decisions, and then come may we may have to pay a deposit for Laban accomodation with the prospect that definite offers could still come!
  10. Does anyone know anything that would help decide between the merits of the respective Contemporary dance colleges such as London contemporary, Northern Contemporary, Laban and London studio centre? Any thoughts about prestige, future employability, anything else that's significant would be appreciated. Difficult when it comes to the decision making time! Thanks
  11. Does she know where she'd most like to go, lovely to have so much choice!
  12. DD did the Advanced 2 ballet school last Summer. (Non residential). Was also absolutely fine for what she wanted, and obviously good relevant teaching. We're quite a few overseas students there.
  13. Yes it is a big shortfall, wondering how people afford to go there! Such a shame as she loves their mixed genre teaching. Thanks Anna.
  14. Are these scholarships on ability rather than means tested do you know? X
  15. Facing the issue we were slightly dreading of how to face the financial situation if DD were to be offered a place at LSC! From the open day we realise you can only get a £6000 instead of the £9000 to cover the degree tuition costs. Not sure about the living costs were regular students such as older non DD get a second loan. Does anyone have experience of this? We understood that other finance could be available to bridge the gap, but being as this is means test we always miss being entitled but not by much, and still have a mortgage and other daughter to finance. Don't suppose anyone knows if there can be any other ways round this? So hard as know DD would love to do this course with it keeping more genres of dance open for longer, and obviously did really well as offered a place without a recall audition!
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