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  1. My DD is tall for her age, is now 15 and wears a T1. So I would say a T0 would fit a tall 14 or an average 15/16 year old. I hope that helps.
  2. Lilac 9501 and Lagon 9502 now sold.
  3. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1uOVuUCqJ53CRJpM3THCSaPIiZFwQ0LvQ Please click on the above link to view photos of all the leotards. The files are too big to upload.
  4. Degas leotards for sale All size T0 In soft meryl fabric: -9501 lilac -9501 turquoise -9501 eglantine -9502 indigo -Also a limited edition tank style, purple (viola) with eglantine mesh and eglantine side stitching In matt lycra fabric: -9502 lagon All in excellent condition. £30 each plus £3 postage.
  5. Thanks for your interest, TwoDancers, but it's now sold.
  6. https://ibb.co/3Rpy3gF Hi Firebird, Yes, my DD has just finished Prep 3.
  7. Central Assiciates Prep leotard and belt for sale. Size S (dress size 8-10). £12, plus postage.
  8. Claudia Dean Collections by Claudia, Signature Aurora "Frost", size Adult Small. Lovely condition, worn only a handful of times and carefully handwashed. £30 plus postage.
  9. My DD has just got some R-Class, and I was told by the lady in the shop that they are the same as Russian Pointe, but are made for the UK market. She really liked them in the shop, but has since decided they aren't right for her.
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