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  1. Hey guys! I just made a dance insta account and wondered if any of you have a pure dance account too? If you do then please follow my account so I can follow you back and start to build a lil community over there 💕 My username is laurenashdance Hope this is allowed 💜
  2. thank you so much!! this is why i love this forum hahah
  3. Hi, is anyone able to convert this into the new coding please?? Thanks!!
  4. I'm actually away that weekend but I've been loads of times before, so may be just a case of traipsing through everything I've picked up from there over the years!
  5. I just called SFE (wasn't that bad after all) and I would be able to get funding for another 3 year course which gives me hope! But also fills me with panic as I haven't even considered applying for anywhere until now! I think going somewhere funded is the better option and gaining a degree I feel would be more beneficial in the long run?
  6. Also funding wise. I've obviously only had one year of degree course funding, but I also have an advanced learner loan for the course I'm doing right now, so I don't know if that affects anything. I'll probably have to call SFE to find out but I HATE calling them with a passion hahah
  7. I've also just been recommended Momentum Performing Arts Academy? They have a dance teacher training course running alongside a musical theatre course so my understanding is you can do both at the same time, or focus on one depending on what you want to go into. Does anyone have any experience of them?
  8. Thank you! It is cropping into my mind more and more that I need to decide on a Plan B or C just in case! I have a background in fitness too, so I have that as back up! I would like to go into teaching dance I just wanted to have a bit of a performance career beforehand. But teaching is always a back up. My other teacher suggested doing a distance learning CBTS with her, which I'm also looking into at the moment!
  9. Thank you for this! When I went to see my old teacher, he suggested I just go straight for looking for work and auditioning and just seeing what happens, and continuing to take class as often as I can. I'd love to be able to go and take more classes at Pineapple, Base etc but it's so expensive to get there and everything, though I suppose if I worked more once I'm done with college it could work! Definitely an option if I can't get another loan for another course.
  10. I think this is the kind of work I'd like to go into! I've been looking at some auditions, there's quite a few with height restrictions (I'm only 5"2) but this is something I'm considering I'm not sure really, it's difficult because I live with my mum and her partner, and her partner has a higher income but obviously doesn't pay for me because I'm not his child so it makes it a bit harder! Is there an age limit on the DADA scheme? I will check out the link someone posted earlier on this Oooh I've not heard of that one I'll take a look thank you!
  11. No, repeating the year isn't an option. I would like to do cruise ships but like you say the auditions are crazy I don't know how I'd get on with just one year of proper training. I don't think I can afford to go to those kinds of colleges, I'm also not a confident singer (I had a few lessons last year but my teacher left unfortunately) and I can't afford more lessons at the moment either.
  12. I've set up email alerts for some casting websites so I can start to see and hear about what's out there and that is my other option I guess!
  13. I had an initial assessment by someone on Dr Wolman's team, and then I just got passed onto a regular physio who didn't do anything and then discharged me.
  14. RNOH Stanmore is one of the NIDMS clinics, I explained this to my GP and yet somehow still managed to get referred there as a regular outpatient. I do have a follow up there soon though so will see if they can pass me onto someone dance related. Yep, my college is converted office blocks so the floors are not the greatest. I think I'd prefer a portfolio type career like you mention! Do you have any specific college recommendations i could look into for that sort of route? The only thing that's really been said to me is that injury could be a concern, and my weight (but
  15. I did get referred to RNOH Stanmore but I ended up with a regular physio instead of a dance specialist like I requested, and then I was discharged after two sessions. I'd love to know if it was something I'm doing in my technique or something that caused the whole ordeal though! And yes, I don't think there's many 21 year olds auditioning for that kind of thing 😕
  16. Yes, I did Dance at A Level, then did Dance for 1 year at university, then went back to the Level 3 (it was BTEC last year but now it's a UAL course, basically the same) after having not got into any other dance schools (I did London Contemporary, Northern Contemporary, Laban and London Studio Centre. At the time I only wanted to do contemporary however now I really enjoy jazz and commercial as well) I'm 21 in April I would consider a Level 6 course as that's what I wanted to do originally, but I'm not sure I feel about an extra 3 years of training, and being much older than every
  17. Added: I personally think I could do with a bit more training to back me up but I'm not sure of what the options are, since I can't afford to pay outright and don't think I can get any more funding. It's also now very late to think about applications.
  18. Hi all, long time no speak! I'm finishing my Level 3 course at college in July, and was hoping to move onto Level 4 at the same place but haven't been offered a place to do so. I already did a year at DMU (Dance) and it wasn't intense training enough so I moved onto the course I'm doing right now, which is ballet, jazz, contemporary, commercial, modern and tap, heavily focusing on jazz but doing ballet every day. I was relying on the third year to help me decide which area of dance I wanted to go into, and didn't really have a back up. Part of the reason why I was rel
  19. I’m selling Michaela DePrince’s book Hope in a Ballet Shoe for £5 if anyone wants it
  20. I have 2 brand new (one with tags) capezio leotards size M for sale as I don’t wear them and have no need for them! £15 each or £25 if you want both it wont let me upload the photos so if you private message me I’ll attempt to send them that way! One is dark red camisole with Criss cross back the other is long sleeve black mesh with floral pattern
  21. Gosh I hope it doesn't take me 7 years i definitely would have given up by then! my teacher asked me if there's going to be a point where i'd have to leave the course because obviously i'm not getting a lot out of it right now and am falling behind rapidly, doesn't help that my peers are all 16/17 and i'm 20. i'm in bedfordshire, not too far from london so i've just tried to get referred to the NHS dance injury clinic in stanmore, which i'm hoping won't take too long and might actually be beneficial. i had my appointment with the vascular surgeon on monday and he had no idea why i
  22. The building was a bit of a building site for the first term as we moved buildings but it’s all finished now and it looks fantastic 👍🏼
  23. Hi, hope your dd gets better soon! I had an MRI in January and it came back clear so luckily there’s no stress fracture. However doesn’t help me figuring out what is wrong. I also use rock tape but have to keep taking breaks from it because I’ve been using it so long I keep getting a rash/spots from it 😕
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