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ENB's She Said 13th-16th April 2016

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Casting for the three ballets: Broken Wings, M-Dao and Fantastic Beings is gradually coming up on the ENB website:





To summarise: Frida Kahlo is to be played by Tamara Rojo (all evening performances) and Begona Cao (Friday and Saturday matinees); opposite them as Diego Rivera will be Irek Mukhamedov and Max Westwell


The Medeas are Laurretta Summerscales (Weds and Frid eves), Erina Takahashi (Thurs and Sat eves), and Ksenia Ovsyanick (Friday and Saturday matinees).


Fantastic Beings features: Erina Takahashi, Begona Cao, Laurretta Summerscales, Crystal Costa, Alison McWhinney, Ksenia Ovsyanick, Isaac Hernandez, James Forbat, Junor Souza, Ken Saruhashi and Cesar Corrales


The first two shows are already sold out and availability for the other evenings is limited.

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