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  1. I wondered about that too capybara but they were only in the prologue so could have left by the end of Act 1 Lilac Fairy was Mendizabal. And other than Fumi in the prologue none of the “other” Auroras were on tonight.
  2. I defer to you JNC - I wasn’t that close so you will almost certainly know better. I was however close enough to see and be amused by the corps men coming out as “trees” for Red Riding Hood. I assume they sent the kids home since it was getting so late.
  3. I thought it was Akane but my eyesight isn’t perfect - would make sense though as there is no real dancing or pointe work required and she was already in the costume.... Poor thing - what terrible luck
  4. Not obvious, no but Takada looked less secure than she usually does (which is to say she was still very good but not as flawless as I have seen her on previous occasions). They restarted with the Lilac Fairy taking the prince in his boat and Takada stayed to do the awakening scene. Then Yasmine Naghdi danced Act 3. The pas de deux was a bit cautious as you would expect but no major mishaps, extremely professionally done and they were both calm and smiling throughout - and their individual variations were lovely.
  5. Well much drama tonight - Akane Takada is unable to continue after Act 1 so interval extended while we await another ballerina.
  6. It did Sim but they are here now, like it or not, and it seems a little unfair for those who have benefited from a more civilised work culture in the past to be making critical assumptions about the mobile phone habits of workers today. I am thankful to be old and senior enough to have some control over my communications (although if I choose to disappear offline it often means dropping more junior people into additional work/trouble) but I know lots of 20 and 30 somethings trying to make their way in the 'gig economy' - not least in the arts world - who cannot afford to miss an single opportunity.
  7. No excuse for anyone not having their phone off from the moment the lights go down until they come up again but I did just want to point out that in the modern world some of us have jobs or run businesses where we are expected to be in contact and replying to email almost instantaneously at all kinds of unvicilised hours. It can also be wholly unpredictable (which is why I find it hard to book tickets in advance) but sometimes I do 'sneak out' to go to a performance in the knowledge I will have to spend every second of the intervals typing away until the lights dim. Again, I'm not saying it's ok to use your phone in any way during the overture or performance (and neither am I advocating for this being a positive development in workplace culture - I think it's a curse!) but I wanted to make the point that not all phone use is self-indulgent leisure time.
  8. Agree Sim, it was a splendid second movement with Naghdi’s beautiful lines and Hirano’s exemplary partnering. In fact, with Magri in the third movement and O’Sullivan in the first, the future of the RB’s female talent looks very secure. The evening as a whole was the best I’ve seen from the RB in a while - Morera was at her sensitive dramatic best in Enigma Variations, partnered sympathetically by Christopher Saunders. Muntagirov surpassed even his own high standards in the Raymonda variation - it’s becoming almost comical, as if gravity doesn’t apply to him - lots of fun to watch. And Osipova made me laugh too. I thought she looked a bit tired but she more than made up for it by vamping her way fiercely through the whole thing. It was a long way from the ice queen that a lot of ballerinas deliver for Raymonda but absolutely no one can top her for entertainment value - you just never know what kind of crazy is going to turn up but it is never anything less than fascinating!
  9. Because the combination of human faces and bodies with CGI fur and tails in the trailers released so far is disturbing and creepy. Even the furries don’t like it. I know not everyone has the same tastes but industry press reaction to the advance PR has been overwhelmingly critical. I’m sure the release will do solid business with Taylor Swift fans who worship anything she does and with ALW nostalgists but I don’t think it will be an artistic highlight of this or any year. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/07/cats-trailer-reaction-critics-horrified-footage-1202159139/
  10. Nothing against Francesca but I think all those involved with this movie are going to be leaving it off their CVs for years to come. The design choices alone leave it wide open to critical savagery and a tsunami of social media derision.
  11. I thought the Monday Moves segment was respectfully presented in a non-patronising way and I was very interested by the teaching techniques used.
  12. Does anyone know who any of the Bolshoi dancers currently being rehearsed by Ratmansky in Giselle on the livestream are please?
  13. They also used to paper extensively for some visiting companies. I saw San Francisco Ballet from the Grand Tier for free, sitting next to Deborah Bull and a very young Edward Watson.
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