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RIP Sir Terry Wogan

Jan McNulty

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I so enjoyed Sir Terry's self-deprecating approach.  I always admire people who can laugh at themselves, and don't take themselves too seriously.  The only reason I used to look forward to Eurovision every year was for his commentary;  he was so hilarious...  I remember comments like (when an Eastern European country gave 12 points to Russia) "ah well, that's their gas supply assured for the coming winter".  He just tore apart the obvious political voting with a dry humour that made me laugh every year.  


His tireless work for charity was much appreciated, and will no doubt always be remembered.  RIP Sir Terry.

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Sorry to hear he has died I really appreciated his type of humour and found him very amusing. I felt too that he was very genuine.


Condolences to family and friends


2016 doesn't seem to have started off too well really.

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