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Pointe shoes with short vamp


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She's tried both those Bloch styles (and did wear Serenades for quite a while but decided they're no longer right for her, box too deep & square, hard shanks too hard, and normal shanks die in one class). She's also had Freed Classic Pros, Grishko 2007 & Nova, and Russians. The Russians are best but are special order.


Is there anything else out there she can try with stockists in London?  It would be so lovely if she could just walk into a shop and grab a pair every time she needs them... 


(Sorry, I know I'm asking for the moon here!!)

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If you have a chat to Beth at Freed, the shop will often customise pointe shoes for you. Dd once had the vamp lowered on a pair and the shoes just go back to the factory to be altered. Once the vamp is low enough you should be able to do a special order and collect multiple pairs.

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I know this might not be very helpful but Gamba shoes used to have a very low vamp, I wore them because they were the only shoe I could get over the box in due to strong but not very bendy feet! 


Have you tried Capezios? I had a pair that were really good on me for the same reasons as I gave above but they don't necessarily look any lower in the vamp. I've also had Gaynors which were pretty good but made my legs work harder!!!!

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The staff at Just Ballet know us well - they recognise my voice when I ring up!!!


It's all to do with which pointe shoes they are allowed (and are not allowed) to have at her vocational school. The fact that her current shoes are a perfect fit for her somewhat unusual feet doesn't seem to come into it. Grrr.

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I've noticed on the Move dance wear site they have a range of Merlet pointe shoes. I don't know if any have a short vamp or even where you can go to try them.

DD a big fan of Merlet Diva and so am I as they last a few weeks.

When dd had problems with her shoes she emailed the company and they were very helpful so might be worth asking their advice regarding vamp.

We did have a special order of Grishko with a slightly longer vamp, 5mm I think. I'm sure it cost about £10/15 extra and dd didn't like them when she tried them on! So another pair added to the collection in her wardrobe, unworn.

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Yes, DD has a collection of mistake pairs too! I think she's going to try and find Merlet this weekend, Dancia in Drury Lane stock them apparently.


Edited to add: I think I know what I'm going to be doing over half-term... sitting for hours in dancewear shops ;)

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Hi everyone, Sorry I've not been around for a while - but thought I'd chip in.


It is very frustrating when schools limit students to a particular brand. I'm not speaking from a business point of view, but as a fitter. One shoe certainly does not fit all.


Even with a wide choice of styles within certain brands, there is not always a shoe suitable for the dancer.


We are not talking about normal shoes, these are a dancer's main tool, second to their body. They have to work for that particular foot. As the dancer grows older and changes, her shoe requirements will change too. No dancer will have the same style of shoe from their first pair of pointe shoes to the end of their career.


The process of finding the perfect shoe for the dancer's requirements at any given time, are not taken lightly by the serious dancer, parents or fitter. To reach the ideal shoe and then be told they are the wrong brand is crazy.


Rant over :) 



PS we stock Merlet Adagio as well as DIva, but the vamp will be too long for taxi4ballet's DD. But I'm on the case, to see what I can sort out!

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Amen to that ^^^^


Our local dance shop fit almost every single dancer with Grishko pro flex and occasionally if you're deemed to have strong feet Bloch TMTs. There's no logic to what they tell people, one girl was told her flat feet needed a Grishko 2007 hard shank, another was given extra toe pads to make the shoe fit. They actually tell people that the pro flex is a beginners shoe arghhhhhh.


I take my students 45minutes up the motorway where there is an abundance of brands, styles and fitters who know what they are doing, however lots of parents and other colleagues students opt to use the local dance shop!


I could rant for days about pointe shoes, I would never dream of suggesting a one shoe fits all I would imagine all shoes can find a perfect foot. That said the ridiculous shoes pictures DD was told to try will not be making an appearance in my classes anytime soon

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