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  1. Fantastic news ballet dream! My dd told me yesterday (she is also in y9) I believe they shared a room together when they were in year 5 for their weekend at Elmhurst? Any questions feel free to get in touch xx
  2. The open morning is for current parents and prospective students/parents. I don't think there is a performance as such, but you do get the opportunity to view classes. I think the carol service started at around 2pm last year, you don't need tickets but I think we were advised to get there early as it is very popular! ????
  3. The youngest group at Opes were up to age 12. There was a variety of abilities within the group. When watching, it was really lovely to see how much they all enjoyed the performance - which was fabulous
  4. I was lucky enough to watch it twice. Dd is a Y7, and moaned about her costume for Barnum for weeks beforehand! I agree though, it was fantastic and the standard was exceptional throughout.
  5. I think the tues and wed results are out. Still thurs and fri to go perhaps? Which day did your dd audition?
  6. Still no news from London.....looks like nail biting resumes on Monday!
  7. Seems that way. Arghhhhh! Have been on tenterhooks at work all afternoon
  8. It goes on venue auditioned at. We auditioned in London for a Newcastle place. Everyone who auditioned in Newcastle has heard. The wait goes on.....
  9. I would still take her to the audition. My dd did it for the year and was an Elmhurst and Royal associate - but there were plenty of children who weren't. They were still lovely, talented children xx
  10. Newcastle first. They send out the emails in order of the auditions. London will probably be next week sometime or maybe the week after. That's how it's been done for the last couple of years anyway ???? Hoping it's not too much longer for everyone xx
  11. Newcastle results came out on June 8th last year and June 4th the year before. I think they could be emailed any time from Wednesday
  12. They always say July, but from past experience it's always been early to mid June. Usually start sending them out the week after the last auditions, in order of venue, so Newcastle probably sometime this week, followed by whatever venue was next etc, with London results being emailed out last. It's not definite of course but in my experience (1st DD got a no on her 1st try, then a yes on her 2nd. No 2 DD got a no last year, so this year is her 2nd attempt) that's how it's been done. Hopeully not too much longer to wait!
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