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  1. I think they also had more rehearsal time together ( 2 weeks I believe) while she had maybe 3 days for the Ukrainian Gala.
  2. Mayara Magri and William Bracewell will be dancing Victor Gsovsky’s Grand Pas Classique. And from the snippets I’ve seen on Instagram it looks incredible.
  3. Mayara Magri and Matthew Ball will be dancing Concerto ( 2nd mov.)
  4. I could be wrong but does this program actually impacts the RB repertoire? I know a few pieces from previous holders of the position were presented on mixed programs but it seems more like what this program does it to help choreographers understand, develop and work inside a huge company like RB. I do agree with the general sentiment that maybe they could’ve appointed someone with ballet background or even someone more focused on exploring and developing within the grounds of classical ballet.
  5. Joy has certainly talked about it but more in the sense “that’s the reason I wasn’t the star I thought I would be in Russian soil” which ends up tainting her arguments to be honest.
  6. After reading the Guardian review I really wish Woman with Water was part of the streaming, but as I was informed by Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød it won’t due to rights to the piece.
  7. Leticia Dias let it slip a rehearsal for a ballet that I don’t recall being announced for the 2021/2022 season (There is actually 2 casts for it) . Would they announce something else for the season still or could this be for a gala?? Any idea? I didn’t put the name of the ballet because I think this might infringe on the forum’s guidelines.
  8. I’ve been wondering if there is a reason behind Cinderella not being performed in so many years by the company. And if they were to do it again I imagine it would be very much like Coppelia was, a brand new ballet for the majority of the dancers.
  9. I believe Hayward will be performing opposite Sambe on Water for Chocolate, though there could be a casting with them too I suppose.
  10. I’m going to be watching the stream for this programme later and reading the replies in this post got me thinking about the performance a lot. I may have to get back to this after watching it, but from everything that has been announced for the 2021/2022 season it seems like the company didn’t want to rush the company into classics straight away in a effort to let the dancers gradually go back to their top physical form before the pandemic ( also avoiding unnecessary injuries). That’s not to say that what they are delivering now isn’t physically demanding but I’m sure the body can only take so much and be pushed to a certain limit. Given how they generally rehearse things in parallel the current programme may be a option that it’s better to start and warm up everyone for whats to come. I’ll probably be back to give my impressions later this weekend of the performance 🎭.
  11. What a great interview! I think what stuck to me the most during it was a sense o true partnership between Matthew and Mayara, they are very in tune with each other. Indeed a lovely couple ! It’s interesting how they pointed out that it was during lockdown that they really got to develop this exciting new stage partnership too (for the Royal Ballet and personal projects) . Having seen them dancing together twice during the ROH online streams, I truly hope they are more often cast together now that life is slowly getting back to a certain normal at the Royal Ballet. They showed such incredible chemistry in the two pieces shown, “Within the Golden Hour” (they’re still have my favourite interpretation of that pdd) and “Carrousel”, that made me wish we had more of them on the streams overall. Given the many opportunities for debuts next season where Magri will be a Principal with the company, I expect a few of them to hopefully be shared with Ball, maybe R&J or Giselle.
  12. She has spoken about specific roles a lot on her interviews in portuguese especially recent ones. I do wish I could translate them but the dancersdiary interview is a good alternative for people that wants to hear more about her story.
  13. To me Fumi’s best season was her last one and I believe she was 29 then. In my opinion Mayara was supposed to have hers, kicking off with Swan Lake, when the pandemic happened. I have talked about this elsewhere but I think ballet has a serious problem with profiling that keeps certain dancers performing certain roles and not others. Gonna give as an example Morera and how long it took for her to dance Giselle. Other dancers I think this has happened to are Magri and Calvert ( Heap too to a certain extent ). I hope my point about “profiling” is understood as english is not my first language. I also hope that with the promotion Magri can now lobby for roles that I know from interviews that she wishes to be given the chance to perform.
  14. I’M SOOOO HAPPY FOR MAYARA! BUT also Fumi and Anna, all 3 were my bets to be promoted together actually and it happened! I’m surprised for Corrales not gonna lie. I did expect to see as principal eventually but didn’t know when. I’m happy for him though! For those sad, I think Clarke and Bracewell will be promoted as well but they didn’t want to have six dancers promoted to principals at once. That’s my guess. I feel for Hay because I love all his performances I’ve seen. I remember watching him in Mayerling and just thinking how wonderful he is. Grace, Richardson, Sissens and Dias are not surprised in my mind at all and I’m very happy for them. In all, I wanna congratulate everyone that was promoted!
  15. Good article. I feel like I can’t properly put into words my sentiments about Liam’s passing. I certainly extend my condolences to his family and friends. The loss of any friend and/or relative is always something incredibly tough to deal with, especially someone as young as Liam. About the article, I’m gonna be brief. The mindset that cancel culture is responsible for what happened is to honestly disregard the fact that a investigation happened. And people spoke up. But also the many other variables that leads someone to a situation like the one that happened. I know this from experience in my own family. Thats about as far as I’m going to be talking about this subject here on the forum.
  16. It works fine for me. Hope you can make it work. Since the performance will be live streamed , the easiest way, if you find difficult setting up the live concert, is to just wait until they put the performance up again on the platform for the 30 days, that way you can just type the web link on Chrome, login on your account and play the performance - very much like one would play a YouTube video on their smart tv.
  17. really beautiful! I rewinded to watch it again as soon as it was over.
  18. I don’t know if I’m too late, but another option would be if you have a computer or laptop with HDMI, just use a HDMI cable to connect the Computer/Laptop with a TV that supports HDMI. This will mirror the video on your TV.
  19. Can someone clarify or maybe correct me, but in the ballet association report interview with Hannah Park and Denilson Almeida it seems like it was confirmed that they both got the Aud Jensen Young Dancer apprenticeship with the Royal Ballet. This being a correct assessment, I hope a few ( at least four if I were to guess) others also got the apprenticeship too. https://balletassociation.co.uk/pages/reports-2020-jessica-clarke
  20. about the coronavirus: “CDC believes at this time that symptoms of COVID-19 may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure”.
  21. Lauren Hunter if not mistaken. But thought that as a whole this graduate year has many stars. And for such a complex and at times fast paced movements they did great. Congrats to the pdd teacher at the RBS since I thought all the couples did amazing.
  22. I should’ve added recently. I was referring more to the current cast of principals and from the 2000’s till now. Differently from other famous ( and difficult) roles like Nikya, Juliet, Manon or Aurora where we have many first soloist who have danced those roles but didn’t necessarily receive a promotion.
  23. On stage promotions do happen but I think that if it were to happen this season KOH would leave it for Swan Lake. But since only 2 out of the 3 ballerinas that I think are being watched over for that promotion will be debuting on the O/O role, I think they will leave the news to be delivered off stage. I was just thinking that I can’t remember a dancer from the Royal Ballet that has danced O/O and didn’t received a promotion to principal eventually so that says a lot about the role.
  24. First of all, I’m sad for Lauren and wish her a good recovery. As for the replacements, I’m happy for Kaneko and I hope she had enough time to rehearse with Bonelli. It would make more sense to ask Yasmine to come dance Aurora, but as many have pointed out she is with a heavy load of roles at the moment and we don’t want to injure another dancer. In the case of the Lilac Fairy I’m not gonna lie I wish they went with Magri or Calvert ( preferably Magri after her great reviews dancing the role and the fact that I had already seen Calvert dancing this role before ). But that would open another haul of replacements so I guess to be economical Storm Jensen it is. I hope she can get over the nerves.
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