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  1. really beautiful! I rewinded to watch it again as soon as it was over.
  2. I don’t know if I’m too late, but another option would be if you have a computer or laptop with HDMI, just use a HDMI cable to connect the Computer/Laptop with a TV that supports HDMI. This will mirror the video on your TV.
  3. Can someone clarify or maybe correct me, but in the ballet association report interview with Hannah Park and Denilson Almeida it seems like it was confirmed that they both got the Aud Jensen Young Dancer apprenticeship with the Royal Ballet. This being a correct assessment, I hope a few ( at least four if I were to guess) others also got the apprenticeship too. https://balletassociation.co.uk/pages/reports-2020-jessica-clarke
  4. about the coronavirus: “CDC believes at this time that symptoms of COVID-19 may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure”.
  5. Lauren Hunter if not mistaken. But thought that as a whole this graduate year has many stars. And for such a complex and at times fast paced movements they did great. Congrats to the pdd teacher at the RBS since I thought all the couples did amazing.
  6. I should’ve added recently. I was referring more to the current cast of principals and from the 2000’s till now. Differently from other famous ( and difficult) roles like Nikya, Juliet, Manon or Aurora where we have many first soloist who have danced those roles but didn’t necessarily receive a promotion.
  7. On stage promotions do happen but I think that if it were to happen this season KOH would leave it for Swan Lake. But since only 2 out of the 3 ballerinas that I think are being watched over for that promotion will be debuting on the O/O role, I think they will leave the news to be delivered off stage. I was just thinking that I can’t remember a dancer from the Royal Ballet that has danced O/O and didn’t received a promotion to principal eventually so that says a lot about the role.
  8. First of all, I’m sad for Lauren and wish her a good recovery. As for the replacements, I’m happy for Kaneko and I hope she had enough time to rehearse with Bonelli. It would make more sense to ask Yasmine to come dance Aurora, but as many have pointed out she is with a heavy load of roles at the moment and we don’t want to injure another dancer. In the case of the Lilac Fairy I’m not gonna lie I wish they went with Magri or Calvert ( preferably Magri after her great reviews dancing the role and the fact that I had already seen Calvert dancing this role before ). But that would open another haul of replacements so I guess to be economical Storm Jensen it is. I hope she can get over the nerves.
  9. Can only imagine how special it must have felt to Mayara to bring to life a character that is so important to her journey to the Royal Ballet. I’m still seeing if it will be possible but I’m gonna try to watch her on her Swan Lake debut at the end of the season 😊. I had a suspicion that Thomas would nail the role from the rehearsals made available on Youtube. But good to hear he apparently did great.
  10. Thoughts on the cinema relay: About the production, I think I liked it better now than the other version I’ve seen from 10+ years ago. I agree 100% about what was said regarding the lighting and the buildings occupying too much space on stage. I hope the RB plan on a future revamp on this ballet cause I think there is space for that to happen ( both in narrative/story, as in dance and production design). I do like all the costumes for the show, I think they changed Franz last costume in act 3 which I liked, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them change a bit. Overall I find this staging a wonderful opportunity for the women of the company, and the decision to put for this cinema relay new faces in all kinds of roles was a great one. As Swanilda, Marianela Nunez was captivating and funny! I thought her mime and acting was fabulous just as her interaction with Vadim’s Franz. Was surprised with how much I loved Vadim in this role, not for the dancing ( I knew he would be spectacular) but for his acting. Bravo for both. Avis is also a treasure! So lucky to have him still with the company and hopefully for many more years to come. In act one the dancers that caught my attention were Teo Dubreil and Romany Padjak. As some have said before, Mayara Magri does make the most of the roles given to her, as soon as she entered the stage as Peasant Girl it was like she was a ray of sunshine and she completely dominated the place with her personality. Definitely elevated the ending of act 1. Can not wait to hear about her Swanilda debut here on the forum!! In act 3 we had more ”new” faces. The dancers who caught my attention here were Leticia Dias, Yu Hang, Sae Maeda, Sumina Sasaki, Nadia Mullova-Barley, Amelia Townsend and Charlotte Tonkinson. I loved Claire Calvert as Dawn. Beautiful feet and lines. She looks much better in this than she ever felt ( to me) as the lilac fairy, where it looks like she is doing more of a series of steps - where you “feel” the difficulty of the steps when you shouldn’t. About Annette Buvoli, She is a lovely dancer and I hope we get to see more of her in the future, was very happy she got this chance to dance Prayer. She had the loveliest hands through out the performance and such a serene look to her eyes. Brava. Great pas de deux to close act 3 by Vadim and Nunez. Showing great technique and security in all the steps. Agree with everyone that pointed it out Vadim’s black leggings and how that wasn’t favoured by the camera. If I remember anything else I will add it later.
  11. I don’t mind the self promotion of professional dancers tbh (to a point ) so in that regard I haven’t actually unfollowed anyone I was already following before. I do have a problem with this image certain dancers ( professionals and/or amateurs) try to send of ballet and how “great” you are in it as something that is reduced to the number of pirouettes one can make and also how it affects the younger and infinitely more impressionable generation of dancers. Especially because all that is being posted goes through a lot of editing, meaning vast majority don’t post how many times they tried something before achieving it on film. I do think it’s a problem when young dancers watching those videos ( or trying to partake in it ) think that is what will make them become or be admired as a great dancer.
  12. @bridiem I don't know the film's schedule but I don't think it is going to be too time consuming given that the movie is being shot since August and he's in the cast sheet since then.
  13. More than I year I think. Hopefully she comes back and doesn't have to go through another injury like that till the rest of her career.
  14. You can find all the news regarding the movie Olga ( Olga Spessivtseva) here: http://films.gielgud.com/news/ and also on the imdb page here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9437334/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1 Xander Parish and Wayne Sleep are also attached to the movie.
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