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  1. Loved Le Corsaire tonight and arriving at 7 i got a cheap but wonderful ticket. Magical ballet, costumes and sets, thank you ENB
  2. Huge congratulations to Reece Clarke on his promotion to first soloist.
  3. As the little girl in front of me said Mayara Magri is a superstar. Her performance made my Christmas.
  4. Mayara is dancing the Lilac fairy on the 20th November in the evening and 7th Dec matinee.
  5. My favorite RB dancer wonderful to watch yet humble. She radiates a real joy and absolute love of dance quite hypnotic. Looking forward to Coppelia and Swan Lake. Thank you for posting this.
  6. Natalia Osipova was simply stunning tonight as was Vadim. Loved all of it and thought the other stand outs were Matthew Ball, Mayara Magri and Yasmine Naghdi. Really though the whole company shone bravo everyone!
  7. My predictions are Mayara Magri to Principal, Anna Rose O Sullivan and Reece Clarke to First soloist, Romany Pajdak and Joseph Sissens to Soloist, Lukas Braenstrod and Sae Maeda to First Artist Yu Hang to artist. This is probably just my wish list!
  8. I totally agree Mayara is wonderful and long before she was in the company I felt she would one day rise to the very top. i Love her ability to radiate a real joy when she dances.
  9. Mayara was quite magical tonight, she really shone. Also loved Beatriz and the lovely Romany. I am declaring all ballet a pc free zone as I like nothing better than getting into any unlikely story/ impossible account and just enjoying it for what it is! In fact I feel thats the whole point really it.is.not.real.everyone.....
  10. It transcended dancing , I felt I was looking into hearts and souls. Brilliance from Sarah and Steve. Also loved Mayara and James Hay. Unforgettable. Grateful to see so many truly wonderful performances, we are blessed.
  11. Very happy with these promotions especially Matthew Ball and Mayara Magri, such talent.
  12. I think promotion is given when a dancer fulfills all the needed criteria and begins to rise above others at the same level. They have the X factor! These dancers are quite magical and make me so happy to be there. Everyone in the company is amazing, ( and frankly id promote every single one!!!) for me though I really love Mayara Magri who has stood out in every role.
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