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  1. I think this was never a good weekend to release it. People being busy finialising Christmas etc. The weekend between Christmas and New Year would be the best I think. That post 26th time when a lot of people are still off so we will see ho it does then.
  2. Well Cats is an acquired taste. A saw a programme about the musical and the people who put it together didn't expect it to be a success. But it was...but it is marmite. And a film of it. Given it is Cats was probably a suspension of disbelief a bit far. I mean what if they had made the film of warhorse with a puppet. ALW is very good at his job and was perfect for the 80's big musicals. He is perfect at what he does
  3. That may be a good thing. The film is turning into a bit of a laugh stock. It won't touch the careers of the huge stars but for someone like Francesca it may affect any career ambitions she has going forward.
  4. I am not sure about preference but height is always the first consideration. I would presume they would cease to continue if the personalities involved were volatile together or made things difficult for each other and everyone else. Or if it just didn't really work between the. It depends how high up you are I guess but I really don't know. The RB are interested in their dancers though. They give them opportunities and seem interested in what they want from their lives vis a vis giving time off last year to those in Cats. Promoting Campbell and McNally with their presenting interests. Maybe they do listen to them.
  5. It was last minute because she could do everything they wanted, she was a hugh star and they were desperate. Of course even the people behind it thought Cats would flop.
  6. All art is subjective and sometimes its really hard to be mindful of that. Sometimes dancers are seen as direct competition to people's favourites and I think that causes strife. Because you know they are really, for publicity and opportunities and things but it is unfortunate. Seen Hallberg with Osipova. He was fine and she trusts and wants him to partner her and you know maybe that personal trust and partnership is the most important thing. I can't say that I always feel that Osipovas style compliments well with the others in the RB but she is so well known that those issues are probably long past caring about.
  7. To be honest, I believe in Hayward and Campbell's love for eachother everytime they step on stage together. It just works for them and I am sure is a combination of hardwork, physical compatibility, mutual respect and affection and luck. Of course it could all be by chance and they really cannot abide working together. And that is what makes any couple who perform together and have 'chemistry' magical because you cannot create through will, you can't pinpoint it. It just is.
  8. Saw it today. Missed first act due to Marylebone fire and things but as an added bonus Sambe was on the platform at Covent Garden getting on the train as I got off. A wonderful performance from all today. I have seen Hayward's Manon before and she was born to do. She was wonderful with Campbell as per usual and the two just emote something together which makes you buy into everything they do. Audience adored them. Cesar made a wonderful brother and was great with his mistress. All round a great performance. Ending was powerful.
  9. Casting looks promising and I will be pleased to see Hayward and Campbell together again. Well Hayward full stop really. To be honest, and it is great they give their dancers other opportunities, the absences for a large part of the year have been f3lt ain't Hinks. Although ai loved the Christmas triple bill, a lot of the other stuff I have been a bit lacklustre about.
  10. Saw tonight as I love the Firebird score. Loved Month in the Country. Liked Firebird less but this is always and forever because of how the orchestra play the score. The dancing is just a nice addition to that music. For me anyway. Left before Symphony in C as seen it twice recently and getting home an hour earlier makes all the difference when you have work.
  11. I would posit it depends on many factors including whether they are still 'working' as in stage door or at a function, whether they are alone and willing to talk, in company and desiring privacy, what side they got out of the bed, if they are in a rush and a hundred other factors. Basically like the rest of us.
  12. Look into will be honest. I would go just to hear the firebird score,
  13. I fantastic evening. I thought the whole thing was magnificent and wonderfully put together. It is a bit of a relief because apart from Infra I haven't much liked anything recently. Sambé was memorable in Patineur. Nunez and Soares passionate and longing in winter Dreams and the Concert was just a dream. I truly enjoyed it and so did everyone around me. So well done for the Christmas alternative.
  14. Maybe it was just me and the Unknown Soldier. I liked it anshould it is ravishing to look at. Maybe it is a bit late for WW1. There were so many things done for it.
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