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    Homepage display using Chrome

    Trog, Many thanks but that's not the answer as it turns out. The AA website was the only one there, and I've no idea why. Ian.
  2. Since earlier this morning, when all was as normal, I now find that the righthand panel on our homepage has vanished and a list of 'New Topics' has appeared underneath the Member and Forum Statistics boxes. Something similar has also occurred on the Great War Forum, a site that also uses an InVision software package. This has happened using my customary Chrome browser on a Mac. All looks as usual, however, on both Firefox and Safari. Am I alone in this? If not, anyone with an explanation of what may have occurred?
  3. Ian Macmillan

    Homepage display using Chrome

    John: That's the version I have too, and I'm interested to hear that Sim is finding something similar - but not yourself. It's all most odd, and I'm certainly not aware of having played with any settings or somesuch that can have induced this change, having started the day as normal. Computery!!
  4. Ian Macmillan

    Homepage display using Chrome

    A further note to say that the change of presentation on Chrome seems to have become permanent this time. And I now routinely see a large size font whilst drafting, but that resolves to our default size on submission.
  5. Ian Macmillan

    Duchess of Cambridge Visits the ROH

    Just for the record, I had to hunt in today's Times for anything on the ROH visit and finally found a mention with a small photo at the end of a larger piece concerning the Duchess of Sussex and her 'baby bump.' Her rig for the day was duly costed in the accompanying text. By contrast, most of the paper's page 3 was given over to the Alessandra Ferri piece in this morning's Links, with a small bit of comment by Debra Craine. The Times had also covered Carlos Acosta's appointment with a sizeable photo a couple of days ago.
  6. OK folks, a thread for discussion of what you've all been waiting for.
  7. Ian Macmillan

    Homepage display using Chrome

    For the record, no change on Chrome this morning for the Forum presentation (or the other one I use that has the same software package), but all as before on Safari. And the default font size is again too large, as can be seen. Edit: In drafting, there are clearly 2 font sizes, but I note that they have resolved to a single, normal size on submission. How odd!
  8. Ian Macmillan

    Homepage display using Chrome

    My homepage display on Chrome has today reverted to the display I described , above, back in June - and I see I'm again getting a larger default font size too, which I'll correct before pressing Submit Reply. All OK on Safari, as last time. And all was OK first thing this morning as I did Links. It fixed itself unaided last time, so let's see what tomorrow brings. Oh, and as last time, another Invision-powered site that I use has gone the same way.
  9. Ian Macmillan

    Dance links w/b Sunday January 6, 2019

    Links – Saturday 12 January, 2019 Video Feature – Google or AI Choreography? Wayne McGregor experiments: Jennifer Stahl, Dance Magazine Film – Girl: The Director’s, a dancer’s, and other perspectives: Laura Cappelle, Financial Times Feature – Dance copyright – whose? Elizabeth A. Harris, NY Times Diaries, Next Week: - London & Birmingham: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian (Scroll all the way) - Around LA: Matt Cooper, LA Times Preview/Feature – Qiao Yang, Almost 55, Hong Kong: Enid Tsui, SCMP Book Review – “Physics and Dance” by Emily Coates & Sarah Demers: Debra Cash, Arts Fuse A trailer that’s worth a couple of minutes of your time: - NYCB’s Sleeping Beauty: via Pointe Magazine
  10. Ian Macmillan

    Polunin (not) to guest in POB

    I can't find it now to provide a link but, yesterday evening, I saw a Tweet from a male POB dancer expressing some disgust at the decision to invite Mr Polunin to dance with the Company.
  11. Ian Macmillan

    Dance links w/b Sunday January 6, 2019

    Links – Friday 11 January, 2019 Letter to The Editor – Alistair Macaulay, a reply re hyperextensions: Dance Magazine (See Tuesday’s Links, third entry) Reviews – Miguel Gutierrez, God’s Dog & others, This Bridge Called My Ass, New York: Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times Siobhan Burke, NY Times Diary – New York, Next Week: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Preview – NDT 2, Contemporary Programme, New York: Lauren Wingenroth, Playbill Feature – Park Sae-un, POB Principal: Jung Da-min, Korea Times Review – Barely Methodical Troupe, Shift, London: Donald Hutera, The Times Review – Contemporary Dance Festival: Japan & East Asia 2019, New York: Joel Benjamin, TheaterScene Preview – Indian Music Now: Subashini Ganesan, Portland: Brett Campbell, Oregon Artswatch
  12. Ian Macmillan

    Dance links w/b Sunday January 6, 2019

    Links – Thursday 10 January, 2019 Preview – Paris Opera Ballet & Cairo Opera Ballet, Independanse x Egypte, Cairo & Alexandria: Reham El-Adawi, Ahram Online Feature – Brandon Stirling Baker, Master of Dance Lighting: Brian Seibert, NY Times Review – Uchenna Dance, Hansel and Gretel, London: Siobhan Murphy, DanceTabs Review – Moscow City Ballet, The Sleeping Beauty, Sheffield: Janet Jepson, Reviews Hub Diary – Portland, early 2019: Indian Dance and more: Jamuna Chiarini, Oregon Artswatch Review – Amber Haines, Kyle Page & Dancers, Dust, Sydney: Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald And surely the last of this season: Review – Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Nutcracker, London: Naomi Cockshutt, BTG
  13. Ian Macmillan

    Dance links w/b Sunday January 6, 2019

    Links – Wednesday 9 January, 2019 Reviews – English National Ballet, Swan Lake (Deane), London: Louise Levene, Financial Times Stefan Kyriazis, Daily Express Feature – Royal Danish Ballet’s American Leading Ladies: Chava Lansky, Pointe Magazine Feature – Aileen Passloff, one of the ‘old gang’ who reinvented dance: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Review – Reggie Wilson’s Fist & Heel Performance Group, … they stood shaking while others began to shout, New York: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Review – Japan Society, Contemporary Dance Festival, New York: Apollinaire Scherr, Financial Times Preview – American Ballet Theatre, Harlequinade, Costa Mesa: Eric Althoff, LA Times Preview – Resolution 2019, Annual new choreography showcase, London: Staff, Londondance Exhibition – Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, Worcester: Staff, SeeingDance
  14. Ian Macmillan

    Dance links w/b Sunday January 6, 2019

    Links – Tuesday 8 January, 2019 Reviews – English National Ballet, Swan Lake (Deane), London: Debra Craine, The Times Emma Byrne, Evening Standard Joy Sable, Jewish Chronicle Anna Winter, The Stage Tatiana Rathelot, Bachtrack Preview – Miami City Ballet, Dances at a Gathering, Brahms/Handel, Miami: Guillermo Perez, Miami Herald Feature – How ballet legs went ever higher: Emma Sandall, Dance Magazine Review - Caleb Teicher Company, More Forever, New York: Brian Seibert, NY Times - Interview: Kosta Karakashyan, Fjord Review Review – Sarasota Ballet, Gala Performance, Sarasota: Carrie Seidman, Herald-Tribune Review – Dance at The Odyssey: Shade Théret, Maybe, Los Angeles: Laura Bleiberg, LA Times News – New Chairman of Governors at Elmhurst Ballet School: Staff, BWW UK Regional Feature – TV Dance Shows: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Who knew? - The Portable Ballet Barre Market, 2017 - 25: Dave Hilbert, RIS Report
  15. We will not be doing Links on this show - but be assured that a bit of googling will show that various publications have picked up on the negative response to this Royal Ballet claim.
  16. Caught just the last 15 minutes on coming home - much as feared from the trailers - and it seemed cut short. No idea why some of each performance was behind a screen/curtain. Generally, very noisy.
  17. Ian Macmillan

    Build a Life-Size Nutcracker, that Can Crack Coconuts!

    Looks like you'd need an expensively and expansively equipped shed for this little task. I doubt that I'll bother!
  18. Ian Macmillan

    A dance career in Paris?

    From page 3 of today's Times: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/british-dancers-outnumber-all-other-groups-at-the-moulin-rouge-mrkfnxcvw?shareToken=f56c689a286f4b04000f733fbd9b1edf
  19. Ian Macmillan

    2019/20 season wish list

    Floss: I would certainly endorse any plan for the RB to stage Les Noces once again - a ritualistic piece of great force, and the origin of my admiration of Mme Yanowsky some 18 years ago. I have often seen it described as being expensive to put on but I'm never sure quite why. The ROH employs a fulltime chorus, does it not? And are 4 pianists any more expensive than the House orchestra? As to Les Rendezvous, is this the costuming you have in mind?
  20. Ian Macmillan

    Dame June Whitfield RIP

    I hope I'm not alone here in being able to remember her from the time both she and Alma Cogan replaced Joy Nichols to join Jimmy Edwards and Dick Bentley on the top Light Programme radio show of the early 50s, "Take it from here," on which The Glums became a favourite weekly feature. A class act over very many years.
  21. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 23 December, 2018

    Links – Friday 28 December, 2018 Obituary: Elaine McDonald, Ballerina with Scottish Ballet: Kelly Apter, Scotsman Review – Paris Opera Ballet, The Lady of the Camellias, Paris: Marisa Hayes, Culture Vulture Previews – 2019: Best ballet and contemporary shows: UK: Debra Craine, The Times (Scroll down) London: Zoe Paskett, Evening Standard BBC Dance coverage: Staff, Seeing Dance Essay – The Nutcracker, our new Father Christmas?: Jeffery Taylor, Express Feature – Solomon Dumas, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Diary – New York This Week: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Awards: - Alicia Alonso appointed Star of the Century: Staff, Prensa Latina - Jean Grand-Maitre, AD Alberta Ballet, appointed to Order of Canada: Staff, CBC News Speaking in Dance – Long Zou of The Trocks: Gia Kourlas, NY Times Gallery – Dirty Dancing, the messiest stage shows: Guardian
  22. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 23 December, 2018

    Links – Thursday 27 December, 2018 Obituary – Sono Osato, Ballets Russes, Ballet Theater and Broadway: Richard Goldstein, NY Times Feature – NYCB’s Maries and Nutcracker Princes for 2018: Terry Trucco, Playbill Feature – Alvin Ailey Company – 6 Decades of Inspiration: Jen Peters, Playbill Feature – How I fell in love with … Dance: Belinda Lopez, Guardian News? – A Rolling Stones Ballet? Ian Mohr, Page Six
  23. Ian Macmillan

    Dance Links w/b Sunday 23 December, 2018

    Links – Wednesday 26 December, 2018 Obituaries: - Elaine McDonald, Prima Ballerina with Scottish Ballet: Mary Brennan, Herald – Deborah Zall, Dancer & Choreographer: Marina Harss, NY Times Recollections – Paul Taylor, Arthur Mitchell and other Artists lost in 2018, Their Words: Sara Aridi & Peter Libbey, NY Times Gallery – Tristram Kenton’s best Dance & Theatre shots of 2018: Guardian Review – Sasha Waltz & Guests, Kreatur, Berlin: Katja Vaghi, Bachtrack Review – City Ballet of Boston, Urban Nutcracker, Boston: Jessica Lockhart, Arts Fuse Feature – AM Danza: Disabled Venezuelans reach new heights in Dance: Fabiola Sanchez, AP, via SF Chronicle
  24. Oh dear! Now that we're on Page 26, I really am going to have to get into town to see what they've done at some point next year.
  25. Ian Macmillan

    Audience Behaviour

    Sim: I'm delighted to see she's still conducting - and writing. Her "Handel in London" was published this year, and she was reading excerpts on Radio 4's 9-45 am book slot a couple of weeks ago. I first saw her conducting a performance of Haydn's Seasons at the Festival Hall some 30 years ago - what a sinuous back!!