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  1. I would posit it depends on many factors including whether they are still 'working' as in stage door or at a function, whether they are alone and willing to talk, in company and desiring privacy, what side they got out of the bed, if they are in a rush and a hundred other factors. Basically like the rest of us.
  2. Look into will be honest. I would go just to hear the firebird score,
  3. I fantastic evening. I thought the whole thing was magnificent and wonderfully put together. It is a bit of a relief because apart from Infra I haven't much liked anything recently. Sambé was memorable in Patineur. Nunez and Soares passionate and longing in winter Dreams and the Concert was just a dream. I truly enjoyed it and so did everyone around me. So well done for the Christmas alternative.
  4. Maybe it was just me and the Unknown Soldier. I liked it anshould it is ravishing to look at. Maybe it is a bit late for WW1. There were so many things done for it.
  5. I was there this evening and as an extra bonus saw Lady Sarah Chatto and son. Anyhow as a work of art the Unknown Soldier looks amazing. As a dance piece it is strangely unmoving. Infra I really liked and found it moving. And Symphony definitely shows off the musicality of all. Piece of the night though was So And in Infra.
  6. I think it's great Kevin lets her, and them, do the things they are interested in. She has just essentially taken a sabbatical. I think it is a much more productive work environment for all. I mean many of them perform around the world anyway. I don't really see the difference. I will be sorry not to see her in an Unknown Soldier but I figure if you want to nurture, develop and keep talent then you have to give them room the breath and be who they want to be. There are just so many opportunities at the moment. And anyway for some reason I don't see Hayward as a Nunez character. Giving your whole career to the Royal ballet (I know she performs elsewhere too). Naghdi maybe but Hayward seems to be broader in interests. Each to their own.
  7. How wonderful for her. Reminds me of Campbell saying he had auditioned for a part in An American in Paris. I hope she enjoys the process and experience. Quite a pair her and Campbell. Certainly they seem to have a lot of outside interests and curious of other avenues. Why not. On and Victoria is a gorgeous distinctive cat.
  8. I know what you mean. I have started embracing the amphi, which I generally like a lot. However, Maylering for instance was hard from there because all women looked alike.
  9. Well I for one am very excited for Les Patineurs. Such a great Christmasy show instead of nutcracker. Don Q does not interest me. Having said that I got one of the last tickets today for the 18th. It is great to see shows doing well. Maylering, the night I saw it with Osipova, was empty in spots.
  10. No they will have a carbon and waste target. I mean is the change of cast sheet a good use of paper. I would say putting it on screens or announcing it is a far better way of doing things. Also they could just be being sloppy but it seems odd. Looks more like a change in how they do things.
  11. Are they increasing their environmental awareness. Everyone has targets and well it is the right thing. I can't imagine they are being sloppy.
  12. I, at times, struggled to know which girl was which. The wife and Mary yes but many of the others just melded into one. Don't really know of I liked it yet? I didn't feel that interested in the main character. As a show case to show off some male dance technique it was great. There where some empty seats near me. Which I have never seen before. Maybe it's been revived a bit too much recently.
  13. The Ballet of Canada would get complaints when the lovely Guillaume Cote did not dance with his frequent partner and wife. Whose name I think is Heather. It is not so unusual I think. We are narrative creatures and a dance partnership with many roles and a couple partnered regularly arc feeds into this need and especially of you believe the narrative they create on stage.
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