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  1. Tutusrus

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thanks pictures for the info (although seems a little unfair to me 🤔)
  2. Tutusrus

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Thanks Dancing unicorn - wonder how that sits with GDPR?
  3. Tutusrus

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Question re references from vocational schools.......does anyone have any experience of how the academic and dance references work for 6th form/college entry when moving from vocational school? Do you get to see copies? My query stems from quotes I have heard from vocational school advising they don’t want DD to go elsewhere for 6th form and so am wondering how they approach this challenge when many current students may decide to audition for a different school/college etc
  4. Tutusrus

    Rambert audition music 60 seconds?

    Thank you so much for your reply. Seems such a shame on one hand after all that’s goes in to a solo not to be able to use it but on the other hand how great to be offered without needing to!! Congratulations on Rambert - would be great to see any updates as your DD settles in. Do you mind me asking how old she is? Many thanks
  5. Does anyone have any experience of auditioning at Rambert? Can music go over 60 seconds or are they very strict? Many thanks
  6. Looking for a residential summer school appropriate for Grade 3 over summer but not between 10th/11th - 25th August. Wanting to test whether able to stay away from home and likes it before deciding on applying for vocational school - anyone any thoughts? Many thanks
  7. Tutusrus

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Hi Becs and Just dance - when did you place your orders and did you get card transaction confirmation and then an email confirmation re delivery? Cheers
  8. Tutusrus

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Has anyone who placed an order received it? Money has been taken from my account but no email confirmation. Have sent 2 emails and no response and the telephone number isn’t working. Wondering if they have gone in to administration?
  9. Tutusrus

    Living at The Hammond

    I would recommend only accepting the bursary knowing you won’t get an MDS in future. One of DDs friends had to leave after 2 years due to no longer being able to afford bursary. The child concerned was actually a better dancer at the time of leaving than some who entered with an than MDS the same year (my non professional opinion). Great school but I heard they would not budge and did not let said child audition for MDS for year 9. It felt extremely harsh on the family concerned so please please don’t base your decision to accept bursary on the potential of getting a MDS later down the line.
  10. Thank you Harwel - much appreciated x
  11. Hi there, I have read a few posts re 6th Form Tring funding not available this year due to some clerical error and I have been told by someone that this also affects MDS for lower school. I am not sure how accurate this is though. Is anyone able to shed any light? Audition in March, and although, MDS are very scarce at least there is a chance. If no funding available at all through this shceme then there seems no point in auditioning. I know it is good for the experience but I just can't afford to throw money away on hotels and transport if there isn't any chance at all. If anyone can clarify the situation I would appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Thank you for your response Harwel x
  13. Can anyone advise on the usual procedure re requesting time off to audition elsewhere when on an MDS. I have heard a few scare stories about our school withdrawing MDS funding if a child auditions elsewhere. Does anyone know if this has ever happened? Anyone know the best way to approach the time off request? Thank you all in advance A worried Mum
  14. Tutusrus

    Hammond MDS Uniform

    Stardust are expensive so therefore your funding gets used up much more quickly. I don't like the idea of pointe shoe fittings in lunchtime and also considering other people will also want to purchase items. Does any onion know if they can actually stipulate it? The funding is from the Government isn't it?
  15. Tutusrus

    Hammond Entry Sept 2014

    Looking ford to induction day at Hammond tomorrow. Hopefully see some Ballet Forum members there. Best get to bed - up at 5am!