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  1. Re Exeat - you can pick up cases from boarding house before (but be sure to check what time the boarding house will be manned until) and then collect child from school at 4pm so you can get on the road home quickly. The evenings are busy but it helps avoid homesickness. We found the less calls meant all well and when calls increased a little homesickness has set in but the head of boarding was a great help and most of the time it’s our need as parents to speak to them rather than their need to speak to you. I would say that the Sundays can sometimes drag and so saving up all your questions for then passes time for them if they don’t have an activity planned.
  2. Resurrecting this thread and wondering if anyone knows of previous yes’s for Rambert that didn’t have an interview? Many thanks so physio and solo done but no interview
  3. Thanks once again BlueLou - I thought might be case x
  4. My DD was often invited to sleepovers at day students houses and they would also meet in town and go shopping too. There is a boarding activity day out once a year that I don’t think day students can attend and also a boarders Xmas party and I always felt this was unfair but I have no idea if the day students themselves felt this. However, I also know of occasions when day students have been at the boarding house to socialise with their friends and also join in on days to cinema etc. From what I see they all seem to get along irrespective of whether they are boarders or not
  5. Several day students in DD’s year - what are you wanting to know? Feel free to PM if you prefer 😁
  6. Just after any insight re Rambert finals please. If you performed solo at first audition do you have to do again at the finals? Many thanks
  7. Anyone know if you get the funding audition registration fee back if not offered a MDS? £155 registration fee is an awful lot of money to audition on top of the original £45.
  8. Thanks Loulabelle - I was hoping someone may have experience of asking them to wait and them saying “yes” but think I’m being far too optimistic 🤣
  9. Hi there, Does anyone have any experience of Upper School offers being made with deadlines for acceptance due before other audition results are through? If so, how did you deal with it? Any insights would be appreciated. Many thanks
  10. With regards to education at Hammond. My DD was always “just average” (her primary teachers words) and I worried about her being lost in the local comprehensive system as she was also very shy. It wasn’t an easy decision to board but we are very pleased we did. She has excelled academically and on target to achieve grades we would never have expected. She has matured into a confident, mature and kind individual (was worrringly shy but being with likeminded peers resulted in her being her true self) and I truly believe this is as a result of her schooling at Hammond.
  11. Thanks pictures for the info (although seems a little unfair to me 🤔)
  12. Thanks Dancing unicorn - wonder how that sits with GDPR?
  13. Question re references from vocational schools.......does anyone have any experience of how the academic and dance references work for 6th form/college entry when moving from vocational school? Do you get to see copies? My query stems from quotes I have heard from vocational school advising they don’t want DD to go elsewhere for 6th form and so am wondering how they approach this challenge when many current students may decide to audition for a different school/college etc
  14. Thank you so much for your reply. Seems such a shame on one hand after all that’s goes in to a solo not to be able to use it but on the other hand how great to be offered without needing to!! Congratulations on Rambert - would be great to see any updates as your DD settles in. Do you mind me asking how old she is? Many thanks
  15. Does anyone have any experience of auditioning at Rambert? Can music go over 60 seconds or are they very strict? Many thanks
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