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  1. I see there are new boarding houses for Hammond this year xx
  2. Hi @Sally-Anne I mean any local authorities that have either paid or contributed towards fees for lower school entry. My dd has been offered place with no MDS or bursary and our local authority have said if I can find details of any Las that have funded people they will see what they might be able to do for her
  3. Hi everyone, has anyone heard of any local authorities that have funded lower school places? If so which ones? Thanks
  4. I can't see any MDS awards been handed back this year now, assume they would have already been handed back unless someone's circumstances have changed. Still keeping our fingers crossed for some miracle funding though xx
  5. How is everyone, any good news stories about funding and has anyone withdrawn formally yet? Wondering what would be latest date to withdraw ? Xx
  6. Oh well maybe normal for year 7 intake this year then. Fingers crossed for everyone still trying to raise funding xx
  7. I think I heard them say in meeting last week that there were only 17 year 7 dance pupils but maybe I misheard. If that is right then that is a lot less than previous cohorts of year 7 xx
  8. No, on the year 10 meeting they said there were 10 potential new starters but only 3 definates as the rest were still trying to raise the funding. I think you are right though more having to self fund this year compared to previous years xx
  9. Still trying and on the virtual induction last week it sounded like there were lots of people having to find funding. I think covid is having an impact on many of the organisations that would previously helped so not sure how many will be able to secure funding. We will keep trying until last minute but looking less and less likely that dd will be able to go x
  10. I would contact them as our email came on 19th June x
  11. It was welcome letter, student handbook, boarding handbook, uniform forms and loads of other forms to be completed and returned.
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