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  1. That's amazing, your dd must be delighted. At least there is some movement. I'm still not that hopeful as my dd going into year 10 so I know she won't be near top of reserve list. Still hoping for a bursary though just more waiting xx
  2. Doesn't look like many people have posted about MDS at Elmhurst or Tring, my hopes are definitely fading at this difficult time. Unfortunately everyone trying for funding this year will find it even more difficult due to current climate. Keeping our fingers crossed but the waiting is hard. Hope everyone in staying safe xx
  3. Same for us. First time and my dd trying for year 10 so last chance really otherwise she will need to wait for upper school. Fingers crossed for everyone and hopefully some movement on MDS or some info on bursaries soon xx
  4. Fingers crossed, although not holding out much hope for MDS for my dd as trying for year 10. Waiting to see what bursaries might be available after 17th April xx
  5. Ah really they probably know each other! What year group you trying for? Xx
  6. There doesn't seem to be many MDS from Tring on the forum so not sure how much movement there will be. Trying to stay hopeful during these difficult times x
  7. No other schools for us, just Hammond. My dd has done summer school past 2 years and just loves the school. If she doesn't get to go now she will try again for year 12 upper school. Fingers crossed x
  8. I know how you feel, I am exactly the same. My dd is trying for funding for year 10.
  9. I wonder how many MDS have been awarded and how many on reserve list. We would have had an idea how many people had been offered if we had been there today but now we have no idea!
  10. No problem. I know not everyone is on this forum but there doesnt seem to be that many MDS given out, there seems to be more people on reserve list. Does anyone know of anyone in years 8,9 or 10 that has been given MDS? Another 4 weeks of waiting😪😪
  11. Hi all, my dd also on reserve list and I contacted school on Friday. I was informed that bursaries would be discussed after 17th April once they know who has accepted MDS. Fingers crossed for everyone xx
  12. Just got email, reserve list for us aswell😪 Anyone know at what stage bursaries can be discussed, is that after 17th April aswell? Good luck to anyone still waiting x
  13. I know, refreshing them every 2 seconds🤣🤣 I am such an impatient person, haha Hopefully we dont have to wait too long xx
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