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  1. @HowMuch!I had the same when I sent application for the summer intensive but I emailed to check they had the application and fee and they responded to say they did. Have you emailed info@thescholars.co.uk? I can highly recommend Scholars, my dd has attended for 2 years now, the training is very good!!
  2. You will get all the welcome emails etc until you formally decline the offer of a place. The school were great last year and gave us until the absolute last minute (2nd Sept) to let them know that my dd wasnt going as we were trying to raise funds ourselves, which during the pandemic proved difficult. We were even offered a small bursery from the school at the last minute but for a number of reasons we decided she wouldnt take up her place. She was gutted but knows everything happens for a reason. All you dd and ds are amazing to get this far and i am sure that they will continue to grow
  3. Well done everyone x
  4. Fingers crossed for your dd @Flowerand everyone else waiting. I see from the topics that people are hoping for Hammond results today. I remember that day last year, constantly checking this forum and my emails to see if people had found out. Hope your dd gets some good news x
  5. Good luck to everyone doing MDS audition at Hammond this week. Although my dd not auditioning this year I remember the feelings from last year and I know this is often more stressful for us parents than it is for our children who just want to dance somewhere they love! Fingers crossed for you all xx
  6. Hi All, A long time since this thread has been active but does anyone have any recent info on the 6th form at DanceBox studios? Looking at all options for dd for next year Thanks
  7. Premier Inn Central South East only 5 mins away and also has a Sainsburys over the road so easy to get some porridge pots etc that you can make in room if they are not currently serving breakfast. Good Luck to all for MDS audition x
  8. Do they go straight from GCSE to Level 6 Trinity Diploma? Is that not a big jump from GCSE to almost degree level, especially if studying for A Level alongside?? It is all so confusing, there seems to be so many courses out there for 16 years olds which vary from place to place and also vary in cost! Is it better to do BTEC Extended diploma and then onto degree or try to go straight onto Trinity Diploma?? My brain hurts thinking about it all and so pleased we have started looking early. Thank you in advance for any information xx
  9. Thanks, yes we have looked at Tring and I think she is hopefully going to attend a couple of the holiday courses to see what she thinks of it before she needs to apply later this year.
  10. Thanks, that is really useful. It is such a hard decision for them at such a young age but she is determined to go away for 6th form. She was offered year 10 place at Hammond for this academic year but due to funding and covid she didnt go, Hammond is definately her first choice for 6th form but I want her to audition at other places aswell so she can get a good feel for different places but as she wants to do ALevels aswell we are limited.
  11. I thought the fees for 6th form at ArtEd were pretty much the same as 6th form at Hammond? Also is there boarding at Hammond for 6th form and are the fees the same as lower school boarding? Sorry for all the questions just looking at all the options
  12. Could not agree more, my dd attends Renaissance Scholars and the training is very good. She loves her ballet classes with Mr Howland
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