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  1. I agree with you sanj2000, Alina has been my top Giselle for some time now but two ballerinas have come very, very close in this run. Francesca’s Act1 reminded me so much of Alina’s interpretation and Natalia’s total performance was so wonderful, my heart was bleeding.
  2. Dance on Sky Arts

    Rhapsody and Two Pigeons on at 7.00am tomorrow (Monday). Does not say who is dancing. stuart dixon
  3. Who is Stanislaw Wegrzyn please, listed as being Royal Ballet?
  4. Nobody likes a good difference of opinion more than me, I will stand and defend my point of view with anybody but when this becomes a personal attack then its time to call it a day. Thank you Sim and your fellow mods for doing a really rotten job really well. You have, as far as I can see, kept away all the "trolls" whose purpose in life seems to be in ruining other peoples pleasures from the safety of a keyboard. I hope those who did swear and the other things Sim mentions did get a permanent ban. we don't need that. Stuart Dixon
  5. Forgive me if I gush, but I thought tonight was just sublime. I saw so much Alina in Frankie’s interpretation, when she was flirting with Albrecht in Act one, leaving her hand trailing so he could catch her was just Alina and her tenderness towards Alexander was heartbreaking. Wonderful partnering by Alexander, fabulous Myrtha by Mayara Magri and a brilliant corps of Wilis topped, of course, by Frankie. Words fail me so I hope some our more lucid forum members will help me out. Thought her interpretation of the “mad” scene was perfect and Alexander’s walk down the stage at the end was heartbreaking........ and it’s Yasmine at lunchtime tomorrow, I need to lie down.
  6. Don’t know, his comment at the Prix was he had signed a contract. You know more than me.
  7. Could it be that given the short time available they are rehearsing in the evening?
  8. Super Bowl take on Dirty Dancing

    Thanks Janet, Eli and the Giants will never be the same again. Go Cowboys
  9. Be that as it may - for me the one to watch is Harrison Lee. Prodigious talent signed contract with the RB. At the school tomorrow hope I see him there.
  10. Carmen at Royal Opera House

    Don’t get the chance to see much Opera but went to the rehearsal out of curiosity. No review from me but looking forward to both them and the cinema broadcast.
  11. Looking at the recording on YouTube do you recall what day of the live stream Harrison is on please.
  12. Spot on JohnS, great review. Vadim was sensational and he shut the coughers up at the end, total silence. First time I have seen the lead man leave the stage to get his own flowers for his partner, very touching. The quality of the dancing was wonderful, the corps especially. Like you, got a late ticket. Frankie next Friday and Yasmine on Saturday, my cup overflows.
  13. I can testify to the Friday Rush Tickets sale. I was watching the clock tick down to 1.00pm for the Marianella Giselle performance to change from "Sold Out" to a red "Buy" I immediately clicked. The next page then displayed the tickets available in each area but, no matter which area I went to, all of the tickets had been grabbed. Given the you can only buy 2 tickets and 49 are made available that means that at least 25 people were quicker than me. I do not believe it. I suspect there were no tickets there at all.
  14. Completely agree with you on this. I thought Flight Pattern by Ms Pite was terrific which I cannot say about anything Mr McGregor has created. Other than woolf works, I find his work awful and hope his last piece; which I cannot remember the name of, was really dreadful.