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  1. He definitely hobbled off but did complete the ballet, I wonder if it was a touch of cramp.
  2. SPD444

    Audience Behaviour

    The longest standing ovation I was involved in was at the end of a promenade concert at the RAH many years ago. It was a celebration of the birthday of William Walton, born in my home town of Oldham, it was Belshazzar's Feast and we applauded for 47 minutes - he actually returned to the stage wearing his hat and overcoat. It was a standing ovation because we were prommers and were standing anyway. Just made it to the pub before last orders - that's how long ago it was. Happy days.
  3. SPD444

    Audience Behaviour

    I have stood twice - Like you, Fiz, after Alina and Johan's final RB performance and at the National Theatre's 7 hour, two in a day, performances of Angels in America - which is/was truly astonishing.
  4. I asked the Opera House and they have confirmed that it is streamed live on their Facebook page but will be available on YouTube channel afterwards ( didn't say how long afterwards ).
  5. There are some awful people out their.:- Tweet from Royal Ballet School APPEAL: Our friends @balletcentral lost all their touring costumes and equipment yesterday when their van was stolen in central London. Please support their appeal and help spread the word: #findourcostumes
  6. I will be returning to Box Office later today.
  7. Here's hoping that it will facilitate performances being put to DVD. I was interested to read that the video of Akram Khan's Giselle received over 7.5 million hits since being put online plus the cinema broadcast bodes well for future DVD's.
  8. It hurts to do this but I have one ticket for sale for the above performance in Row B of the Amphitheatre seat 60. Face value £49 Have to now work so cannot attend. E - ticket so can send to you. Please PM if interested and leave message on here. First come get's it
  9. Someone called Jackson is dancing Nutcracker on two occasions with Yasmine as SPF - who is this?
  10. I agree with you sanj2000, Alina has been my top Giselle for some time now but two ballerinas have come very, very close in this run. Francesca’s Act1 reminded me so much of Alina’s interpretation and Natalia’s total performance was so wonderful, my heart was bleeding.
  11. SPD444

    Dance on Sky Arts

    Rhapsody and Two Pigeons on at 7.00am tomorrow (Monday). Does not say who is dancing. stuart dixon
  12. Who is Stanislaw Wegrzyn please, listed as being Royal Ballet?