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  1. Plus staff have an opportunity to attend and friends of dancers, I think.
  2. I too thought it odd that the printed cast sheet showed the correct Clara and Peter but not the website.Left hand and right hand perhaps. Back to this thread. Tonight we entered through the revolving doors on the piazza, no one there to check bags or tickets but walking through into the Bow Street entrance tickets had to be shown and bags checked, perhaps security have not copped on to the idea that a bomb carrier will simply go round the corner to the piazza. That canteen they have now created is the worst thing they have done.
  3. Yes, it is Claire. PM me your email address and I will send the ticket to you and give you my banking details. Stuart
  4. One ticket for the above performance. Cast :- Naghdi Hirano Maguire Acri Saunders Stalls Circle Standing - D-50 E-Ticket so can email. Β£10 Face Value.
  5. Here is the post. candacekuss Congratulations @frankiegoestohayward πŸ‘ Please let us know β€” are you back for Romeo & Juliet?? frankiegoestohayward @candacekussyes! πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
  6. She does confirm in an answer to a question on Instagram that she is back for R&J.
  7. My question was why the ROH want me to cut back on the number of times I attend in favour of all these young people who cannot get a ticket. The fact that the answer addressed a different question was not a surprise. Like politicians they answer the question they want to be asked not the question asked.
  8. Here is one, Bruce. " Thank you for your email. I have advised Lucy of your comments and she has asked me to respond on her behalf. Please be assured that we have no intention of deliberately reducing the number of Friends attending performances at the Royal Opera House and did not mean that. The piece written by Arts Professional intended to describe more generally the Royal Opera House's intention to broaden its audience in the long-term, and we deeply apologise if the wrong impression was given in the article to Friends about our pricing policy. Best regards, Graham Boland Visitor Experience"
  9. Goat is also used as an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. Not sure about the No though, maybe he/she can enlighten us?
  10. More tomorrow but you are right Mary, Corrales looked the real deal.
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