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  1. www.shannonandpeter.co.uk Click on the Easter application form and all their contact details are on there.x
  2. Peter Parker is based in Newark . He has his own associates and easter/summer school there but I know he teaches (or used to)at ks dance Also i recall there being a male teacher at moorlands, might be worth a try?x
  3. Don't know where you're based/distance you can travel but chantry in Grantham and Midlands associates in Newark do monthly associates. Northern ballet not sure of age but that's weekly on a Saturday.x
  4. Are you on fb or Twitter?? Follow Graeme pickering
  5. Graeme Pickering is doing a one day jazz and commercial workshop in Nottingham.
  6. Host family/ landlady a requirement at my dd dance school too until they're 17. Also not 100% thrilled either but I think it eases them into it. I have heard of those living independently going for easy option of a microwave meal or a snack as they're too tired after their day but everyone is different. Definitely not lonely either. And always someone available at the end of the phone/face time, even if wants a chat even just about what they've done that day.
  7. Headshot we took against a plain wall in full makeup with hair down as advised by dance teacher. Then dance teacher did the photos of the dance positions.x
  8. Can I have photos of the medium leotards for a friend please. Thanks.
  9. Can I also have pics of any medium leotards for a friend please
  10. Black Capezio Tap Shoes with teletone taps . US 5 so UK 2. Good condition. £10 plus p&p.
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