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  1. Hi I have 2 children - one in school and one in college. They couldn’t have had a more different experience. Youngest has had very little support. Work is set online but not handed in. They have been asked to mark it themselves wherever possible. Lack of feedback unfortunately can mean lack of motivation for the child. Very little teacher contact. Eldest is in college doing a combination of Btec and A levels. A level work is set online, handed in and marked. Btec practical is taught by live online dance and drama lessons. Everyone without a laptop was given one to borrow on the day they were sent home. Anyone with a lack of space, difficult home life or other such issues has been allowed to go into college. Parent / teacher communication has been excellent. Teachers are certainly facing huge challenges and it can’t be easy but I just thought I would share an example of how they have made it work with a lot of determination and being proactive.
  2. Planet dance sells gaynor minden and is open for home delivery. I ordered a leotard from them last week and received it within a few days.
  3. I never even thought to do that! Thank you
  4. Thank you all for your advice, you have been really helpful. Pups mum - LSC is definitely somewhere she would consider if finances were not a barrier but unfortunately it won’t be possible. I don’t want her to audition anywhere unless we can somehow make it work financially GSA - we haven’t looked at this. She isn’t a singer so we ruled it out but I will have a proper look (also heard it was virtually impossible to get into!)
  5. I didn’t know this so thanks for the warning! So they either pay the extra or don’t do the 3rd term of each year? I will look at Emil Dale thank you. Everything seems so complicated when it comes to funding
  6. Thank you - I’ll send you a private message
  7. Thanks Karen. This is one we could look into further. Her strength is Jazz / musical theatre style dance. But singing is not her thing at all. Although following some good advice on here last year she is now having a weekly singing lesson.
  8. Hello I’m looking for a list of fully funded (through student finance) dance degree courses. Unfortunately we have now had to rule out courses with a dada so this is limiting the options. Also we are probably ruling out the partially funded degree courses at this stage. Looking for dance courses not classical ballet - but specialist dance colleges rather than a university based degree with fewer contact hours. So far we have Bird Performers Urdang Addict Possibly Wilkes (I think they are waiting for approval for their degree course) Preston’s Lipa If anyone has any other suggestions we would really like to hear about them so we can start thinking about next years auditions. Also interested in any first hand information about the audition process for any of these. Thank you x
  9. Yes unfortunately it can be unfair. I’m not self employed but I was offered extra hours at work for 4 months last year and it took our income into the next bracket. I explained this wasn’t my usual income but was still advised I had to put it on the form. My daughter didn’t accept her place in the end so I didn’t get as far as challenging it.
  10. Thanks very much - I have shown her your reply.
  11. Thank you. Well done to your daughter, a fantastic achievement. I do have a few questions if you don’t mind? Could you tell me a bit about the standard your daughter was at for her auditions? Did she feel out of her depth at any of them? They are all well known and respected schools - did she have any back up schools. Where did she get offers? Anything tips she would pass on? Thanks very much x
  12. Thank you. Good luck to you and your daughter too x
  13. Sorry not to be clear, yes she definitely does want a dance based course but one that also offers some degree of musical theatre / singing. She did a few auditions last year so we’ve got some understanding of finances. If she was to choose a diploma course unfortunately it would rule out London colleges whereas a degree would open up more options (it would have to be one that offers student finance for the full fees). She is one of the youngest in her year group so last year she auditioned at age 15 to diploma courses. She got one offer with funding, one without funding and one no. But these were probably what you might class as the less competitive of the accredited level 6 courses. It’s very hard to know what is realistic to achieve 2 years later and I think this is what she is struggling with. There is little point spending a lot of money on auditions that aren’t right for her x
  14. Thanks everyone. I’ll pass all this on to her x I think she wants to try to find some people in a similar position to herself really. The last couple of years have been a bit confusing for her and still are to some extent. She’s in year 12, strengths are ballet (but not to ballet school standard) and musical theatre style jazz, weaknesses are singing and commercial. She’s done her intermediate exams and is at a good 6th form college along with two associate classes a week. Also having one private singing lesson a week. She’s trying to narrow down choices for degree / diploma (degree is better financially) which would fit her strengths, work on her weaknesses but also be a realistic choice. Long term aim is to teach (dance school not high school) but ideally with a short time performing first if possible. She’s more than happy for this to be in hotels / cruises etc and only wants to do this for a couple of years for the travelling and experience.
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