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  1. If a child / minor is assessed as Fraser (gillick) competent then yes they do have a right to make their own choices and expect their information to remain confidential. However it’s not as straight forward as that. I would worry about a school that simply refused to communicate with parents without even considering the child’s wishes (ie a blanket policy rather than looking at the individual). As a nurse working with teenagers I will often ask for permission to discuss an issue with a parent. More often than not the teenager is happy for this to happen. Fraser competency does not exclude the school from speaking to parents. It means that each student should be treated as an individual to consider what the student wishes to happen. Even over the age of 18 the student can give permission for information to be shared with their parents. It shouldn’t be completely black and white.
  2. Central Leeds to central Manchester on the train is very easy and will only take around 1 hour. The trains run frequently and there are no changes. Distance is roughly 75 - 80 km
  3. That sounds like a good idea. I’ll suggest that to her, thanks
  4. Yes from 2 out of the 3 although not in detail. She has limited singing and commercial experience so needs to address that. Jazz is her strength. Physio / flexibility assessments were good. Needs to work on her self confidence.
  5. Thank you for your honesty. She’s very lucky to have good quality training locally. Based on the auditions she did this year I think she has shown she has some potential but I don’t think she was at the right standard for her first choice colleges. We shall see how things go over the next 12 to 18 months
  6. Hi Thank you, that is reassuring to read. I’m not too concerned about her being too old. We’ve been told the same as you have said - that 18 can have its advantages. I’m glad to hear this was your daughter’s experience. I’m more wondering about whether the improvements she needs to make in the next 12 to 18 months are realistic. I know it’s a case of she won’t know until she tries but I’m interested to hear about other people’s experience of this x
  7. Hello I’m interested to hear from anybody who auditioned at 16 but then decided to apply again at 18 (dance/MT not specifically ballet). My daughter applied for 3 level 6 courses this year. For her to do a level 6 diploma we couldn’t afford London accommodation so she applied to reputable colleges but more northern / midlands based. To give you an idea of her standard her results were: 1 no 1 yes with funding 1 yes without funding After a lot of thought she decided these were not quite right for her. Her aim now is to apply again but for a London /southern based degree course at 18. I know that nobody can say for sure whether this is realistic. But has anyone been in this position before? Any tips or thoughts on whether this is achievable? Xx
  8. Hi yes level 6 diploma rather than actual degree. I wonder where they would stand from a children’s safeguarding point of view on this? It’s not something that would have even crossed my mind if I hadn’t read this.
  9. This is very interesting as one of the colleges my daughter applied for have sent 2 copies of every letter - 1 addressed to me and 1 to her - stating the reason that she is under 18 and so they have an obligation to keep parents up to date. Maybe this is open to interpretation and varies from place to place?
  10. Hi, thanks for this. My understanding is that a lot of universities don’t accept ucas points from dance exams? Are you aware of some that do? If she had 3 at grade 6 and 3 at intermediate that would be a lot of points if they are accepted!
  11. She would probably board which of course is a concern for me but not so much for her! The level 3 course has a very good track record of students going on to degree level study at some excellent colleges which is reassuring for both of us.
  12. Thank you. I’ve discussed it with a couple of people but she wouldn’t like me going into too much detail publicly x
  13. This is where I have been getting confused. And in which case it would be more sensible to apply for a level 6 with dada funding based on our personal circumstances. That would be very helpful if you can post it when you get back. Thanks very much
  14. Thank you. I’m glad to hear you don’t feel the 2 years have been wasted. Hopefully a good level 3 course will be beneficial (we hear lots of negative opinions but they tend to be about the local mainstream colleges rather than performing arts colleges). I think shes very worried that in 2 years she might not get the offers she wants and will regret turning down a diploma offer now. But like you say she needs to go somewhere she will be happy.
  15. Hello again. I’ve previously asked for advice about options for my daughter who is currently in year 11. She’s now finished all of her auditions so we are in a better position to make a decision. She has: 2 x level 6 diploma offers but one without funding. She likes them both but they are not where she would ideally like to go. 2 x level 4 offers (teaching) level 3 offer extended BTEC at a performing arts college with a good reputation. Ideally she would like to study dance / mt (she’s not applying for classical ballet) at somewhere like bird, performers etc so is thinking of accepting the level 3 place for now. However it’s a risk when she already has a level 6 offer (I know she is worried about ‘wasting 2 years’) Does anyone know which of the main colleges offer a degree with full student finance for the course fees? I keep reading information about top up fees and it’s a bit confusing. Before we make a decision I want to be confident we can afford a degree course. Also interested to hear from anyone who has been in a similar position. Thank you x
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