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  1. https://www.charlottefoundation.org/ Worth researching if you’d be eligible?
  2. Is that 2 hours just rehearsals? How many classes? Now I remember in 1st year she did go to one class, but it was late at night and she had to cycle back. I also think having done it seriously for so long she couldn’t just enjoy it!
  3. Congratulations! Shows how much I know! It looks like it has a festival feel to it. How much do they dance and train. I think Dd was reluctant to get drawn back into something which consumed her childhood. In a good way I would say though.
  4. I preferred Oxford, but I am guessing that’s not the right answer!
  5. You could try writing to the schools you are interested in under Freedom of Information act? Forum users will have anecdotal information.
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