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  1. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how long the audition is for the Rambert degree course and any tips ?? Thanks
  2. Anne ley


    Might be a silly question, but does my dd need professional headshots to apply for dance colleges ??? !!
  3. Thanks very much for replies . Very helpful. Have booked my dd on a summer school , Laines pre audition course and applied for her to attend Rambert in the autumn. Also booked to see various schools graduates shows .
  4. My daughter will be auditioning for schools for 2019 entry. She has now decided she doesn’t want to go down the musical theatre route but instead audition for Rambert or London contemporary school . Are there any other similar schools that offer a degree ? I feel she is very limited, what work can this lead to after?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I did call and the lady I spoke to didn’t really have an answer she said she would get her colleague to contact my d . Haven’t heard anything yet obviously my d is very upset . Would of much less disappointing if had a no from the onset .
  6. Yes is very confusing. D had email to say that she had audition but could they change venue which she agreed then week or so later had another email to say she wasn’t successful.
  7. Has anyone’s d been offered an audition then a couple of weeks later they’ve sent another email saying they haven’t got one anymore??
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