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Ebay problem


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Hi all - I would value your opinion on this. I sold a purple North Face Jacket on ebay. The buyer says she is happy with the quality but not with the colour. She says it is much lighter than shown in the photo. I state no returns on my listings.


I am gobsmacked to be honest. I really can't see any difference in colour. She says she has taken lots of photos that show it darker - im going to ask her to send them to me.


We had a big sort out and listed some stuff prior to Xmas to generate some cash thinking it would be a good time to sell. If I accept a return I've lost the Christmas market and have the hassle of listing again.


What do you think I should do???



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Hello. If she puts in a dispute to Paypal I am pretty sure they will automatically reimburse her the money. If it is a different colour in real life than in the photos,then she has every right to expect a full refund. Sorry. I just today contacted the seller of a beautiful looking red cape with a fur trim around the hood that cost £25. Now I know why her starting price was only £5.99.Because that`s all it`s worth.It is the cheapest,nastiest looking thing.I was so disappointed with it when it arrived this afternoon[3 days late;thanks Hermes]. She contacted me immediately and i`m going to get a full refund minus postage once she gets it back. To be honest,it doesn`t matter what her reason is for wanting to return it. I have in the past returned something simply because i`ve changed my mind and no longer want it. Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974,the consumer has the right to return an item for a full refund within 28 days,no questions asked.

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But even if the colour is exactly the same,she still has the right to a full refund,regardless of whether in your original advert you said No Returns or not.,


I'm afraid this isn't correct! The Consumer Contract Regulations (replaced the Distance Selling Regulations this year) allow you to return goods for any reason - even if you've just changed your mind - within 14 days for online purchases. (If there's an actual fault, that's another matter, and you have a longer time in which to ask for refunds.) BUT these regulations don't apply to private sellers (not traders) selling second-hand goods.


The only protection is that it's correctly described and the owner has the right to sell it. It really is a case "let the buyer beware".

So if the seller says little about the goods and you buy it, then that's it. Even if it's shoddy, you weren't mis-sold, and you have no comeback. Though if they lie to you, you do.


A photograph, which may not give a completely accurate reflection of colour, is not a "description" of the goods and has no bearing on the matter.


Ebay is a bit notorious in protecting the buyer and not the seller in disputes, I believe!


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I had a bit of an EBay issue; I bid for a pair of pointe shoes and won them, only to then double check the description and realise they were the wrong width (D'oh!)! I messaged the seller and asked to cancel the item; she cancelled it, and then sent me a message asking me to accept the cancellation request- but there doesn't seem to be a cancellation request, when I click on the item it sends me to PayPal to pay??!

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