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Royal Ballet on Tour

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Is anyone able to post the productions, dates and casts for the Royal Ballet on tour in Monaco and Japan, please?


Also, it would be lovely to hear, in due course, how the performances went.

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I do not know the original source, but these cast details for Manon in Monaco were given yesterday in tweets by @dansesplume:


27/6 Benjamin, Acosta, Cervera, Morera


28/6 Nunez, Kish, Soares, Mendizabal


29/6 mat Marquez, McRae, Cervera, Morera


29/6 eve Galeazzi, Watson, Maloney, Crawford

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Manon casts are as follows:

27 June Benjamin/Acosta/Cervera/Morera

28 June Nuñez/Kish/Soares/Mendizabal

29 June mat Marquez/McRae/Cervera/Morera

29 June eve Galeazzi/Watson/Maloney/Crawford


Bangorballetboy and I are going to all performances. We'll report :)

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The cast of Royal Ballet's gala has been announced at last 




La Valse 

Kobayashi, Crawford, McCulloch, Hirano, Maloney, Stepanek  


From the Hothouse

Lamb, McRae


Concerto Second Movement 
Hamilton, Pennefather
Mayerling act 3 
Cojocaru, Kobborg, Cervera
Jubilee Pas de Deux
Morera, Bonneli 
After the Rain
Nunez, Soares
Don Quixote act 3 pas de deux
Marquez, McRae
Pas de Quatre from Swan Lake
Takada, Macguire, Zucchetti, Trzensimiech
Yanowsky, Acosta
Benjamin, Watson
Sleeping Beauty Awakening Pas de Deux
Kaneko, Kish
Voices of Spring
Choe, Campbell
Symphony in C Last Movement
Lamb, Nunez, Choe, Mendizabal
Hristov, Soares, Campbell, Cervera
Manon 1st act pas de deux
Benjamin, Acosta
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Looks terrific Naomi.  Is the Swan Lake PdQ the one choreographed by Ashton?  (I love that particular one).


Hi Janet,


Yes I think this is the Ashton one, it says so on the Japanese website. Very much looking forward for this, and this gala is the last stage for Leanne Benjamin so there might be some ceremony for her.  The program looks very good! 

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Just come back from the Gala and it was fabulous. I don't have the time to report right now but will write later. The best part of the gala was Benjamin and Acosta's Manon (Bedroom scene) Leanne was so amazing, lovely, musical, expressive. Her Qualia with Watson was magnificent too. Can't believe she's retiring...She could dance a few more years. And Maylering final scene, Cojocaru, Kobborg and Cervera was also great, Alina and Johan danced this scene with so much drama and passion, although Johan seemed to have some difficulty with the lifts.


Shame there was no ceremony or flowers for the departing artists. 


Yesterday, it was announced that Alina and Johan will withdraw from the Swan Lake performance on Friday, (replaced by Marquez and McRae) so today was their last stage as a member of Royal Ballet.

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Her Qualia with Watson was magnificent too.


It was when they did it at a gala in London earlier this year, too.


Thanks for the report, and do write more.


Do we have any feedback from the Monaco trip?

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