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  1. Shame. He was, in my opinion, by far the best Rudolph and Des Grieux the RB had. If he stays in ballet, I wouldn't be surprised to see him at the ENB. I believe Rojo mentored him quite a bit in his early days at the RB.
  2. Would have liked to have seen Morera as Juliet. And I wish Pennefather was cast in something other than R&J and Nutcracker. He never gets cast in anything new. He must get so bored.
  3. Shame about Cuthbertson. Get a bit fed up with Lamb always being the cover for injured dancers. There are others.
  4. Maybe they just like to give the costume department something to do?
  5. Does it really matter if roles change and people don't perform them they way they did 50 years ago?
  6. Thank you. I've seen RP in Month in the Country before and he didn't wear the wig, and I thought he was also wearing a wig in Manon this time around, so I just wandered if it was just a new thing with him. Hope Bonelli didn't have to wear the lego hair. That would be.......odd
  7. You post comments like this every time someobody makes a slightly critical comment about a dancer. This place would be very boring indeed if we all had to be positive all the time, and if the ancers themselves found these mildly cticial comments insulting, personal or offensive I would suggest they are in the wrong profession.
  8. I didn't go, but looking at the photos it looks like he's wearing Lego hair.
  9. Slightly off topic but has Pennefather started wearing a ginger wig for his performances?
  10. I cant say I was that impressed with Kish/ morera this afternoon, though I did enjoy Morera's mature, less sympathetic interpretation. I don't think she and Kish have any chemistry really. My view may have been clouded by how awesome last night was, but it felt a bit flat today.
  11. Interesting post. Who else have you seen this run? Now i've seen SL/RP, my favourite Manon pairing, it's Yanowsky i'm most looking forward to. Can't wait to see how she plays it.
  12. Great videos. Would be equally interesting to hear what the guys think about playing DG.
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