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  1. Just the pianist and singer, then. Maybe the Pdd can be performed to recorded music.
  2. There is a live concert from the Bavarian State Opera tomorrow 23 March at 7.15pm (UK time) which includes excerpts from Neumeier’s Lady of the Camellias and Cranko’s Taming of the Shrew performed by Principals of the Bavarian State Ballet Prisca Zeisel, Dmitrii Vyskubenko, Laurretta Summerscales and Yonah Acosta. The performance will be available to watch on demand later. Looks like the ballet section will be at the end. https://www.staatsoper.de/en/productioninfo/staatsopertv-2nd-monday-concert.html
  3. Tamara’s class is available on ENB’s YT channel:
  4. Tamara Rojo will teach ballet class on ENO Facebook tomorrow:
  5. The Bavarian State Opera will be streaming Jewels with the Bavarian State Ballet on Saturday 21st March, available for 28 hours: https://www.staatsoper.de/en/news/online-schedule-until-19-april.html Bennet Gartside of The Royal Ballet will stream a live ballet class for Everybody Ballet on Instagram tomorrow evening (19th March):
  6. Is there any info on how the ROH credits can be used? E.g. how long are they valid for, can they be redeemed online etc.? I’d be happy with credits as I don’t want to cause them a cashflow crisis, but not if there are very restrictive conditions.
  7. Ditto. I had to put Nelson Freire on afterwards to get that terrible performance out of my head. The solo piano playing at RB performances has been rather poor ever since Philip Gammon retired. It’s a real pity when the company is on such strong form to have their artistry marred (for those who care about / notice the music) by poor pianism.
  8. I was at ROH last night and completely agree with @Springbourne3, Hayward and Bracewell were simply magical in DaaG. I hope to see much more of this partnership, in particular R&J and Giselle 😍
  9. In light of the Dante full length this season and the Atwood adaptation in 2022 https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2020/feb/14/margaret-atwood-ballet-maddaddam-to-be-staged-by-wayne-mcgregor I’m rather hoping we’ll be spared a full length McGregor in 2020/21.
  10. Yes, she created a short piece called Into the Woods in the 2012 run of RB Draft Works. This was modern, no pointe shoes or tutu. I remember it well, it was rather disturbing. Review and a photo are here: https://dancetabs.com/2012/01/royal-ballet-draft-works-london/
  11. I’m taking earplugs. The McGregor piece with “It’s gonna rain” was already unbearably loud.
  12. From the January ROH Friends newsletter: “Designs for The Dante Project include film projection by artist Tacita Dean. As part of the design, the projection generates sound, an integral part of the ballet’s concept and audio experience. Some balcony tickets - from which the projector will be heard - are now available to book at a discount.”
  13. Thank you @Lizbie1. Nothing about the Heritage Bill in the Linbury, though.
  14. IMO the best orchestral balance and sound at ROH is in the front Amphi and front Balcony. There are some really odd distortions and echoes in the side Orchestra Stalls, near the “wall” to the Stalls Circle. For example, during Don Q the castanets sounded like they were behind me and late 🙉.
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