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  1. I’m taking earplugs. The McGregor piece with “It’s gonna rain” was already unbearably loud.
  2. From the January ROH Friends newsletter: “Designs for The Dante Project include film projection by artist Tacita Dean. As part of the design, the projection generates sound, an integral part of the ballet’s concept and audio experience. Some balcony tickets - from which the projector will be heard - are now available to book at a discount.”
  3. Thank you @Lizbie1. Nothing about the Heritage Bill in the Linbury, though.
  4. IMO the best orchestral balance and sound at ROH is in the front Amphi and front Balcony. There are some really odd distortions and echoes in the side Orchestra Stalls, near the “wall” to the Stalls Circle. For example, during Don Q the castanets sounded like they were behind me and late 🙉.
  5. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve watched Nela for pretty much her entire 20 years at the RB, and last night she hit a new high. Two things struck me in particular: She never uses her phenomenally secure technique just to show off, but always to portray the character and to “live” the music. She exudes such joy in dancing it makes me feel joyful and happy. I don’t feel that way watching, for example, Osipova when she looks tense and nervous. So, brava Nela and long may she continue to delight us 👏🏻
  6. That’s used in The Tales of Beatrix Potter and therefore invariably makes me think of dancing pigs! 😉
  7. Seeing it next Saturday 😊
  8. The security men seem more interested in clicking their counters (do they get paid piece rates?) then actually searching anything. And some of them are very discourteous, one could say grunting more than speaking. I always give them a broad smile to deflect the grumpiness.
  9. My turkeys of the year: most disliked piece was Balanchine’s Stars and Stripes, I hated every second of it. Most disliked performance was, yes him again, Polunin in the Gillian Lynne tribute. I hadn’t seen him in years & certainly wouldn’t book one of his shows.
  10. Just be grateful not to have seen the bedroom pdd which was filmed through net curtains and had a pillar constantly getting in the way of the camera 😤. That bothered me a lot more than the potted plant earlier.
  11. Breakdancing countertenor. He’s performing at Wigmore Hall tonight.
  12. 1) As his mimed dialogue with the Lilac Fairy relays, he has never been in love. 2) No idea. Distant cousins? 3) Bluebeard + 1 (always strikes me as a bad omen for a wedding, cf. the opera by Bartok), Goldilocks + 1, Beauty and the Beast.
  13. Yes! Exactly my thought. 👍🏼 I thought the slightly more junior pas de quatre line-up on Friday (which also included Hay and Richardson) worked better.
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