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can anyone recognize these dancers

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1 hour ago, Bellini Pointe said:

Good likeness there but by the look of the photo it to me looks like it was taken in the 1949's



So there was a performer named Markella Hatziano - the name emblazoned on the photo - around in the 1940s? I think not. 😉 


Too, see the Gallery of photos in Markella’s website...several b&w pics just like the one above, with same dress and hair.




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19 minutes ago, Bellini Pointe said:

I was only trying to be helpful so felt that was a bit harsh.

Your screen resolution is obviously higher than mine.

Glad she has been identified but i have a fair few theatrical photos of that era so thought she was of it too.




Apologies, Bellini Point. No harshness intended. The photo definitely looks “retro.” I did a double take and looked up her bio, as her career likely began in the late-70s/mid-80s. I wasn’t sure that it was she - didn’t quite trust the name on the photo - until I saw those gallery photos with same costume and the hair up. She has lost weight since early days...more youthful hairdo, etc.

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