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  1. https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/theatre/arts-culture-industry-funding-theatre-government-coronavirus-a4478501.html
  2. Yes, it’s terrible news for Plymouth, not least because I have friends who (currently) work there.
  3. Also describing that beautiful performance as “a three minute warmup” - for the all-important singing, I presume..... Not to take anything away from the lovely Mahler performance, but a dismissive review like that (I hesitate even to give it the title of “review” as it reviewed precisely nothing!) is a bit of an insult to ballet fans and Muntagirov. I assume Mr Morrison is more of an opera fan.
  4. I do hope so, Nina Margaret - a knowledgeable and thoughtful review that summed up how these broadcasts could be vastly improved by just a few simple changes.
  5. It is, essentially, the whole performance. All I will say is that they seem to have zoomed in on him more than in the actual performance, and manage to cut parts of him - or whole moves - off, which is a bit of a shame.
  6. I would think you can pay now and see it - it’s up for 14 days.
  7. Well, there you go, what do I know? 🙂
  8. I’ve just rewatched Blessed Spirits with Muntagirov and it gets better. Oh, those lines.... the richly fluid arms, the feeling and the musicality. It just highlights what we are missing....What an artist he is. I agree that the pared down orchestra worked rather well. I’m not an opera fan but the Mahler was lovely and beautifully performed by both singers.
  9. I just refreshed my screen and it is now up!
  10. And now it isn’t up for people to watch again. Hopefully they will sort that out quickly. But yes, Muntagirov - how utterly sublime and beautiful. An emotional performance that brought tears to my eyes, at least. Lockdown plainly hasn’t damaged his abilities in any way. Far too short, though, I’d have happily watched him all night!
  11. I also feel that with an actual orchestra for the next one, that might make it a lot less sombre
  12. Scheherazade, you have said it so much more eloquently than I ever could! Spot on.
  13. Also worth bearing in mind that this is to raise funds to help keep the Company afloat. For which reason I’ll be paying up my fiver whatever - although I don’t need any persuasion to pay to watch Vadim - the rest of it is another matter, but....
  14. We do need to remember. I think, that the dancers are still effectively in lockdown - the studios are still not officially open to them and I would guess they can only use them in a limited manner by careful arrangement. Given that they will have lost fitness and stamina during the last couple of months, I suppose it is a big ask to expect them to come in and rehearse for a big solo or pas de deux and expect them to be stage ready with only a couple of studio sessions, perhaps. I imagine it depends on individual circumstances and how much space they may have had to practise in in their weeks off. Having said all that, I would have thought that they could get in at least one more ballet performance per session to balance out all the singing. However, I am really looking forward to the performance of Blessed Spirits next week as I know it will be sublime!
  15. Itziar Mendizabal posted a video of herself dancing the Firebird solo in the empty Covent Garden piazza this week - she looked very on form and it occurred to me then that that would be an ideal solo to perform at one of these concerts.
  16. I agree. It was very singing heavy. I know there are difficulties in staging ballet at the moment but I can’t believe that, with a little imagination, they can’t get a bit more into these programmes. That said, Hayward and Corrales were absolutely beautiful and it felt very emotional to see them perform. So sad not hearing any applause, though.
  17. I get you now 🙂. But the thread had drifted onto access to the paid concerts and my mind was still on that.
  18. I’m not convinced about that - tomorrow night’s event is a free one. I suspect they are using Vimeo for the paid concerts as they can control access more easily and it possibly gives more protection from things like illegal downloads.
  19. You can create a free account with Vimeo here https://vimeo.com/join But I’m still no clearer about what the account was that my sisters had to create - I’m assuming that must get them in to the viewing, otherwise what was the point?? Neither if them are tech savvy and trying to explain what they needed to do yesterday just to redeem their tickets was..... just a bit stressful! I’m not relishing the thought of possibly having to explain that they also need to set up a Vimeo account too....!
  20. That’s how I interpreted it but now I don’t know! My sisters did say, when they went to redeem their tickets, that it asked for a username and password (which they didn’t have) but they were able to create an account, so maybe that’s it? Unfortunately, without seeing what they were seeing, it’s hard to say. It also begs another question - I already had a Vimeo account before buying my ticket, so IF creating an account at the point of purchase was setting up a Vimeo account (by no means certain), presumably that now means I have two Vimeo accounts.....?? The ROH really need to make this a whole lot clearer or they could find themselves with a lot of people unable to get in on the night itself or confused about access. The fact that we all seem to have understood this in different ways highlights the problem. I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room....
  21. I think I’m more confused now.... so - I gifted two tickets to my sisters and I know they don’t have Vimeo Accounts. Will they have to set up Vimeo accounts to view it? Or does the fact that it was purchased through my account make it OK for them?
  22. Is that the case to view the live stream? The link seems to take you through to the ROH website and it’s already there but (obviously) currently saying offline. Possibly you might need a Vimeo account to view it on demand afterwards? I have one already but purchased two “tickets” for my sisters and I know they don’t have Vimeo accounts. Actually, I’ve just re-read the confirmation email, which says: “You can watch Live from Covent Garden via the link in your confirmation email or by logging into your Vimeo account. Live from Covent Garden will also be available in your Vimeo Library for 14 days after the event.” So it looks as though it’s either/or for the live performance, but you will need a Vimeo account to view it afterwards, if I’m reading this correctly.
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