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  1. I don’t think Muntagirov’s comedic skills were ever in doubt to those of us who follow the Campbell/Muntagirov dressing room antics on Instagram! 😂 He was equally as good in Don Q.
  2. No, it’s been Nunez and Muntagirov all along. I don’t think Osipova is dancing in Coppelia at all (I might be wrong).
  3. I’ve always liked Hannah Grennell. She has an unusual quality about her somehow
  4. I concur with what maryrosesatonapin said. Nunez and Muntagirov were both on top form last night. I enjoyed the ballet itself although I don’t think it’s ever going to be one of my favourites - too much miming and messing about, and not enough dancing for the Principals in Acts 1 and 2 for my taste, although Act 3 is sublime. However, it is undoubtedly pretty to look at, and fun - the comedy moments came off well with the audience laughing in all the right places. Nunez’s sunny personality and smile suited Swanhilda perfectly and her miming was spot on. She has such an expressive face and the mischief of her character came across perfectly. And her dancing was perfectly controlled and light - beautiful. Also her interactions with Muntagirov and Avis were so warm and human that it was delightful to watch. Unfortunately the principal male has even less to do in this ballet than others, with only one big solo in Act 3. But boy, was it worth waiting for with Muntagirov last night. Perfect technique, stunning jumps and all performed with “that” smile. Tremendous applause, and no wonder. It’s possible to think that he is wasted in this ballet - but although his dancing role was minimal, his excellent acting and the comedy played to the hilt contributed enormously to the overall success. Gary Avis was of course a wonderful Dr Coppelius and his mime and expressions must have been clear for even those in the highest reaches of the auditorium to read. Claire Calvert made a beautiful Aurora (and that tutu is gorgeous!). She has always been a lovely dancer, but occasionally a bit shaky technically; however, she seems to have improved tremendously in that respect recently and nailed everything last night. I thought Annette Buvoli’s Prayer was beautifully danced, a lovely debut. It’s nice to see some dancers who haven’t normally been in the spotlight now being given solo opportunities and a chance to shine - which she certainly did. So overall, not one of my favourites, but worth it for Act 3!
  5. I went - will write a review later - but it was fantastic!
  6. Regarding fish dives, I’ve noticed that a lot seems to depend on the speed of Aurora’s pirouettes just before she throws herself into it. The ones who turn fast seem to make it easier for the man to execute it. Nunez, in the DVD, turns quite slowly in comparison to some I’ve seen (e.g. In the video above). I guess it makes sense in as much as you need some good momentum to throw yourself into it.
  7. I read that and thought it was one of the more fatuous comments I have seen from a reviewer. Why on earth would you want it to look effortful? It’s one of the things I love about Muntagirov mainly - but some others too - that he makes the most fiendish choreography look like a walk in the park. I don’t want it to look like hard work.
  8. No encores in my area either, but no extra cinemas either. I suspect it’s the latter reason, as the full ballets coming up later all have encores listed.
  9. Well, can’t sleep, so might as well write a review! I loved it all this evening - with Raymonda probably my overall favourite, followed by Concerto, followed by Enigma Variations - but I enjoyed it all, given that I hadn’t seen any of the ballets (unless you count the Raymonda Act 3 pas de deux/principal variations on video). Concerto was a lovely surprise - the bright, fresh colours, the music - and, of course, the dancing. In particular the really beautiful and moving Adagio with Naghdi and Hirano - Naghdi was simply stunning - and Mayara Magri, who seems to grow in confidence and aplomb each time I see her. Others that caught my eye were Melissa Hamilton and James Hay. I can understand why Enigma Variations isn’t, perhaps, everyone’s cup of tea, but I think if you can get your head around it as a series of character studies rather than a storyline (I know there is one, but it’s somewhat loose), then it is far easier to enjoy. I’m glad I had read previous reviews as they were helpful in explaining a lot that wasn’t immediately obvious (a better synopsis would be extremely helpful - my neighbours in the seats didn’t understand the significance of the telegram at the end until I explained it to them). I couldn’t fault any individual performance but my favourites were Francesca Hayward as Dorabella, and the very moving trio of Christopher Saunders, Bennet Gartside and Laura Morera - she never fails to impress me. I loved Raymonda from the moment the curtain went up on that wonderful set - the music, the costumes and the dancing. Previous reviews referred to some raggedness in the Corps and the Pas de Quatre - I can’t say any of this was in evidence tonight. Fumi Kaneko, Claire Calvert and Beatriz Stix-Brunell all performed lovely variations, and it was very nice to see Ashley Dean getting some prominence tonight - very well performed too. And really, what can one say about the Principal couple? I tend to be on the fence with Osipova - she either dazzles and charms me or leaves me cold. Tonight it was the former - her clapping variation was imperious, slightly over the top, and mesmerising to the point that it made me shiver pleasurably. Muntagirov - well, he didn’t dance, he flew - but all with such beautiful lines and understated charm that he took the breath away. The woman sitting next to me had never seen him, only other RB male Principals, but was whooping and cheering and a complete convert by the end of the evening. Really, in classical roles like this there is no one to touch him imo. The power of Muntagirov....
  10. Muntagirov and Hayward were also partnered in The Invitation and were extremely good together in that.
  11. They always leave it up in full for a few days after, then post selected highlights permanently.
  12. I saw this afternoon’s performance and it was stupendous. A lot of standers at the end and deservedly so - both Lamb and Muntagirov delivered in spades. I don’t find Lamb cold and I think Manon is possibly her best role. She looked like the cat who had got the cream in Act 2, and in Act 3 she just looked so tiny and fragile and broken.... Muntagirov’s dancing was as mind-blowingly beautiful as ever but along with that his acting was heart-rending, and he has such an expressive body that his anguish came over in full force. Tears at the end.... i love the pairing of Hirano and Mendizabal as Lescaut and his mistress - they are an excellent match and her comic timing is impeccable. And it is meant to be complimentary when us say that Gary Avis was utterly loathsome as the jailor - he made me shudder. I found Christopher Saunders as Monsieur GM a bit disappointing - I found Avis’s portrayal last time more convincing. A great afternoon - such a shame it hasn’t sold better with the Company dancing it so well.
  13. Muntagirov, Lamb, Campbell, Hirano and Mendizabal 🙂. Could have got more but not quick enough!
  14. Not sure about that - it just mentions “highlights,” which is what it has done in previous years in relation to YouTube.
  15. Regarding Watson - it is possible that he has made the decision (as someone states above) not to appear as much. He has been injured a lot and possibly he wants to preserve himself a little?
  16. Unfortunately my two cats are both expert hunters and we back onto woods - so the summer months are a constant conveyer belt of dead/alive/half-dead/mutilated animals or birds. I have become quite adept at catching live birds in a tea towel and removing them outside again. I wish I could say I am as expert at trapping rodents.... We have had - besides the expected selection of mice, shrews, voles, birds etc. - several large squirrels (thankfully dead - not sure I could chase a live squirrel around the house!), a spate of slow worms (they found a nest in the back garden and helped themselves), several dragonflies, a raw turkey breast (?!), and a live magpie (how they wrangled that through the cat flap I’ll never know!). The magpie perched on the curtain rail for over an hour after I got home from work before I finally noticed it was there! And yes, we managed to get it out of the nearest window, although not without a lot of flapping and panic (mostly on my husband’s part) and mess.... 🙁
  17. Very sad. A big thank you to him.
  18. It certainly was worth it. Those firefighters were absolute heroes.
  19. Oh, and well done to all the others! Delighted for O’Sullivan, Padjak, Gasparini and Dixon in particular.
  20. It seems a number of people are surprised that 1) Luca Acri has been promoted, and 2) that Reece Clarke hasn’t. I’m not so surprised and I wonder if it’s partly to do with their ages? I don’t know how old Luca Acri is but he seems to have been stuck at Soloist rank for a number of years now. He always, to my mind, puts in an excellent performance in whatever he does, and whilst I didn’t predict his promotion this time, I’m delighted for him and think it is thoroughly deserved. Clarke has been unfortunate with his injury this year which has meant he hasn’t really had the opportunity to prove himself this season that he probably needed to justify his promotion. He is still pretty young and possibly Kevin O’Hare feels that there is plenty of time to allow him to develop and move up the ranks. I have no doubt whatsoever that we will see him as a Principal at some stage!
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