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travel to rambert school on Sundays


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  • alison changed the title to travel to rambert school on Sundays
3 hours ago, Mum of unicorn dancer said:

You could change to train from Richmond to St Margerets on SouthWest Train platform 1 (takes 3 min plus 10 min walk) or take H37 direction Hounslow (stop just outside of station) for about 20 min bus ride and 5 min walk

That’s what was suggested (the bus) but then I was a little concerned when a TfL worker said the bus doesn’t run at the weekends!!

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17 minutes ago, Farawaydancer said:

The walk from Richmond is easy enough but we found the difficulty with the district line last year was that it was often closed on Sundays for engineering! DS got the train to St Margaret’s instead. 

Yes we are used to those district line shenanigans as we were at London junior senior !!

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On 03/09/2020 at 14:52, margarite said:

You can also walk, which is sometimes  simpler on busy, traffic-heavy days. It take about 15 minutes from Richmond station across the A316 and Twickenham Bridge to Rambert.

Yes easy to walk it


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