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  1. Not my experience with the clinicians I work with on a daily basis diagnosing anxiety disorders but maybe your experience is different.
  2. All of this is what I started to write but you’ve put it much more concisely, thank you! The diagnostic criteria for anxiety disorders and hypermobility syndromes aren’t open to interpretation, they’re defined and diagnosed by medics when appropriate.
  3. Dd had some marks added under this category for one of her vocational exams, when the studio they were in was “hotter than the sun” but also the pianist seemed to be having an off day and was playing inconsistently (maybe to do with the heat). This came about from the examiner on the day, not requested by the pupils or teachers.
  4. Yes, this is standard in most schools. You can and should be told what is happening to stop it happening again and how your child can be supported, but you won’t be told what consequences there have been for the other child.
  5. Anyone can report safeguarding concerns to the relevant LADO for their school’s area, you don’t need to wait.
  6. These were the years when it got better and easier for our ds, after we’d dealt with the things that had caused two really very difficult years. At one point we did bring him home and told the school he wasn’t going back until we had sorted things. That was a real turning point. We have never had an issue speaking to school and staff have always done what they said would be done. Support for mental health (not dance related) has been available within the week when needed. Only you will know your child and your family, and have an idea of whether they can get through the really difficult times. There will be very few children sail through from 11-16 without any. Ask all the questions people have suggested. But how well things go will be down to personalities (as well as their physical and mental health needs) - your child’s, their teachers, their classmates. Those things you can’t predict. The teacher that caused my ds so much difficulty in the early years was loved by many others pupils.
  7. I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice. I have two dc at different vocational schools, and their experiences have been as different from each other as they have been similar, and also different again from their friends. There is no one particular experience, even within the same class, so much of it is down to your child’s personality. So listen to everyone, and have your questions answered, but their experiences will not be that of your child. Enjoy the auditions, it’s a lot of fun if you approach it with a ‘let’s see what happens’ attitude.
  8. My dd loved it, and is hoping to go for longer next time!
  9. RAD is built into the timetable at Hammond too, about three hours per week in y7/8.
  10. They do have a full morning of dance every Saturday though.
  11. Hammond is more variable. Some days they only have one hour of dance, others they have dance almost all day. There’s no set format to the days and every year group is different.
  12. My ds was telling me about this - fantastic news!! Many congratulations to them. Fingers crossed everything goes ahead this autumn.
  13. I’ve never even heard of this school but it looks really interesting! Thanks.
  14. There are usually a handful of newbies, often from overseas, but it does seem to be getting harder for an ‘outsider’ to gain a place. It does vary year on year though, so always worth trying I suppose.
  15. They have been in ‘bubbles’ but the shared boarding houses make year group bubbles impossible to manage. The bubbles they are in are still smaller than most schools year group bubbles anyway.
  16. Upper school are isolating now too, really bad timing after not having any cases at all this whole time. It’s so sad for all the students but especially those who aren’t returning.
  17. Generally they’ll be advised to do one or two weeks at most of summer schools and then a conditioning programme just to keep on top of general fitness, but the schools generally do like them to have a break.
  18. No, not received ours. Last year was quite late too. I think they’re waiting on some info from the DfE.
  19. Isn’t there a yumiko rep in the U.K. these days? They used to order a few times a year, in a bulk order.
  20. Email them. They’ve had some technical difficulties with some of the applications.
  21. Bloch performa are what both of mine wear. Their toes aren’t short but they do have really wide feet and these are the ones they feel fit best.
  22. All of the companies will insure an under-18 but you have to phone and speak to them for a quote, they won’t do it online. Don’t forget about pre-existing conditions/previous injuries. Last year we ended up sticking with the schools policy because it covered injuries/conditions they already had covered in the past. A new policy would have been cheaper but not covered them.
  23. Emma Northmore, and if she can’t do it she’ll know someone who could.
  24. Watch out for cyclists though, the cycle lane runs through the u-turn space!!
  25. They don’t have one at the moment, we have to order directly from school. We’re waiting to hear what the new uniform is though, so don’t buy anything just yet.
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