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  1. My ds was telling me about this - fantastic news!! Many congratulations to them. Fingers crossed everything goes ahead this autumn.
  2. I’ve never even heard of this school but it looks really interesting! Thanks.
  3. There are usually a handful of newbies, often from overseas, but it does seem to be getting harder for an ‘outsider’ to gain a place. It does vary year on year though, so always worth trying I suppose.
  4. They have been in ‘bubbles’ but the shared boarding houses make year group bubbles impossible to manage. The bubbles they are in are still smaller than most schools year group bubbles anyway.
  5. Upper school are isolating now too, really bad timing after not having any cases at all this whole time. It’s so sad for all the students but especially those who aren’t returning.
  6. Generally they’ll be advised to do one or two weeks at most of summer schools and then a conditioning programme just to keep on top of general fitness, but the schools generally do like them to have a break.
  7. No, not received ours. Last year was quite late too. I think they’re waiting on some info from the DfE.
  8. Isn’t there a yumiko rep in the U.K. these days? They used to order a few times a year, in a bulk order.
  9. Email them. They’ve had some technical difficulties with some of the applications.
  10. Bloch performa are what both of mine wear. Their toes aren’t short but they do have really wide feet and these are the ones they feel fit best.
  11. All of the companies will insure an under-18 but you have to phone and speak to them for a quote, they won’t do it online. Don’t forget about pre-existing conditions/previous injuries. Last year we ended up sticking with the schools policy because it covered injuries/conditions they already had covered in the past. A new policy would have been cheaper but not covered them.
  12. Emma Northmore, and if she can’t do it she’ll know someone who could.
  13. Watch out for cyclists though, the cycle lane runs through the u-turn space!!
  14. They don’t have one at the moment, we have to order directly from school. We’re waiting to hear what the new uniform is though, so don’t buy anything just yet.
  15. Elmhurst, in normal years, used to have prelims before the Christmas break too, so it might be that they go back to that pattern if they can. It’s quite a squeeze to get it all done in the spring term. Hammond’s usual pattern is to have one audition per month and add extras towards the end if they need to.
  16. Ballet Boost are always fab, a lot of fun and hard work too. We would always thoroughly recommend them.
  17. I think some of it is that the company need more studio space than they originally planned.
  18. In the current y8 there are 20 students at the moment and 12 are boarders (of our counting is correct!).
  19. Maybe the Sainsbury’s a bit further down the a38? DS says the cafes in Moseley are open but he’s not sure whether the toilets inside them are.
  20. I know some who have been associates and love it. It’s a full day and a variety of classes, not just ballet. It’s good fun from what I hear.
  21. It was only a couple joined the current year 8 this year. They settled really quickly though. I think they get used to people coming and going though, it’s part of vocational school life, even in such small year groups.
  22. Email and check. They’re usually pretty quick at getting back to you.
  23. My ds walked away from offers in London for similar reasons, even though he is confident travelling around London independently. He decided for himself that he would rather be in a school environment, with staff who knew him well and could provide support holistically, rather than having to live independently at just turned 16, especially considering the pandemic situation!
  24. Both of mine didn’t give up anything else until they went to vocational school at 11. However they weren’t trying to do multiple things to a very high standard which is what your dd sounds like she is doing. Dance was very much the priority but they still did other after school things too, just once or twice a week.
  25. I think lots of people end up buying two pairs in different sizes so they have two ‘odd but matching’ pairs each time they get new shoes - it’s an expensive problem!
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