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  1. Some ballet boost classes are on Sundays at London branch
  2. Out friend was in group 3 and her result yesterday
  3. It’s all path of the course as far as I’m concerned! audidtions...win some, loose some! we got spaces at 2 associates, so really can’t grumble at all! This is our second time of trying for Tring and dd didn’t raise an eyebrow when she said she’ll try again next year! It’s all part of learning and experience ❤️❤️
  4. Our feedback was “correct posture with the pelvis realigned, articulated foot-work and refined port de bras.”
  5. 😑😑😑 yes ... I know what you mean!!!!
  6. Yes & with the areas to work on...which I assume are different for each student 🤣🤣
  7. Oh I’m happy to hear your news 🥰 she must be ecstatic well done
  8. Thanks for the wonderful feedback we certainly know of the reputation ballet boost has and we are looking forward to a productive year there!!
  9. Thank you !! and all the best at Tring xx
  10. First session of ballet boost on Sunday and dd was happy enough !
  11. Thanks -good luck for your result xx we just got the email ....think they are up late plowing through!!! to be fair we would have been in a big dilemma as we are already at ballet boost on a sun...was still worth doing the audition though !! nice that they offered feedback as well
  12. Check your emails ..... sadly a no for my year 9 girlie but some useful feedback to work on xx
  13. Oohhhhhh........interesting i guess it’s not gonna be today at any rate!!
  14. That’s what I feel .....☹️☹️☹️☹️
  15. Oh well done!!! that’s lovely news whatever you decide -right I need to have a look
  16. So what will you do if you get a place???😬😬😬
  17. The email I was sent said.... “Results will be emailed to you by 8th September. “
  18. Yes we are used to those district line shenanigans as we were at London junior senior !!
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