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  1. I do know of a child that had straight no’s all the way through JAs, years 4-6, and the same for intensives every year. Then come year 7 auditions, they not only got to WL finals, but were called back in the final few. They then got a MA place! So you never know. Kids change SO much! I think it’s the attitude that counts when applying, especially with intensives that are chosen by photos and also a clear understanding of the odds! The selection committee must be so swamped with choice, and I’m sure the final choices come down to minuscule differences between dancers. I don’t envy them to
  2. As Raquelle said - lots of people with no’s don’t share the news (which is up to them of course). My DD has just had probably her 5th no for an RBS intensive! She’s in year 9 at vocational school and has never had any success with RBS - but plenty at other places. It must be lovely to be chosen but it’s not the only way xx
  3. My daughter (13) is a vocational student and naturally very, very slim and we had a slightly alarming experience at a recent hospital visit as a result. DD had chest pains, the cause of which was discovered and not serious, however her BMI of 13.7 threw the medical team into overdrive. I explained she was naturally very slim (her dad weighed 10 stone until he was 30!) had started her periods and ate well but they still wanted to analyse her bloods before they would let her be discharged. We were both cross questioned about her diet/health/lifestyle. The bloods all came back showing she was at
  4. The London Ballet Company have Sunday associates once a month in Battersea. Think age range is 8 to 18.
  5. You can also walk, which is sometimes simpler on busy, traffic-heavy days. It take about 15 minutes from Richmond station across the A316 and Twickenham Bridge to Rambert.
  6. This is so true. When DD was doing year 7 auditions, we decided to try the all the main schools, including Hammond, which I didn’t consider seriously for a minute as it was miles away from us. We rocked up to the audition treating it as a practice run and we both really liked the feel of the place. Suddenly it was top of our list! Luckily she got a place and some funding. I had no idea what I was doing either and still don’t as never had a dance lesson in my life. Good luck on your journey xx
  7. DD was an associate with them a couple of years ago, enjoyed the classes and only left the scheme as went to vocational school. Sophie was one of her favourite teachers!
  8. DD found out her room allocation (Year 9) via a leaked list circulated on WhatsApp 😆 ...
  9. My DD was due to go to YBSS this year. When it was cancelled, the email said that everyone’s places were to be transferred to 2021 as well as all bursaries and scholarships. Obviously there will be people who can’t make it next year, so there is a cut off point (jan 2021 I think) to confirm that you still want your place/ scholarship. There are also people on the waiting list, so am guessing that there will be very few places left open after this.
  10. It’s instead of them. The principal’s letter said that the old boarding houses will no longer be used.
  11. The new boarding is in ex- university of Chester student accommodation - there are separate buildings for boys and girls. Looks much better, all rooms have en-suites. Quite a change from the homely, but slightly run down boarding houses!
  12. Hello, is it possible to buy the burgundy leotard, skirt and tracksuit top separately? Thank you x
  13. In my daughter year 7 class (Sept 2018) there were 18 dancers and one drama. Just over half had MDS. in Year 8 seven joined but two left, so year group totalled 24. I think there are 6-8 joining this September a mixture of dance and drama, so it will rise to roughly 30 for year 9. I hope you manage to find some funding for your daughter. Fingers crossed x
  14. It’s a staff training day today, the school officially ‘opens’ tomorrow, so you might have to wait until then 🤞🏻
  15. I’ll keep on one side and post when the lockdown is over.
  16. I have some very small tracksuit bottoms which will do as a spare pair. You can have for nothing.
  17. I emailed to ask the same thing and was told that the selection process has not taken place yet.
  18. And Elmhurst have loads more MDS than Tring to give out so there will be some movement 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  19. I’ve only heard of year 7 and 8’s getting in from the reserve list, but that’s just my experience. I think they also have to replace like with like, as a lot depends on available boarding spaces, too.
  20. I know that in 2018 around five or six of DD’s classmates got an MDS off the reserve list for year 7 as others accepted places elsewhere. Hang in there 🤞🏻
  21. After researching, went for more expensive 5mm thickness rather than 3mm as less likely to distort. We had to hang it carefully too. There is a slight distortion, but due to our wonky walls rather than the mirror I think.
  22. When we put mirrors in DDs bedroom I bought an acrylic mirror sheet for safety as we live in an old wonky building and was worried about it smashing! A dot 2 dance mat is a good investment if you have carpets.
  23. Hammond lower school is shutting on Friday afternoon.
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