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The Mariinsky's Back !

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I understand that they are now performing in Mariinsky 2 - the recent spacious opera house with wide circulation areas.  They have not yet reopened the historic opera house, Mariinsky 1, where the front of house (and back stage) facilities are much more cramped.


The audience are in alternate seats, but family groups up to 4 persons may sit together.

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2 hours ago, Ian Macmillan said:

For tomorrow's Links, the New York Times will have a substantial piece on events at the Mariinsky, apparently largely based on a phone call with Xander Parish:





Thanks so much, Ian. I've quoted from this at Ballet Alert!


A few things stand out for me. One is the artists' desire to perform, at least Xander Parish's and Olga Smirnova's. Another is the somewhat sympathetic view of what the Mariinsky attempted, contrary to much that I've previously read. Also how much other companies, mainly European rather than American, were hoping for a successful and more immediate return and how the Mariinsky experience hit hard. Another is the desire by companies to push ahead, although the Mariinsky for the moment is stepping back.


By the way, according to the Interfax Russia article quoted, three Mariinsky dancers were hospitalised with infection while the remaining twenty-seven fortunately, were reported as being only "mildly" effected. 

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4 minutes ago, Peony said:

Wow, it’s sobering to hear 10% of young, very fit adults were  hospitalised. A stark reminder of how careful we need to be, wishing them all a speedy recovery

Peony, I believe that I read that the Mariinsky dancers number about 200, which would make the three hospitalised closer to 1%.

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I'm unable to edit my posts, so I'll have to continue in this fashion.


Peony, the article does say, “The corps de ballet soon joined rehearsals, and the class size jumped to 30 dancers.” If only 30 dancers were active, then your 10% figure is unfortunately correct. But, it's been stated at several sources that 30 dancers were infected, 27 mildly. It's not likely that all the active dancers were infected, thus more than thirty were probably active. In any case your 10% figure is possibly much closer than my 1%.

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