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  1. The sculpted is cut down at the sides but would need to be in a narrow by the sounds of it. If you go on the GM website you can print out a gauge and trace your foot and send it to them (maybe along with pictures) and they say they can tell you your size. Problem with most shops is that they’ll try and fit you in whatever they have but they probably haven’t got your right size if you have unusual feet!
  2. Have you tried the sculpted fit?
  3. Sorry I’m not familiar with classes in that area but I know there are some adult dancers on here who are. Adult beginners classes are always tricky as you will get more advanced dancers attending and I do think that can be to the detriment of the true beginners. I can appreciate why it happens as it’s usually a case of finding a class that fits in terms of scheduling! You may want to consider private tuition, although it can be a pretty intense experience and I’d look for someone with experience of teaching adults as it is rather different to teaching children. Good luck in your search! Ballet is a slow climb but great fun on the journey
  4. Are you only looking for classes in Yorkshire now? Northern ballet classes are mentioned quite a bit here, have you tried them? it’s difficult as an adult and I find that often you have to push through that feeling, continue attending regularly and eventually things begin to slot into place!
  5. ‘Wafting’ feels great, on the looks front I’m in the ‘less is more’ camp though🤣 I’ve done some of the work in a few different syllabi and I think the real ‘wafting’ arms are only seen in free classes and on some of the pros. I guess it’s just personal taste whether it’s something you like
  6. I learnt the definitions from my teachers Michelle. As mentioned they have access to a lot more than students through the cecchetti society and summer schools, short courses etc. There are regular ones for the vocational grades including adv 2 which include demonstrations etc so perhaps you could persuade your teacher to attend? Also when entering students for exams the examiner will feed back to the teacher if things haven’t been taught quite correctly. The explanation for the relaxed petit battlement I was given is that it’s much more difficult to lose turnout from that position, much easier to do a sloppy one in the pointed position! The pointed toe in releve is used in vocational grades but the other position has been practised (perfected?!) in the lower grades by then. Also that position is the correct one in the cecchetti syllabus for other exercises like frappe (flexed foot rather than relaxed!). I’m sure I learnt frappe with foot higher up on the ankle but it’s possible I just wasn’t doing it properly and nobody noticed! I was also going to make the same point as Kate N that the cecchetti society positions are voluntary and staffed by busy teachers/ examiners. The quickest way to find something out that isn’t in the usual texts is usually through a teacher
  7. https://tamararojo-pointeshoe-anti-bunion-stretcher.com/
  8. Has she tried a bunion stretcher? (I’ve seen them but not tried myself). It may be a better option so she can stick with a shoe that suits her foot shape and the increase the space for the bunion. Has she tried all the Russian pointe? I think one of them is meant to be well shaped for bunions, I think it might be the brava. Russian pointes are usually reasonably pliable on the wings which might be more comfy than something harder like a grishko.
  9. Just learnt from teachers who are active in the cecchetti society/ have passed the final diploma etc. There is a list of teachers with the final diploma somewhere, they’d need to know all the style/theory so could give you a definitive answer. Do you mean you do additional on one side and traditional on the other side at the barre? I think teachers will generally only demonstrate the first few times in a syllabus class as the end goal is to be able to take the exam so best to learn it sooner rather than later!
  10. I haven’t studied advanced 2 so not sure of the first exercise you describe but the turns are similar to a flic flac (which I think is an RAD term?). The Toe makes contact with the floor when going devant and derriere- so 2 contacts per turn. It’s introduced without the turn, in intermediate, I think. It’s well worth practising it like that first as it is a very quick movement. as far as the traditional and additional exercises, what that means is that the exercises originally taught by cecchetti are termed traditional and the modern exercises additional. Some of the traditional exercises are in 5th en bas as that was the original method but they also tend to use quite a bit of epaulement and inclined head etc which doesn’t work with an arm in second. It also keeps your centre of balance in the right place. The additional exercises use more arms as is the modern thing! The style is also different e.g. height of leg is lower for traditional. If you were to do the exam you have to know both versions and the examiner asks for which they want- it’s a huge syllabus!
  11. https://shop.roh.org.uk/products/the-enrico-cecchetti-diploma-dvd-bluray
  12. Have you seen the dvd of the final cecchetti diploma Michelle? This is the definitive cecchetti work and may help you with style as advanced 2 is building up to this. The cecchetti work follows a style rather than being random exercises so you’ll recognise a lot of the style and work from advanced 2 (it’s just harder!).
  13. The audition isn’t easy (I know there were pirouettes and grand plies in the junior audition) but they take a few younger ones so I think they must judge according to age and grade (they certainly ask for this on the application form). Tbh they are very keen to take boys as there are so few apply so he would probably stand a good chance!
  14. if it meets the spec I’m sure they can wear it, all I’m saying is that all of the children I’ve seen at the comp have been wearing the shiney nylon so it’s up to you
  15. Does it say cecchetti or enricco style? They are definitely all in shiney leotards the same as the syllabus one. Usually the teachers sort them/ lend them!
  16. The first picture in the article with the girl with forced turnout, rolling feet made me wince! I must admit when a teacher says they want inventive, thinking, interesting etc dancers and you look at the classes and the pupils are all the same height, weight, build, look, is this really the most important thing they look for? Perhaps there is a large enough pool of people in the US to get all of these attributes.
  17. I think they have to buy a specific leotard from the competition (or included in entry??) but not totally sure!
  18. Peony

    What's too old

    I took grade 6 in my late 30s. Yes some teachers will write you off, mainly due to their own inexperience I think. A good teacher should be able to teach any enthusiastic student! Maybe start working on your flexibility now as I think that can be one of the issues with starting a bit later
  19. Peony

    What's too old

    Yes lots of adults do exams. The challenge will be to find a syllabus class that you can go to. Are you near London? The other syllabi (istd, idta, cecchetti etc) also allow adults to take exams although I have a feeling that the RAD may be a little bit more set up for adults and make more allowances. You’re only 39 though so shouldn’t need that!
  20. Was it a standard exam she did? I thought the grades all required the shiny tank Leo. The little ones all wear bright colours so I wouldn’t go for black, or white, unless it’s got a good lining! But otherwise anything that is the style of the gandolfi one will be fine
  21. It’s a plain shiny nylon tank with belt- any colour. The same one that she’ll wear for cecchetti exams. Any colour. Might Hager away with a ruche on the front but definitely no camisoles! https://gandolfi.co.uk/product/all-leotards/gandolfi-navy-official-enrico-sleeveless-leotard-plain-front-with-belt-928/
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