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  1. I agree with Bruce. I check this 'topic' first thing everyday. It's hours ahead of anything from the US and for some reason there's been a decline in news postings from the US forum, making Balletco. by far the best source that I know of. Besides the UK press has the most enthusiastic and one of the most intelligent of coverages that there is, certainly outside of Russia anyway. I have no definite idea what would cause a decline, and I can understand your wanting to know why, but I certainly wouldn't stop the posting. It's one of the best features on the ballet internet. Added: "Restricted Access" could be a reason. The english language Forums' own discussions could be another. Still your's is an invaluable addition to it all. Added added: Your coverage of the Mariinsky in Washington DC has been of particular interest.
  2. Maria Khoreva — Diamonds I would like to say that her often childlike aura is one of the things that made her so compelling for me. I was sitting close and also using theatre glasses and I feel that this video doesn’t completely capture this or the highly lovely, airiness of her motion. Still it’s a fairly good representation of what she did, which I’m extremely happy to watch time and time again.
  3. Thanks BeauxArts for your thoughts, but I continue to maintain that she did -- Wonderfully ! (posted at Maria Khoreva's website) Lauren Cuthbertson did appear tonight and gave an extremely beautiful performance, after suffering what I was told by someone at the company was a very legitimate, but fortunately short illness. Xander appeared with her and gave an equally fine performance. Actually he's only made five major appearances in the last five days, two tonight, two being quite long and one being The Sleeping Beauty. 😊
  4. I've seen all of these Workshops except one, and this one, overall, was by far the best. I've viewed some of the video and don't think that Alina Somova's excellent performance (at 1:13:00), probably my favorite, comes across nearly as well on video, but still worth watching. Xander, by the way, was outstanding ! He's in the final work. The young Maria Khoreva's duet in George Balanchine's Diamonds last night was one the finest and most beautiful of all duets that I've ever seen.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts, Quintus. All was attentively quiet and appreciative where I was sitting. I'd like to add to what you've said that there is a definite 'forklorique' element, apparently Greek, but Maliphant's fine sense of movement is very evident. Also, the often highly athletic men (and women) are not necessarily 'macho,' in fact at times quite artistically sensitive, but again this work is a man's world.
  6. I’m still in the process of traveling so I have to make this another quick one. A lot of performances work partially extremely well. The opening fifteen minutes did this for me. The work is actually an hour and a half, nonstop. The opening is hypnotic. This is especially effective on someone who has just completed an overnight transatlantic flight. The setting is dreamlike. The stage is dark and very atmospherically lit. The dancers essentially move in rows and circles. It’s subtly compelling. I particularly notice the patterning of the women’s feet below their long dresses as things speed up. Then it builds and it depends on what ‘your cup of tea’ is as to whether you enjoy it as much. I’ll say right now that I think the entirety is very well crafted and effective. It becomes very masculine even with the cast being equally divided and highlighted by both the men and the women. I being a ballet fan, because I love dreamlike enchantment and the prominence of the women, am less inclined to go in this direction. The men are brilliantly bravura. The women tend to move more to the background or compete with the men and very admirably. The women never lose their feminine aura but this work is a man’s world. Again it’s all a matter of personal preference.
  7. So I’m on a plane to a place called London on my way to St. Petersburg for a ballet Festival. A voice comes on the voice system and says, “This is Captain Ian speaking and you must see Ballet Black.” Because you can get into trouble not telling the truth, the truth is here. I went based on this recommendation. Thank you, Ian. (second comment from the top) http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/19150-best-performances-of-2018/ I’m still traveling so this is a very limited comment. Maybe I can do better by them at another time. From a ballet point of view, this group is hip, has class, intelligence, soul and message. A young dancer sitting next to me added that they’ve got the whole dance vocabulary covered. Actually I may have just covered everything. I saw Pendulum, Click! and Ingoma and enjoyed them all very much.
  8. This is why it's good to tell the truth even when you're joking. I'll say again that this is certainly no debut for Natalia Osipova. She's probably one of the greatest Kitris ever. Thanks for the broadcasting information, Jmhopton.
  9. Here's a quick glance of Lauren Cuthbertson rehearsing her Friday, March 29 Sleeping Beauty with Xander Parish in St. Petersburg. She looks quite lovely. I hope to see the performance and wish them both much success. https://www.instagram.com/p/BurjIXGgD1Z/ (thanks to Marfa at Balletfriends for posting this)
  10. I thought that Olga Smirnova was exceptional. I usually do. She's probably one of the greatest and she has years ahead of her to become -- another Ulanova !? Artemy Belyakov had a very nice presence and quality of dance.
  11. It's possible. Mostly it's Galas along with special and new works, if I recall correctly. She might perform at the final night Gala. Marguerite and Armand is a possibility.
  12. The first person that I ever heard use the expression ""A Force of Nature" was a member of Balletco in regard to Natalia Osipova. It's now commonly used on the ballet internet. Does anyone remember who this was ? And.... I saw two exceptional performances of her Don Quixote years ago in Washington DC when apparently she had a fever.
  13. I try never to say anything that isn't true, even as a joke, which my above comment about Natalia Osipova was. I know that this would be obvious to anyone who is familiar with her, but there are folks who aren't, so this is a clarification. She's probably one of the best Kitris (the heroine from Don Quixote) ever ! I saw some of her first performances with Ivan Vasiliev and they were outstanding. She sailed unbelievably through the air. They both did. As another joke I referred to the Bolshoi as "The Osipova" during one of these performances. At that time she was the epitome of what I thought that the Bolshoi should be. This was around ten years ago. To maintain that kind of physicality would be quite a feat and I have seen her do some rather impressive things recently. Ballet dancers usually develop their artistry. This is certainly the case with Natalia Osipova. Not only does she radiate, probably more than ever, but she can also accomplish great depth. I definitely look forward to her Kitri at this year's Festival and whatever else she might perform. These Festivals are where I've seen artists really try their best.
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