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  1. If I could make a quick general comment, I just started following this topic today. There’s a lot that I haven’t read, but based on some of the opening gala reports this seems to be the best worldwide scenario (performers and audience) for reopening that I’ve yet read about.
  2. Mandy, your's (and the following ones) might well be the first ballet review of a live performance that I've read since all this started. It was a real pleasure and you might have made history (for me anyway). Thanks !
  3. They are probably the most vulnerable because many are elderly. I've briefly chatted with a few over the years and they are lovely and devoted individuals deserving much better than this. Let's hope for the best. "Daily Testing" This is something that I wrote at Ballet Alert! that might have some interest now. It's based on two New York Times articles about practical and reliable daily testing. It seems promising to me but I've not seen much written about it since. New York Times — Gia Kourlas — July 24, 2020 “There’s No Social Distancing for Da
  4. It might be worth noting that the Paris Opera is also starting with the two or three dancers on stage at time format. The Mariinsky began like this in July and is doing it again with its reopening this weekend. It may well become part of the new startup norm. I don't know yet what audience spacing the Paris Opera will use.
  5. L' Opéra National de Paris https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/services-and-practical-info/booking-opening-on-8-september?utm_campaign=social-organic&utm_medium=instagram&utm_source=reseaux-sociaux&utm_term=ouverture-8-septembre
  6. The Mariinsky will be resuming "galas" (one or two dancers at a time) this weekend, with checkerboard seating. A week later it will have a full performance, Romeo and Juliet. A week after that, closely dated full performances will begin. All of September will be checkerboard seating. The Bolshoi will begin full performances the beginning of this month with two seats together, then a space. I think the performing arts world will be paying close attention. The Bath guidelines posted above seem to be quite good and will probably be the norm for a while.
  7. Thanks, Jan. Very lovely. This is what it's all about after everything. One step at a time, for the moment, seems like one very good way to go.
  8. I'm unable to edit my posts, so I'll have to continue in this fashion. Peony, the article does say, “The corps de ballet soon joined rehearsals, and the class size jumped to 30 dancers.” If only 30 dancers were active, then your 10% figure is unfortunately correct. But, it's been stated at several sources that 30 dancers were infected, 27 mildly. It's not likely that all the active dancers were infected, thus more than thirty were probably active. In any case your 10% figure is possibly much closer than my 1%.
  9. Peony, I believe that I read that the Mariinsky dancers number about 200, which would make the three hospitalised closer to 1%.
  10. This is to the Interfax Russia article mentioned in my post above, that I'm unable to enter there. https://www.interfax-russia.ru/northwest/main/okolo-30-artistov-baletnoy-truppy-mariinki-zaboleli-koronavirusom-rospotrebnadzor Google Translate https://translate.google.com
  11. Thanks so much, Ian. I've quoted from this at Ballet Alert! A few things stand out for me. One is the artists' desire to perform, at least Xander Parish's and Olga Smirnova's. Another is the somewhat sympathetic view of what the Mariinsky attempted, contrary to much that I've previously read. Also how much other companies, mainly European rather than American, were hoping for a successful and more immediate return and how the Mariinsky experience hit hard. Another is the desire by companies to push ahead, although the Mariinsky for the moment is stepping back. By the wa
  12. I just fell into this in the "Spirits Uplifting" category. See if you like it. ( Posted on the internet with the expressed approval of Fiona Joy Hawkins)
  13. "The Swan" -- Canalside London. "Spirits uplifting" because it's so beautiful. Thanks to Jan. Anyone know who she is ? https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/periods-genres/ballet/mystery-dancer-on-london-canalside-audience-passing-canoes/
  14. Cool ! "Grandfather dancing with his granddaughters" (according to follow-up video) (Thanks to YouOverThere at Ballet Alert!)
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