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Best bun nets?


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Hi and happy new year!


My favourite bun net has been discontinued sadly and I have tried a few brands of bun nets which are either too flimsy and don’t stick to the hair, or cannot wrap around my hair more than once! 

I’m wondering does anyone have any recommendations for a bun net which is elastic but tight when wrapped around, say, 2-3 times? So not too big or too small if that makes sense. Preferably a style that doesn’t rip too easily too (always happens on days when my bun needs to be perfect)!



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Would agree that if you have a large bun (lucky you if you have the sort of long lush locks that make for a heavy large bun!) then maybe buy full hairnets to go around securely 2/3 times.... again Lion Brand sell these 

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12 hours ago, Dancing unicorn said:

I agree Lion Brand are favourite with us too and buying in bulk also! 
Dd usually uses 1 or 2 at once! Using holed ones under new til can’t be used any more! 

Yep - that’s what we do too.... keep reusing holed one under ‘good’ one seems to give enough added bun stability whilst making those pennies go further 👍🏻

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Thanks everyone, I have ordered some Bunheads and Bloch ones to arrive at school and hopefully they'll do the trick! (Will keep other suggestions in mind if they don't) :D. I have longish hair (just had it cut) but it's really thick and wavy and crazy with lots of shorter flyaways. Have to gel it down everyday to make it slick!


My favourite brand was originally a German (I think) brand called Solida, they used to do a thick elastic, stretchy but tight invisible bun net which rarely got holes (I still have one from a year ago haha) but they've discontinued the model and now only make ones that barely wrap around the bun and are too delicate if that makes sense. I like a net to wrap around 2-3 times and no more or less so maybe I'm too picky!



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